A Summer Place: Martha’s Vineyard

I know, the calendar says September and you’re already itching to wear fall tweeds like the Brooks Brothers sport coat in the post below. But Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer, and as we head into the long weekend, we’ve got a few farewell-to-summer posts lined up. First up are these undated shots of Martha’s Vineyard from the Life archives.

Above, grandma and grandpa; below, Uncle Billy:

Nautical stripes, lighthouse, the sea:

Obligatory sailing image:

As the sun sets on another summer.

7 Comments on "A Summer Place: Martha’s Vineyard"

  1. What’s that on Grandpa’s tie? It’s hard to see the club pattern.


  2. The blobs on the tie are little depictions of Martha’s Vineyard. Not sure about the blazer crest. Hyannis Yacht Club?

  3. Great photos! — and I love the topic.

    I believe grandpa is wearing a Virginia tie on MV – its nice to have visitors and I’m sure they had a wonderful time.

  4. It’s an outline of Martha’s Vineyard.

  5. The tie that is depicted in the picture is an old (no longer produced) classic by Murray’s Toggery Shop. And yes, it’s little “Martha’s Vineyards.” For those of you not Vineyarders, that’s a Nantucket (and, up until this past season, Vineyard) men’s and women’s shop that sells classic New England clothing.

    Nonetheless, the tie is the same that is depicted in the movie Jaws (also shot on the Island, but called Amity Island). The tie was worn by the man who accompanied Alex Kitner’s mother at Edgartown Wharf. He was wearing the exact same tie.

    Hope this helps. As much as I love this blog, it worries me that I’m the first to explain this.

  6. Also, great photo of Chappy lighthouse.

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