Oy Vey Maria! The Richard Press Christmas Tree


If the perennially bow-tie-clad Richard Press were ever to decorate a Christmas tree, it would probably come out looking like this.

Special thanks to R. Hanauer, whose actual Christmas image this is. They operate bowties.com, where you can find all your menswear-themed ornament needs. — CC

3 Comments on "Oy Vey Maria! The Richard Press Christmas Tree"

  1. Agreed, Randy Hanauer , does nice work.

  2. I recently bought 3 bowties[all were 1 3/4″ batwing] from Randy Hanauer[bowties.com] & was very pleased; very high quality; easy to tie; made to order but It took only 2-3 days from online order to receipt in US Mail;after trying them I ordered 3 more;
    I need 17 1/2″ neck size & another 1/2″ would be an improvement without any up-charge. Highly recommended!

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