The Way I Dress: Nick Waterhouse


Today Mr. Porter posted a video featuring 27-year-old musician Nick Waterhouse, who talks about his love of oxford shirts and interest in Japanese Ivy in a fantastic midcentury house. — CC

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  1. Cool piece.

    “….better living through everything.” Here, here.

  2. Etymologue | April 16, 2013 at 8:17 am |


    That’s “Hear, hear”, not “Here, here”.

    Let’s be as careful about our English, as we are about our sartorial choices.

  3. @Etymologue – I stand corrected…”hear, hear” is indeed the right spelling. While we’re on grammar, what, exactly, is an Etymologue?

  4. I liked his eyeglasses frames.

  5. @ Mr. AEV

    A pompous bloke perhaps best avoided?

  6. Etymologue | April 16, 2013 at 9:28 am |

    An etymologue is a French etymologist.

  7. Just painful.

    That would be a l’étymologie. The word “etymologue” does not exist in the English language…..

    Have irony for lunch today. Spread it on your baguette.

  8. Great spot. It looks like Mr. Waterhouse has made a nice life for himself. I’d like to see more of his home, or a more in-depth interview.

  9. Nice J. Crew ad. Good to see Crew return to it’s Americana knock-off roots, but I got to ask, when did they abandon their black & white continental look with those discussing black square toed shoes? Must have had a shakeup in management or just chasing the fashion cycle.

  10. He does have a cool style. I saw that he made his way over to Tailor Caid in Japan. You can check out some pics in the gallery:

  11. Does anyone else suspect that the house he is shown in was rented for the day, and is not his real home? His wardrobe looks loaned to him as well; suede shoes with no marks on them only exist straight outta the box. The video is nice to look at, but I’m not quite sure what I am seeing.

  12. @ Makaga – I was wondering that too. A musician of his renown living in a beautiful mid-C with a pool and period furniture in the hills overlooking LA is a bit of a stretch. I think it might be described as a concept ad or some such thing.

    I appreciate his style and the vibe created, though. It probably resonates with most of us here. But considering the prices and sources of the wardrobe selected for the ad I think most readers of this site would probably stick with their J Press and BB OCBDs, similarly for the slacks, sweaters and shoes. The tails on the shirt, for one, would never stay tucked in if he lifts his arms above his head in acknowledgement of applause for a well-played set.

    In re slacks. CC: what are the model and source for the grey slacks you are wearing in the interview with the Finnish magazine? A high rise, flat front, (unlined?) grey wool slack I just can’t seem to find OTR.

  13. Ironchefsakai | April 16, 2013 at 2:42 pm |

    I, too, felt the video appeared affected
    If that is his house, though, then mad props. Midcentury modernism is the apex of architectural awesomeness.*

    * Alliteration is fun, too.

  14. @barnaby

    I think in both cases I’m wearing O’Connell’s. Flannels with the tweed, gabardine with the seersucker.

  15. I dunno if the house is rented, but the wardrobe certainly isn’t his own — it’s the exact stuff they’re selling at the bottom of the page. Derek Rose dressing gown, Band of Outsiders shirt, McNairy shoes.

  16. @barnaby the house was most definitely rented for the day, it’s the Harpel House designed by John Lautner. The home has been featured in numerous ad campaigns since its restoration a few years back.

  17. Jeez, I sure feel like a sucker. I’ll amend the post tomorrow. That line I wrote about natural hip as opposed to fashion industry contrived hip. Thanks guys for doing more due diligence than I did this morning.

  18. @Christian I’ve seen Nick around town a few times and he does have a natural hipness that is very much in the essence of Ivy Style. I think that everyone has to remember that this video is for Mr. Porter and featuring products sold on Mr. Porter and if you scroll to the bottom it has a list of items worn.

  19. @AEV, I just spit coffee out of my nose, and ruined my paper laughing so hard at your comeback to “Etymologue”, forget his pompous hand slap at your original comment, irony indeed at someone who refers to themselves as an etymologist, while creating a fake word to describe himself… OMG… Priceless.

  20. Etymologue | April 16, 2013 at 8:20 pm |

    I never claimed that the word etymologue existed in the English language. I said that an etymologue is a French etymologist.

    As far as being pompous is concerned: grammatical/orthographical accuracy is certainly more important in the real world than whether a shirt collar is lined or unlined, or whether bit loafers are preppy or not.

  21. @Mr.

    I was amused by your referring to the pomposity of Etymologue.

    I thought the whole idea that motivates us followers of this and other Ivy/Preppy blogs is our belief that we know the only proper way to dress and our desire to impose our standards of style on others.

  22. @Erik – Nice catch.

  23. Francophone | April 17, 2013 at 12:34 am |


    Etymologist is etymologue, not etymologiste, just as psychologist is psychologue. In French there are no such words as neurologiste, philologiste,urologiste, etc.

  24. “Le mot etymologue n’a pas été trouvé”

    FYI, the word etymologue doesn’t exist in any language. It is in no French dictionary and a the all knowing google search reveals a blog and not one creditable site referencing the word.

  25. MeMyselfAndI | April 17, 2013 at 5:45 am |

    Quite clearly not his own house or his own wardrobe. Cool guy though.

  26. @Francophone and Etymologue –

    I’m not French nor do I speak or write fluent french. I’m also NOT the part-time Chief of the Blog Comment Grammar Police Department (BCGPD). That said, both the Larousse and Tresor online french dictionaries treat the work “etymologist” and, for example, “psychologist” very differently. As @Francophone stated, it is correct that “psychologist” translates in french to “psychologue”. That said, “etymologist” translates quite clearly to “étymologiste” (as I suggested earlier). The word “etymologue” doesn’t exist anywhere, in any online dictionary of any language.

    Additionally, the statement that the suffix “giste” doesn’t exist/isn’t used in french seems inaccurate. Many words – e.g. biologist, neurologist – appear to translate, formally anyway, into french equivalents with “giste” suffixes (biologiste, neurologiste, etc.). Might it be that these terms are treated informally – slangily or casually – with the “logue” suffix? Perhaps. But, to confidently correct my obvious typo on an english language blog while using a french slang/informal term as a name still strikes me as glaringly ironic.

    I’ve got to get back to my Bullshit beat – Castleberry’s wearing a nylon belt and red crepe soled shoes with a navy wool suit. So creative! I have people to protect (from themselves)……

  27. Satsuma said,
    “I thought the whole idea that motivates us followers of this and other Ivy/Preppy blogs is our belief that we know the only proper way to dress and our desire to impose our standards of style on others.”

    No one imposes standards, I know of no Ivy/Preppy blogs with lawyers, guns and money. Many have strong opinions and critiques, I’m sometimes guilty of that. AEV and I probably agree on more than we disagree on Ivy style, but we are from different regions of the USA. When Ivy became mainstream, middle class, kids born after the mid 1940s were already wearing chinos and 501s, they weren’t going to give up the 501s. I grew up as a military dependent, met kids from all over the USA, every region had variances of Ivy, but within a framework. As has been pointed out on this blog, even different celebrated Ivy shops and Ivy League Universities had permutations, but within a framework.

  28. @MAC

    I was talking about the present.

  29. MAC:

    Nice Warren Zevon. Lawyers, guns and money!

    I saw Nick Waterhouse drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic’s….

  30. AEV,

    Stop making me look at that bumptious bumpkin Castleberry! In addition to what you mentioned, he’s trying to sprezz by having the tail of his tie longer than the blade; his socks match his tie; and he’s wearing a silk pocket square with a worsted suit. Plus, he’s wearing tan shoes with a navy suit.

    What kind of a grown man dresses this way?

  31. @Henry – ha ha…..I realy don’t mean to force Fred upon anyone. Yes, Fred loves ‘manufactured nonchalance’ – it’s one of his hallmarks. The purposely mistied necktie is so hilarious it almost leave me speechless. He is, in fact, not wearing socks with his suit – another piece in his ‘fake natural style’ puzzle……along with the deliberate unbuckled mess of a shoe he’s chosen.

    Fred likes us to believe that he just sort of “threw on” his outfits naturally…..he jumped out of bed, quickly threw on his tie – mistying it ‘cus he don’t care! – and not wearing socks because he can’t be bothered….his creative mind has so many groundbreaking projects racing through it, socks are the last thing he can be occupied with!

    Of course, in reality, any and all of his affectations are carbon copies of stuff he’s gleaned from other places. He believes feigned nonchalance is a signal of affluence and comfortable, mature intelligence….he’s just not sharp enough to realize that anyone who spies him dressed in his typical theatrical abominations knows that the whole get up has been so thoroughly overthought that it screams, “help me.”

  32. @ AEV, is it true that Fred deletes, or edits comments on his blog to flatter himself??? I think I read that somewhere. Odd.

  33. @Mr. – Yes, Fred edits and/or deletes any blog comments that aren’t 100% complimentary. He even deletes most reader questions. Amazing, really. It’s largely the reason why he went from a typical post garnering 40 or more comments to most of his posts now registering only 3 or 4. He used to offer all sorts of defensive retorts as to why he engaged in this sort of behavior: he didn’t want to offend sponsors, he was protecting his friends who had volunteered to be photographed, his blog is his livlihood, it’s his sandbox and he can do whatever he wants, and so on – but, most of those don’t hold much water. I suspect the real reason is mostly that, esp. since he’s been out of work, he sees the blog as a sort of electronic calling card and hopes it will impress potential clients/employers…..if the comments are riddled with criticism, it would tarnish the image he so furiously manufatures for himself. E.g. why would Rugby hire a guy to help stage shops and offer opinions on clothing design who’s own outfits and style choices garner more critiques than compliments from the buying public/key customer demographics? They shouldn’t, of course….and….we all know how that turned out….

  34. @AEV, interesting, ok, well more pitiful than interesting. I just checked Fred’s blog and now I know why the kid paints a target on himself. Oddly enough, the link you showed the other day where he put paint on his pants, is the same “impromptu” balancing act he did when he was in a staged environment. Heck, I’m starting to see where you think everything is staged nothing is natural. Speechless.

  35. @Mr. – ….careful, @Ethan may just go nuts on you. Wink.

  36. @AEV, if the ghost of Clarence Darrow possessed Ethan, he still wouldn’t be able to defend that outfit! Fred is our modern day sartorial version of Jerry Lewis. Can’t you just see Fred playing in Cinderfella? I should stop now.

  37. @Mr……Fred’s just a happy goofball, balancing, falling, and bumping into his creative friends for unplanned photo sessions all around town……

  38. There’s got to be a better way for the kid to make a buck.

  39. Yes, Mr. Castleberry’s photos are as unplanned and spontaneous as Wayne Newton’s current face and hair.

  40. Even though his house is rented, the clothes are borrowed, and he reads from a script written by someone else, Nick Waterhouse gives off a pretty authentic vibe.

    On the subject of Unabashedly Prep, I commented a few times asking where Fred went to prep, and he changed the comment to read “Where does this girl go to school?” Referring to the model he photographed, he answered Columbia. Sometime after I believe I commented a few times inquiring politely–not at all viciously– about his background. All of the comments were altered or deleted.

    Anyway, I’m sorry your posts have been hijacked by criticism about another blog, CC.

  41. @AEV, I’m not defending that outfit, nor his pose. But, I do believe it’s his blog, and he can do as he wishes.

    I really prefer not to hijack this tread, but, I do have two non-confrontational questions for you.

  42. @ Mr. AEV-

    Would it be possible to contact you via email? Or perhaps I see you at Vineyard Vines…


  43. Rather will see you at Vineyard Vines…

  44. Ethan-

    You’re right – and do as he wishes he does. It’s also a public effort, so I’ll continue to offer my honest reactions.

    Re: your questions, feel free.

    @Thad, I’m going to play along and allow you to continue to believe that you’re odd Vineyard Vines comments still register anything but confusion. Yes, assuming we can find a Vineyard Vines that’s also near a Brooks Brothers selling the Gatsby dress up line, lets plan to meet there. I trust you’re as fascinating in person as you are in the comments sections.

  45. Upwards of $300 for an alpha-sized OCBD? What am I missing here?

  46. It’s an ad. Copy set to film. Contrived. Fiction. “Somebody’s dream.”

    Nice pool, though.

  47. @ AEV-

    OK, I promise to drop the Vineyard Vines shtick for good, sir.

    Haven’t I always acknowledged your contribution here via commentary as those of a gentleman of distinction?

    How can we exchange email addresses? ( I have an interesting story to relate.)

  48. @arthur v

    I couldn’t agree more. And I really dislike the placket that runs the length of the shirts backside. Unnecessary decoration.

  49. Eric E.
    Yes, my first reaction was WTF. Then I thought well it is California, must be an Ivy guayabera. 😉

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