The Mountain & Sackett Regimental Tie Review

By now, you know that you can preorder the getting-famous Black Watch Regimental Tie here.  And save 10%.  On one of the best made ties you will ever own.  Why best made?  I am glad you asked.

  1. All M&S ties are made in America.
  2. Family owned and operated business, third generation, two guys who love ties.
  3. If Mountain & Sackett weren’t such a cool name I would pitch them on the name Two Guys Who Love Ties.
  4. Their ties are handmade.  5 an hour.  And inspected.
    1. Here’s why handmade is different.  Different fabrics have different pulls.  Machines don’t adjust for that.  A sewing machine is not a Lexus that has weather mode.  Handmade has soul, if you are the type to pick that up.  But most importantly…
    2. These ties… tie better because the hand stitching doesn’t pierce the lining, so it doesn’t bind the face of the tie with its spine.  So it moves better.  It ties better, and it wears better.  More on that in a second.

Here’s one of two ties I tested.

The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Tie.


I want to talk for a second about the tying better thing.  I have a dimple in the tie insistence.  I don’t understand large tie knots (forget that they are distracting, they also feel like you are wearing a sandwich around your neck), and I really do not understand not dimpling one’s tie.  It’s elegant (and when you are John Degage you need a boost of elegance), it creates a more pleasing line from the knot to the blade, and it distinguishes the tie from a leash.   This dimple mandate has cost me time out of my life though, retying.   The fact that the M&S tie is not affixed to its lining means that it just moves different, you can do more with it.

Here’s my post yesterday in the Facebook Group:

I also did the collar bar so you can get a different look at the tie.  That is a first try, pre-coffee knot.

Here, take a look at the underside.

These ties are… precise.  And come in different lengths and widths.


And now, a word about economics.  The Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders tie is priced at $69.50.  Why?  A few things.  First, apparently there is a 7.2% tariff that has to be paid on ties made outside the US.   That’s a decent slice of pie.  Then there is the fact that there is no store.  That is another decent, really decent, slice of the pie.

The experience over at Mountain & Sackett is the same as the ties, handmade and moves better.  Here is Jim Borkowski’s review from last year:

Just received this tie.  First time I ordered from Mountain and Sackett.  Firstly, their customer service is excellent.  I thought the tie was sold out, and asked to be placed on a wait list.  They looked for more fabric, and located extra fabric in the warehouse for me.  I received the newly crafted tie within 72 hours.  The tie is beautiful.  Excellent quality and workmanship.  It is on a par with Ben Silver or Robert Talbot ties, and costs far less.  I highly recommend Mountain and Sackett.

The different lengths and widths mean even more customization.   I grant you, there are some ties in their repertoire that are not in mine.  Perhaps they are in yours.  At the end of the day, made right here, impeccable quality, the whole knot thing, good guys, and customer service to beat the band.

I will let you know when their spring collection comes out, I have some photos and there are some winners in there, too!   Here’s another link to their website, have a look around. 


13 Comments on "The Mountain & Sackett Regimental Tie Review"

  1. I purchased a classic black cummerbund from M&S several years ago. First class quality and service. This inspires me to return for ties.

    Wonderful! Let me know how it goes and what you buy? – JB

  2. Philly Trad | April 6, 2022 at 9:50 am |

    I too have a dimple-in-the-tie insistence, though “insistence” is putting it mildly in my case. That’s why I always preferred Brooks Brothers ties to those sold by J. Press: I never had a BB tie that didn’t immediately produce a proper dimple and I never had a J.Press tie that did, even when I struggled to get it right.

    For real, the way these ties are made, they just feel different. I’ve had a ton of BB ties too, and you are right, they dimple well. Even so, these ties are different. It’s hard to explain, but because the lining isn’t attached the tie moves and ties differently. I’ve never had a hand made tie before, so maybe they are all like this, but these are pretty nice. – JB

  3. This particular post not only made me chuckle, but also laugh out loud (albeit quietly since I am in the library here in campus). The sandwich around the neck observation did it. I’ll smile about that one all day. Thanks, John! A good looking tie and dimple there by the way.

    Kind Regards,


  4. Yikes. Is Tie Dimple Neurosis a new malady among Ivy men?

  5. My school’s tie is an upside down version of a regiment’s tie. I asked M&S if they could make me one and of course they did. The quality is superb, and the tie always gets comments at reunions. The tie current pupils wear is some man-made crap.

  6. Old Bostonian | April 6, 2022 at 12:18 pm |

    There are so many videos on the Web about how to get a perfect dimple in one’s tie–but they all ignore the fact that it depends on the tie itself, not just on one’s skill; there are some ties that won’t dimple no matter how hard you try. It’s a matter of fabric, lining, and construction.

  7. Man, I thought I was good on ties. I have a dozen or so that I really like and I don’t wear them very often (which is unfortunate, but so it goes). Now I am compelled to get another one, but from M&S. Agreed on the tie dimple, and any tie that makes that easier and more natural, not to mention is handmade and somehow sold at a weirdly low-ish price, is a tie for my infrequent tie-wearing self.

    @Hardbopper — Haha, I’ve no standing as an arbiter of Ivy, but… no.

  8. Otis Brewster Hogbottom III | April 6, 2022 at 2:17 pm |

    This “Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders” is a slight variation of a regular “Argyle and Sutherland” pattern, correct? My A&S tie has gold and red pin stripes between the navy and green wide stripes. Just curious.

  9. Thanks for the review. I agree: a dependable dimple is a major selling point and not easy to find.

  10. Craig Fulton | April 7, 2022 at 12:56 am |

    @Suzy B.
    “Tie Dimple Neurosis”?
    A tie knot without a proper dimple is like a button down collar without a proper roll.

  11. Sadly, Mountain and Sackett’s website says “we only ship to the US and Canada”. Even with” Irish” Joe Biden refusing to sign a free trade deal with Brexit Britain, the M&S ties would be very good value after paying shipping and tariffs.

  12. I just purchased the Black Watch Regimental and won the Royal Marine Light Infantry on their Instagram. These ties are incredible value. I have HN White, Shibumi Firinze, F. Marino Napoli and other ties and these hold their own. You certainly don’t get the frills of hand rolled edges (if your in to that), but the make and geometry of the tie is perfect. The knot is perfect, the dimple is perfect, so I am very pleased. At first, the silk was very substantial to say the least, but as I have worn them it has softened up and just flows so nicely.

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