Measure Of A Man: The Martin Greenfield Memoirs


Martin Greenfield, the Brooklyn-based tailor who has, over his long career, made clothes for Brooks Brothers and J. Press, has just released his memoirs. Entitled “Measure Of A Man: From Auschwitz Survivor To President’s Tailor,” the book is available from Amazon for $16.79.

To learn more about Greenfield, check out this great video, which is full of information not only on the man, but how your clothing is made. Also, the New York Post ran a great excerpt from the book, with a typically sensational headline “The day a Holocaust survivor got revenge on his tormentor.” And finally, Breitbart has this interview with Greenfield discussing his memoirs. — CS & CC


4 Comments on "Measure Of A Man: The Martin Greenfield Memoirs"

  1. Martin Greenfield is not only a great tailor but a great person full of life.

    One of my fond memories is seeing him clapping along with the music of Wynton Marsalis and trio Brooks Brothers’s 175 anniversary party.

    I look forward to reading his book.

    Mark E. Seitelman

  2. What a remarkable man and what a story he tells (I’ve just watched the video you included in this post). My own father recently retired from bespoke tailoring so it was interesting to watch Mr. Greenfield discuss the fact that there are no good tailors left due to the length and dedication required to complete an apprenticeship. I hope he’s wrong.

    Thank you for sharing this story.

  3. A.E.W. Mason | November 12, 2014 at 4:00 pm |

    This is a wonderful, inspiring post. Thank you.

  4. Inspirational. A true survivor.

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