Last year, during Preppy Week, we examined some of the spoofs created by opportunistic cash-ins thanks to the success of “The Official Preppy Handbook.”

But the preppy cash-grab went beyond mere words and drawings. To wit, a video game for the Atari console that allowed hoi polloi to sit in front of its TV sets and imagine a Lacoste-clad private school twit getting his comeuppance be being eaten alive by alligators.

Preppie, released in 1982 by Adventure International, is not only a Preppy Handbook cash-in, it’s a Frogger rip-off. It also gives a whole new meaning to the term “gatoring.” The description on the back of the game reads:

Teeing off on the course may be delightfully fashionable, but it can be pretty dangerous on this crazy green! Preppie is a graphics tour de force that dares your preppie to cross an alligator-filled river and recover his wayward golf ball. Dangers lurk everywhere — from speeding golf cards to monster frogs. Only a true Ivy Leaguer could face up to this kind of punishment!

The game extols various features “mummy would most certainly approve of,” and notes that it showcases 28 Atari colors “that will delight and thrill the most fashion-conscious gamester.

“So why go slumming with lesser simulations?” it concludes. “You’ll be the toast of the country club with Preppie.”

There’s truth in advertising. As you can see, Preppie was definitely a graphics tour de force:

Video games may not be prep, but that doesn’t stop some games from including prep characters. In the contemporary video game Bully, one of the gangs is known as the Preppies. They’re led by a rich kid named Derby Harrington, and have haircuts described as “Ivy League.”

As for Preppie, a sealed copy is currently available on eBay for $50.

This authentic vintage NOS, made-in-America heritage video game is the real deal. — CC