Here’s To A Preptastic Year: The 1982 “Prep For All Seasons” Calendar

Greetings and Happy 2018 from Ivy Style, which is now in its tenth year! To think there was a time when I talked about our sophomore and junior years. That means we’re basically doing our medical residency at this point. Which leads us to the first post of the year, one I won’t call a post-mortem on prepdom. Let’s think of it more as a middle-aged man looking back on his younger days and saying, “Was I really that young and healthy? And did I really wear that?”

Herein is a delightful early document of the ’80s preppy trend, a calendar for the year 1982 (that begins in September of ’81). It comes courtesy of Mark Roberts, who recently found it stashed away in a box of college mementos, and Benjamin Wall III, who scanned it and brought it to Ivy Style’s attention. Both gentlemen are residents of Birmingham Alabama. Wall discovered “The Official Preppy Handbook” in junior high, and Roberts hung the calender during his freshman year at Auburn.

I think you’ll enjoy the images. The calendar’s creators — who had made the “Are You A Preppie?” poster a few years before in 1979 — certainly drove home the critter motif with a sledgehammer. The clothing was provided by Eljo’s. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

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  1. What’s with the rugby shirt under a OCBD look? The double collar looks weird, but I suppose the extra layer is warm.

  2. Preppy layering, one of the signatures of the era. Several examples here in the calendar, and it’s covered in the OPH. Multiple posts on Ivy Style; you can try various terms in the search window.

  3. I LIKE IT! with the exception of the fellow in the unfortunate tuxedo. The girls in “sailing and back to school” are particularly lovely. Great hands on “back to school girl.” Best clothes “back to school prep” on the male.


  4. Best image are the fogd

  5. Charlottesville | January 2, 2018 at 1:44 pm |

    Brings back memories. As contrived as they may be, the images are not at all outside what what one might have seen at UVA or Washington & Lee at that time. Were skirts really that long in the 80s? The photos appear to have been taken here in Virginia, where Eljo’s is still a great source for prep gear, and McGuire Woods is still a great source for serious looking lawyers in gray pinstripes. I especially love the idea of wearing a seersucker suit to a pool party; that guy is practically begging for a dunking. Thanks for sharing this link to a bygone time.

  6. Of course it’s a piss-take. But a well-deserved one. A couple of years into the 80s and anyone dressing that way was well-into self-parody mode, whether intentionally or not. But of course the urinary expropriation works precisely because many people actually did dress that way.

    I like the preppy daily suggestions: “Kiss your portrait” . . .

    The layered-shirts thing got some mainstream press in the past year because of a certain notorious neo-fascist political operative who likes to sport that look.

  7. @cameron – I’m not following, are you saying fascists have good fashion taste?

  8. The women’s clothing reminds me of what I really miss from my high school days in the 1960s and what was revisited in the 1980s. I’m not sure what I would describe how women dress now days.

    Yes some guys went ape shit in the eighties, took the preppy hand book too seriously. The great things about the eighties was the selection of items and the ease of finding quality clothing throughout the USA like the sixties. Now days most of the great small shops around the country have one by one disappeared due to business cycles or retirements of owners. Seems most of what I purchase now is on the net.

    Never owned a embroidered trouser till two years ago, Polo hunter cord with fox heads and horns. Worn them once to a Christmas party, then had a throw pillow made from them. The pillow is a bigger hit.

    I admit to wearing popped polos under wool BDs, only tees I own are greased stained with moto prints. I haven’t been called a fascist since Nam in a poly sci class by two hippy girls I later converted to Republicans among other things. 😉

  9. “The clothing was provided by Eljo’s.”
    And all this clothing went right back on the rack. You can tell, all the hems are pinned.

  10. Ah, 80s prep. Simultaneously fun and absolutely, through-the-roof awful. Awful as in ridiculous. It’s very, very good thing that nowadays campus preppies favor either English Country (wellies ,Barbour jackets, khakis or jeans, a check or tartan shirt) or an athletic take on preppy (school sweatshirt, khakis, mocs or sneakers). We forget what a brief, fleeting moment “Go To Hell” was. Best left to die.

    I spy Polo Ralph Lauren in at least a couple of pictures, which makes sense.

    Take a look at the khakis in the first (top) picture. Note the width of the leg bottoms. Where have all the straight fit (no taper) pants gone? Contrasted withe skinny trou now en vogue, they’re practically bell-bottomish.

    I wonder what it would be like to wear a blazer, khakis, OCBD and repp tie every day of the year? Tropical (both blazer and pants) during the summer, gab/serge (pants and blazer) for fall and spring, and flannel (pants and blazer) for winter.* I love tweed and gray flannel, but the blazer-khaki combo is super.



  11. Trevor Jones | January 2, 2018 at 4:52 pm |

    Great find! I think Easter and Spring Break Prep are most up-my-alley. I genuinely think a lot of the looks are great, though I’m not sure why one would wear pants like that on a hot, sandy beach. Aside from that small detail nice!

  12. Some of the better-dressed adults I know have allowed they didn’t wear “GTH” stuff back in the 80s. And, maybe related, they defy the frequently-acclaimed and mostly accepted mythology of the fun-loving, finance-major Greek (as in fraternities and sororities). One graduated from St. John’s (Annapolis), another from Oberlin, and another from Swarthmore. Go figure. Now that Ivy style is a choice among many (and atypical, to be sure), it’s all about how the style connects with who you are and what you do. Now that the Episcopal Party is the DNC-at-Prayer–oh, how the old rules no longer apply.

  13. Episcopal Church, that is.

  14. @George – no, I’m saying that one particular fascist likes that layered-shirt look.

  15. Nice photos. Somewhat off topic, but relevant: has BB discontinued the 3/2 sack blazer? They have not replenished the stock online in almost a year, and the remaining availability is in unusual sizes only:,default,pd.html

  16. These are great; what a wonderful find. With the exception of the large eyeglass frames, all of what the men are wearing would look equally well today (not counting the weird tuxedo). Some of the women’s items could be incorporated into a modern outfit, but for the most part what’s in the photos would look dated.

  17. NaturalShoulder | January 2, 2018 at 6:21 pm |

    “I wonder what it would be like to wear a blazer, khakis, OCBD and repp tie every day of the year? Tropical (both blazer and pants) during the summer, gab/serge (pants and blazer) for fall and spring, and flannel (pants and blazer) for winter.* I love tweed and gray flannel, but the blazer-khaki combo is super.”

    An idea worthy of serious consideration. I have thought of eschewing suits for all but most formal of meetings or events and opting that look but swapping khakis with gray flannel, gabardine, or worsted except in the summer. Doing so would allow a purging of many items from my wardrobe and allow a narrow focus for replacement of items.

    Calendar images look good.

  18. I would like to hear more about the hippie conversion, Mr. McConnell.



  19. “Professional Prep” fellow comes across Young Fogey.

  20. When are wagons with woodgrain coming back? No 80s tailgate is complete without one. I’d settle for a Jeep Grand Waggoner.

  21. Can I unsee ‘Formal Prep?’

  22. Vern Trotter | January 2, 2018 at 9:53 pm |

    All but one of these lads has un-cuffed trousers. Some sort of plot going on?

  23. David Marshal | January 2, 2018 at 9:58 pm |

    Can anyone identify the various pants embroideries?

  24. cameron, I had no idea that Steve Bannon was a follower of Mussolini, seems you would know. I do know that he’s a Ivy man (Harvard) and Georgetown alum. Here he looks like he belongs in this calendar:

  25. “Back to School Prep” guy looks timeless: per SE and NaturalShoulder, that outfit could work for most men every day, now as then.

    “Back to School Prep” girl is super-cute, but her outfit: a) looks among the most dated (per RWK); and b) looks like something someone’s mother would have worn, even back then.

  26. @Tradical: agree re: woodgrain wagons (or any American-made wagon at all!); disagree re: Jeep Grand Wagoneer, unless you have a full-time mechanic on staff. I know they’re a fetish object among the younger/KJP crowd right now, but if you actually drove them in the 1980s like I did, you’d have an intimate understanding the depths of American automotive engineering & manufacturing failures during that period.

  27. I’ve heard the GW’s were better for the parked portion of tailgating more than the to and from. In the 80s, I drove a Olds Cutlass Supreme coupe with a carriage/quarter Landau top. The Supreme, while not ideal for tailgating, was the top-selling car for much of the 80s, but now – like all of Oldsmobile (and Landau roofs) is extinct. As for my knowledge of GWs, my parents’ neighbors owned one and raced about it, but their other car was an XJG Series III, so they didn’t make reliability a high priority in vehicle buying decisions. All beautiful vehicles, nothing like today’s Jetson’s garbage.

  28. Haha – the surest way to make a Grand Wagoneer seem mechanically dependable is to buy a Jaguar.

  29. Very happy to see the Burberry Trench 21 featured as Professional Prep.

  30. Couple of random comments…most of the guys wouldn’t look that out of place now, but the GIRLS! OY! Even the most “preppy” girls today wouldn’t be caught dead in such conservative fashion! Not one yoga pant in all these pics! Second…the guy in the beach pic should shave his leg hair. And lastly, speaking of shorts, can you believe how short we used to wear’em?? Current style has shorts at 7″ inseam, but I swear my Ruff Hewn ™ shorts had 2″ inseams! (Thanks Tom Selleck!)

  31. I like the “new year new Ivy Style” attitude toward the comments section, but predictably, the policy doesn’t appear to apply to the far right trolls. Can you please ban them already?

  32. sacksuit
    In these days of the “Reckoning” and pussy hats, maybe I should be discrete. Although they both married doctors from Wichita, very nice guys I met at a Homecoming years later.

  33. Case in point.

  34. Vern Trotter | January 2, 2018 at 9:53 pm |
    “All but one of these lads has un-cuffed trousers. Some sort of plot going on?”

    Vern see my post above. All the bottoms of the trousers and probably the women’s skirts are either taped or pinned. It’s how it’s done for independent small shop photo shoots or local fashion shows. The cuffed suit trousers most likely are the model’s own Eljo’s suit. The clothing in the shoot are going back into Eljo’s stock.

  35. August West | January 3, 2018 at 10:51 am |

    Nothing says novice quite like a pair of frozen Levis… and why is she holding the pin, he’s only three feet from the cup?

  36. @GS, not sure about Mussolini, but if Bannon were Eastern Orthodox rather than Roman Catholic, I reckon he might have felt right at home in the Legion of the Archangel Michael.

  37. Joel
    Sorry I missed this ” “new year new Ivy Style” attitude toward the comments section” bulletin.
    Seems people calling others “right wing trolls” or Fascist now days isn’t much of a criticism, since calling for the banning speech isn’t considered Fascism anymore.
    When I went to school wearing Ivy could get you called fascist, as could playing on a football team. Adults shouldn’t get offended by speech they don’t agree with, but if I get banned, I get banned.

  38. August West
    The novice Levi thing was common in the middle seventies. No sense in spending tons of cash on a sport you didn’t know you would enjoy and probably a hold over from hippy days. First time I went, I was told to buy an size too big 501s, and have the dry cleaners Scotch-guard the hell out of them and wear a thin long underwear underneath. It works.

    The golf thing is no big deal concerning the pin. The Gal might be pimping him as she holed out from off the green. The golf bag on the green would be my concern, that can get you embarrassed by a Marshall where I play.

    Less we forget these are staged images to show off the clothing.

  39. Here in Virginia in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the great skiers wore Scotchgarded jeans and the novice skiers had the quilted bibs and pants. We wore jeans with gators covering the boots, rag wool sweaters and CB brand outer shell jackets. The longer the skis, the better.

    @Joel, do you object to the mentioning of pussy hats or Republican conversions? Also, I would not presume to speak for Mr. McConnell but I would bet that neither he, nor I, would like to ban your opinions. Who knows, if you keep an open mind, you may be converted to conservatism as well.


  40. Henry Contestwinner | January 3, 2018 at 1:20 pm |

    Perhaps Christian should reinstate his policy of adding trigger warnings to posts. Maybe then those with delicate sensibilities could avert their eyes from such infelicities as opinions that differ from their own.

    I think I have a good one here: “Warning: Adults discussing things. Not everyone agrees. Read at your own risk. Management assumes no responsibility for any feelings that might be hurt.”

  41. Will,

    I already am a conservative. I’m just not a lecherous, classless goon.

    I don’t care about your politics, per se. You, Mac and Henry all seem to relish in making gross comments about women and hurting the feelings of people with whom you’ve developed some imaginary grudge.

    You’re all supposededly grown men and Henry is apparently even a god-fearing Christian. You must be really sad people to need to come and act the way you do on this site, under the cover of the internet. I suggest you all sign up for Christian’s psychotherapy course, as you clearly have a lot of baggage to work through.

  42. Christopher Sharp | January 3, 2018 at 2:39 pm |

    @David Marshal-Best guess you are looking at two pair with game birds. I would lay a bet that the ones featured in Sportsman Prep were made by Harlin. The post party Prep man looks like Christmas Trees.

  43. Re. the clothes, my entirely subjective responses are as follows:
    Back to school prep: nice trousers and shoes on the guy. The rest: no.
    Foul weather prep: lady and gent both look great (excluding guy’s umbrella and the polo plus Oxford, which are overkill).
    Ski prep: the guy looks ok.
    Spring break: both polos look ok.
    Beach prep: guy’s hat, both pairs of shades, the girl’s sweater and the boat shoes are good.
    Sportsman prep: lady’s outfit looks good.
    Professional prep: the flares ruin the suit and the jacket’s not great either. The trench is probably pretty decent.
    Everything else is generally terrible but so what? It was supposed to look good then, not now.

  44. Henry Contestwinner | January 3, 2018 at 3:04 pm |

    Joel, perhaps you’re confusing me with someone else. I’ve made very few comments about women on this, or any, site, and none on this thread.

    Yes, I’ve poked fun at a certain #menswear personality, but I bear him no ill will. In fact, I sincerely hope for his success.

    Psychoanalyzing folks online is a fraught with difficulties, isn’t it!

  45. Henry, you’ve made a number of awful, mean-spirited comments on this site over the years. And you are, above, defending the immature antics of man-children such as Will and Mac, which makes you complicit in their behavior. Maybe you’re not as bad as Will or Mac, but you should really reconsider whether your behavior is Christ-like if you’re going to keep blathering on about your supposed faith.

  46. I prefer my women back in the kitchen, cookin’

    See how that works?

  47. Joel
    Thanks for the compliment, I man child at 67. FYI, I have never made a disparaging remark or attack on any commentators of this site. I don’t get involved in the wilding against Fred C. or other site targets. I don’t call names, I’m the guy who will believe in free speech till my dying breath and have always said on this site when things start to get personal, “Gentlemen can agree to disagree”.
    ” blathering on about your supposed faith”, man divining what’s in a man’s heart must be an awesome super power.

  48. Going though life virtue signaling must be exhausting.
    FYI, I have no cover of the internet, Mac McConnell is my real name. It’s used on every single site I post, I have nothing to fear.

  49. My biggest sin is that I like the older fuller trousers. They are more comfortable and have a better drape. Please pray for me.

  50. It’s amazing that you always try to make this some kind of free speech thing. And by the way, there you go slinging insults again and pretending like you don’t.

    The three of you are toxic assholes belittle innocent people with vulgar slurs on a regular basis. Nobody cares about your right to publish your puerile thoughts in appropriate fora, such as the Breitbart comments section or any of the million other blogs for impotent, angry geriatrics who are bitter about the shitty lives they’ve led. We just don’t want you to ruin a place that is supposed to have a little decorum with your logorrhea.

    And even if Mac McConnell is your real name, which I highly doubt it is, you have no accountability because nobody could decipher your generic name from the 5 million other people with the last name McConnell who might have “Mac” as a nickname. You’re a coward and a self entitled little bitch.

  51. @Joel

    Such anger. May you find some peace.

    Loving life.


  52. Charlottesville | January 4, 2018 at 11:46 am |

    Sacksuit – I remember that southern ski look in the 80s at Wintergreen, Massanutten and Snowshoe when I was skiing 2 or 3 times a week. I was a passable but not great skier, and often wore Scotchguarded Levis, a navy and white LL Bean Norwegian sweater, and a North Face down vest. I used 180s or 185s back then, but the really cool kids had narrow skis 7 or more feet long. A couple of weeks ago at the little slope at The Homestead, all of the skis looked to be about 3 feet long and at least 6 or 7 inches wide. I have no doubt they are much easier to control than the long, skinny things I strapped to my feet when I was 20. Not sure about snowboards, though. I think I will leave them to the younger set.

    I have to note my sheer wonder at some of the vituperative comments generated by a satiric calendar published 36 years ago. They are truly bizarre. Perhaps excessive drink is involved.

  53. OK, just checking in on this post and evidently you guys are having some sporting fun with it. No below-the-belt shots.

    Joel, you seem to be doing the very thing you accuse others of: vituperative name calling. Which do you prefer? That all right-wing readers be banned from the comments section, or that they be allowed to stay so you can call them toxic assholes, little bitches, and impotent and angry men with shitty lives?

  54. Jojoandthecats | January 4, 2018 at 1:28 pm |

    I actually had this calendar…
    Takes me back.

  55. I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve been skiing in my entire life (although, impossibly, they include days in both Switzerland and Italy). I don’t know much about ski gear, but at one time I do remember wanting a pair of skis that were painted to look like cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  56. Henry Contestwinner | January 4, 2018 at 11:07 pm |

    Charlottesville, you’re right: truly bizarre, indeed. Maybe the commenter in question sees some hidden message in the posts that I fail to see. Is there an Ivy Style Secret Decoder Ring that lets the wearer decipher the true meaning of posts made here? Perhaps it’s a bonus if you buy the tie and belt.

    CC, you forgot “geriatric” amongst the terms of opprobrium (and how do I get the ring?).

    Joel, as long as you’re calling me out on my Christian beliefs, it occurs to me that there’s something about beams and motes and eyes in the Bible. You might find it of interest. Matthew 7:3-5, if you’d like to read it yourself.

  57. Vern Trotter | January 5, 2018 at 12:15 am |

    I have observed Henry, Mac and Will here for a decade or more and can state they have always been fine gentleman in my not so humble opinion, as Taki says. I would not cast aspersions about a perceived mote in your brother’s eye and ignore the beam in your own.

  58. Thank you Vern, I have always tried to comport myself as a southern gentleman.


  59. Charlottesville | January 5, 2018 at 9:55 am |

    Vern, Mac, Will and Henry – I concur that it is best “not to cast nasturtiums,” as Lord Peter Wimsey said in The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club. I think that the political views on this site run from brightest crimson to deepest blue, and the span of moral, ethical and religious views is also quite wide, but with the exception of a few trolls for whom everyone else is either a “cuck” or a “fascist,” we seem to be able to live with our differences and enjoy each other’s company. I hope all of my fellow easterners stay warm on this frigid weekend. I am pretty well swathed in layers of wool from head to toe, including my tie.

  60. I submit that certain members of our tribe here – at both ends of the political spectrum – are always “at the ready” to show us their bona fides by jumping on someone or something. Some do it screechingly; some more haughtily; but they share the inability to simply let things go.

    Most, as Charlottesville points out, seem to keep their heads even when wading into controversial waters & remember that we’re all here for the tweed & collar roll.

    PS – Charlottesville: the old thermometer in the car said 12 here in Naptown this morning. I told my receptionist, though, that I feel like I’m almost getting used to it.

  61. Charlottesville | January 5, 2018 at 11:49 am |

    Paul — 12? Sounds like a heat wave. 6 degrees at my house with nasty biting wind, and predicted to be colder Saturday night. I assume that you folks got a good bit of snow, though, so I am not complaining. Stay warm.

  62. Henry Contestwinner | January 5, 2018 at 12:07 pm |

    Mr. Trotter, that is high praise indeed. Thank you for the kind words.

    I am also heartened by Charlottesville’s kindness towards me. Do keep warm & safe, dear friend! I extend the same warm wishes to all those dealing with unaccustomed cold and harsh weather.

    Here in my corner of the Leftist Coast, things are slightly damp but not particularly chilly, but then again, where I live, “cold” is in the 50s, and “really cold” is in the 40s. My children were agog with wonder when they saw frost on the ground last month!

  63. Christian, I don’t want the right wingers to be banned. I just want the vulgar crybullies gone. I might be sinking to Will, Henry and Mac’s level, but at this point, there is little else to do. They aren’t rational people and sometimes I question whether you are. It seems like most of my fellow conservatives have devolved into emotional shitbags who live for nothing but “triggering liberals.” It’s incumbent on rational conservatives like me to clean up my side. So as long as you allow them to continue polluting this site, I will be here harassing them. They go, I go.

  64. I found this calendar in my parents attic- Miami of Ohio ’84- there’s a section at the end to write down your friends’ addresses and contact info-her friends at Pepperdine and Indiana University dorm addresses are written in her same handwriting to this day- pretty amazing

  65. Alan Tolchin | December 1, 2019 at 9:15 am |

    What about saddle shoes? We’re they part of the preppy look?

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