Bobby From Boston Founder Passes Away


Social media sources are reporting that Bobby Garnett, founder of Bobby From Boston, has died. Garnett was considered a pioneer in vintage fashion. His influential store was well known to the props department at Ralph Lauren (as well as to Lauren himself), and the store’s reputation was global. More info as we get it. — CC

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  1. This is very sad news.

  2. Did he ever not have a smile on his face? Great human being with an immense legacy.

  3. Marc Chevalier | May 20, 2016 at 11:39 am |

    Before the Internet, we vintage menswear enthusiasts had *real world* mentors. As far as I’m concerned, the greatest two were the late John “Lundy” Lundberg (on the West Coast) and Bobby (on the East). Lundy formed me as Bobby formed Sean Crowley (and so many others).

    R.I.P., you giant among men. An era has ended.

  4. I’ve never heard of this man. Anyone care to share a personal experience of his legacy?

  5. Very sad news indeed but I must digress and ask, what is the prop department at RL?

  6. GS- The office at RL that handles store visuals, as well as photo and film shoots. The antiques and vintage items that fill the walls and stores of RL. There’s a ton of it, a huge warehouse filled with props, and Bobby was a source. He’d make the trip to England or buy from his sources, and they’d buy from him, trusting his eye. Same with many film crews, they knew Bobby would have just the right costume items for a period piece.

    Genuinely good person, sad to hear that his era has seen its sunset but I hope his family and employees keep the shop open!

  7. @DCG thank you so much for clarifying! I had always wondered where each RL store’s decorations came from and if those old suitcases and other props were genuine antiques. Many times I visit the stores just see the props, nice to know that the company puts so much thought into store decoration. But what about department store RL shops? Do they keep certain props for their stores and rotate them or does it all go back to the warehouse? I do hope that they keep his shop open, I had planned to visit and it is so unfortunate that I never had the honor to meet this fine man.

  8. Joseph Abboud on Bobby from Boston:

    “Bobby from Boston, now located on Thayer Street in the city’s South End, is “an inspiring place,” according to designer and Boston native Joseph Abboud. “It is an amazing store. I’d always visit it when I’m in Boston — it’s very cool.””

    from WWD

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