Ok, If The Tryptophan Has Worn Off, Start Shopping.

That tryptophan thing, according to the Sleep Foundation, is a myth.

Two sales that look very good I wanted to bring to your attention:

First, Jay Butler is running 20% OFF sitewide…  you want to take a look.  If you want to see Ivy applications of these great shoes, go here.  I have had them for two years now, I wear them almost every day for three seasons, and they look and feel fantastic.


Click on the image. These shoes are under priced to begin with.



J. Press, 15% OFF sitewide!



Have a wonderful weekend!

2 Comments on "Ok, If The Tryptophan Has Worn Off, Start Shopping."

  1. Some good deals here

  2. I sure picked a hell of a time to abstain from clothing and shoe purchases. Come the New Year, I’m definitely picking up a pair of Jay Butler pennies in dark brown.

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