We’ve gotten a little more global since the Fifties.

Mr. Maghmood Mohamed


Allow me to introduce Mr. Maghmood Mohamed, who is a member of the Ivy-Style Facebook Group, and who hails from and lives in South Africa.

If you would like to get to know Mr. Mohamed, you can learn what you need to from this quote from his page:

“I’m not all I was meant to be, but there’s humble in me, and one humble man is all the world needs.”

Mr. Mohamed is in South Africa, wearing pants that are a Brooks Brothers X Reyn Spooner Collaboration.  Made in America.  He’s in South Africa.  His pants weren’t made there.

And he is most certainly Ivy.



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  1. Evan Everhart | January 27, 2022 at 10:48 am |

    Great style, better character. Humility is graceful.

    Yessir – JB

  2. Charlottesville | January 27, 2022 at 11:20 am |

    Very nice indeed, Mr. Mohamed. The blue-and-white print pants remind me of the batik sport coats, shirts, pants, etc. which, like madras plaids, were quite popular in the Ivy heyday.

    HI! I thought the same thing. – JB

  3. Wendell Miles | January 27, 2022 at 11:30 am |

    I love the trousers! Mr. Mohamed certainly knows what he is about! The world needs more humility!

  4. Looking sharp.


  5. I wish I could rock pants like that — I’m not so daring, but Mr. Mohamed wears them with aplomb and they manage to look just right. Great quotation, too — there is a lot of admirable authenticity and self-possession in that line.

  6. Future Fogey | January 27, 2022 at 12:15 pm |

    A couple of thoughts.

    1) Incredible pants. I would wear those in a heartbeat.

    2) During the next heartbeat, my wife would serve me divorce l papers. Or at the very least, refuse to be seen with me in public.

    3) I wish the last few comments in the article had been excluded. They took away from Mr. Mohamed’s cool find. The general tone of content and the curation of the comment section since the departure of CC has been really disconcerting. I am very open to the idea of hearing more varied voices in this sphere; some of the individual profiles have been really wonderful to see. However, lecturing your core readership and treating them with condescension if their beliefs or opinions differ, in this case “Made in America,” is just bizarre. Alienating the core customer didn’t work too well for 346 Madison Avenue. Fortunately, J. Press is still across the street.

    I would also like to apologize to Mr. Mohamed for leaving all of this under his spotlight. There is no intention to take anything away from him, see: 1).

    There’s a pretty decent chance that this comment will end up with a snarky note below it in bold. That’s fine. I’ve said my piece and I hope some others might agree in some regard. Thanks for the time.

    I don’t know about snarky, but there is a comment. I will shoot for snarky. Let me know. So first, the comments disappearing. We get, on this site, and I am not exaggerating and will post a picture of it for you tomorrow, over 1,000 spam comments a day. So we use two programs, as do almost all high profile blogs, to filter those out. Akismet and one other. They are remarkably good. And they save you from weeding through textile manufacturer offers and erectile dysfunction. Once in a while, and I have started digging into this now, they pull a comment that they shouldn’t. If you feel your comment didn’t show and it should have, BY ALL MEANS email me just a quick note and I will restore it.

    As I did this one.

    I have, since taking over the site, removed MAYBE 5 comments. And when I do, I email the person and try to explain why, and ask them if there is a way that we can make their point and still be in keeping with the tone and rules of the site. I did it just today. You know who you are :).

    I don’t think you necessarily know who the core readership is. Not that you are supposed to, that is my job. But I assure you, the core readership doesn’t feel lectured. Some readers might feel lectured to every once in a blue, and while I never intend to lecture, I also reserve the right to disagree. Which is what I did here. There is a very legit debate about Made In America. We are trying to put out a few products ourselves and I can tell you, it is a big deal. I have an opinion on it. What, you can write yours, and I can’t write mine? That’s not a lecture. That’s two people writing.

    But let’s try this, Fogey. Go in your closet and take a picture, and send it to me. I will post it here, with the brands that are there, and where they are made. IF you are right and the core customer only buys Made In America I will certainly say so. But I bet you you ain’t right. – JB

  7. Future Fogey | January 27, 2022 at 12:35 pm |

    Since my prior comment was deleted, wanted to get in that these pants are awesome! Hopefully that meets editorial muster.

    I think I covered that. – JB

  8. whiskeydent | January 27, 2022 at 2:59 pm |

    Mr. Mohamed, how do you explain your Ivy style to other South Africans? I would think it’s hard to give them a reference to help them understand.

    I also notice you’re wearing a great summer outfit because, well, it’s currently summer there.

  9. Like.

  10. Yes!

    Kind Regards,


  11. Generally prefer my own pants to be muted but the Batik print is aces.

  12. Wanted to chime in on Future Fogey‘s comment as well. I definitely understand keeping the trolls and spammers away, but I agree that the degree to which our esteemed editor weighs in individually with “editor’s notes” is a bit disconcerting or off-putting, at least to me. It’s fine to weigh in of course but I think it would be a bit more democratic to post your own comments rather than “marking up someone else’s space” if that makes sense. It does feel especially condescending when someone disagrees with something you’ve written and you add a dismissive note to their comment. I’m only pointing this out because it seems to happen quite a lot. I think this space would seem a bit more inviting if you would allow people to disagree a bit more without getting your own word in all the time at the comment level. To be very clear, it’s less about you disagreeing with people and more about the manner in which you’re doing it. The same could also be said for interjecting your thoughts into other people’s articles, like the gigantic James Bond aside from a few weeks ago, which felt quite inappropriate. It all feels a bit overbearing to me. Just my two cents. Otherwise a big fan of the site.

    Hey Kent – I am going to post about this but wanted you to know that the James Bond aside was an insert from me in an article by me. – JB

  13. You really nailed the look! Wish I’d known about the BB x Reyn slacks earlier, they look great.

  14. The collar frames his neck perfectly! I suppose one needs to have a short neck for such an effect. I have a long neck and my shirt collars never look like that.

  15. Absolutely fantastic. Shirts in that Reyn Spooner Lahaina print are (or at least were) essentially the 3/2 sack blazer of Hawaii and Orange County for the ivy set out there (and they sold St. Johns Bay Rum in the Spooner shop). I wasn’t aware of the Brooks collaboration with Reyn Spooner, but years ago they made shirts for J Press. Well done Mr. Mohamed.

  16. John, I am legitimately confused because even the title of the article indicates that you inserted your James Bond comments into Sarah’s article. I don’t want to split hairs here but maybe it’s “your article” in the sense that you physically posted it to the site, the article was written by Sarah, unless of course you are now using that as a pen name. The title literally says that it’s “uncalled for” in the middle of a great piece, which I agree with, but now you’re saying that you wrote the article.


  17. This guy bought a pair of Naked & Famous Selvedge Jeans from me in January 2022 and never paid for them.

    He said he didnt have money for them at the moment so I let him have the jeans and told him to pay when he has money (i sold him few other pairs of jeans that he paid for).

    I’m still trying to track him down to receive payment but he has stopped responding to me.

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