The Ivy-Style Playlist Update

Miles Davis went to Juilliard. He’s pretty Ivy.

On the Ivy Style Facebook group, we started a playlist of songs that were Ivy for one reason or another.  Click here for the playlist as currently constituted.

The reasons varied.  The artist dressed Ivy.  It was jazz.  The artist attended an Ivy school.  It reminds one of an experience one had at an Ivy school, or their school where they dressed Ivy.  We agreed that we would, from time to time, revisit the list.

Lisa Loeb went to Brown. And is on the list.

It’s a collaboration.  Just give one song, and why, in the comments.  One song, and why.  Spotify is free if you want it to be so everyone can listen.

The Kingston Trio – Ivy and Calypso.

Two interesting things about The Kingston Trio.  First, they are amongst Columbia’s top selling artists:  The Beatles,  Sinatra, and The Kingston Trio.  Speaking of Ivy, Al Jardine of the Beach Boys confessed that they “borrowed” the striped shirt thing from The Kingston Trio.

Perhaps the two worst haircuts in modern music.

Art Garfunkel went to Columbia.  Simon & Garfunkel made their first recording three days after Paul Simon’s 16th birthday.  So if your kid is in the garage with a drum set, let them be.   They signed with Big Records, an independent label, were renamed Tom & Jerry, and the song, “Hey Schoolgirl,” was a hit and reached number 49 on Billboard.   Despite disastrous bangs, Paul Simon was the songwriter, and, content being king, was offered a deal to record two of his own records.  He, um, forgot to tell Art Garfunkel.  They reunited in ’63, but things were never the same.  Here is a market indicator.  Paul Simon’s biography came out in 2017, and includes this quote: “I remember during a photo session Artie said, ‘No matter what happens, I’ll always be taller than you.’ Did that hurt? I guess it hurt enough for me to remember 60 years later.”  Mr. Garfunkel, who has confessed on the record that he really never forgives, kept the barbs coming: “I concluded in an eighth of a second, and the friendship was shattered for life…I never forget, and I never really forgive,” he said, adding the subtle dig: “Paul won the writer’s royalties. I got the girls”.   Though busy with the girls, Mr. Garfunkel and Mr. Simon (who apparently had a little more free time) released Bridge Over Troubled Waters, then split for good.   Which is both sad and funny.

Red Garland played with Miles Davis for four years and then went out on his own. I had no idea, but when you are done with the Ivy playlist, check Red Garland out. He’s on the playlist of course, and his best piano work came when he had his own group.

You have to work to see a playlist that has Red Garland and Weezer on it, yet here we are.  Rivers Cuomo, who has real pipes, went to Harvard (he’s the lead singer for Weezer if this is all new to you).  Here’s Weezer:

Weezer. An Ivy League Band.

Again, one song per person, don’t ask me to pick between some, I can’t.  My contribution?  In 1988,  when I was entering the Ivy League, Mr. James Taylor released Never Die Young.   Perhaps the most underrated acoustic guitarist ever because his play is overshadowed by perhaps the greatest baritone voice of the last 60 years, James Taylor wrote: “Never give up, never slow down, never grow old, never ever die young.”

That’s not a white OCBD, but it is close. Kinda.



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  1. Link is not working.

    Think I got it fixed, try it again? It is working on my side. THANKS – JB

  2. Miles Davis, It Never Entered My Mind….first it’s Miles and the music or sound of the trumpet is a good end of the day thing with your wife….

    Hey Mark! It is up there – JB

  3. Vampire Weekend, formed at Columbia University
    Prep, but not necessarily Ivy
    Counting Crows, Adam Duritz, Taft ’82
    Phish (ha ha), Trey Anastasio, Taft ’83
    Terry Melcher, Producer, Beach Boys, Byrds, etc – Loomis (did not graduate)

    Vampire Weekend on there already 🙂 – is there a Phish song you are thinking of? – JB

  4. Cole Porter (Yale ’13)
    Rudy Vallée (Yale ’27)
    Peter Duchin (Yale ’58)

    Hi Jim! Give me a song to put up! THANKS – JB

  5. Cole Porter: Begin the Beguine, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, It’s Delovely

    Rudy Vallée had a version of The Whiffenpoof Song

    Peter Duchin: Never on Sunday

    I found Vallee’s Whiffenpoof Song which was live on the Ed Sullivan Show, February 13, 1949. That is a DEEP dive 🙂 – JB

  6. Re: Phish

    In terms of what’s available on Spotify I think that the Hampton/Winston ’97 Salem Halley’s Comet gets my vote.

    And… done. – JB

  7. This is a fun topic. How about Grateful Dead because:
    Cornell 5/8/77
    Heavy Tweed Jacket

    THANKS! Give me another song? – JB

  8. Re: Phish, I think that the 5/15/1990 show at Hamilton would be appropriate given it’s placement on TOPH list of colleges. From that set, appropriate tunes would be “Take the A Train” and “Alumni Blues”.

    Alumni Blues is added, sir. – JB

  9. Folksingers Round Harvard Square (1959)
    This was the first LP that featured Joan Baez:
    I was introduced to Joan Baez in 1961, the same year that I was introduced to Ivy style.

    I’m still an aficionado of both.

    My favorite track: On the Banks of the Ohio
    Gotta love Spotify. I added it. – JB

  10. This picture of the Kingston Trio shows John Stewart (middle) who replaced original member Dave Guard (Stanford ’56) in 1961. Stewart was a brilliant writer and musician and wrote the Monkees’ hit Daydream Believer.

  11. The record label for the Beach Boys was Capitol Records, not Columbia.

    Dammit. GOOD CATCH – JB

  12. Yes, Joan Baez was 18 at the time!

    JB: please feel free to combine the 3 messages

    Thanks – I enjoy the flow though – JB 🙂

  13. Link is working. Sorry it took so long, but work got in the way.

    I had work interfere with music. Once. 🙂 – JB (kidding, it happens to me all the time)

  14. Fred Astaire “Night and Day” 1952. Best version of the song. Understated, authentic, natural.

    Sold and posted. – JB

  15. THE Dave Matthews Band… from Charlottesville.

    The drummer and original sax man have their musical roots in jazz. They had a fiddle player, so they get classic instrument cred. I wore an OCBD to their recent show in WPB Florida.

    I’m certain they all have owned khakis, a button down, and a navy blazer at some point in their lives.

    Absolutely – give me a song! – JB

  16. @JB

    I suggest any of the following, as the true list is pages long – my offerings to you are Crash, Dreaming Tree, or Shake Me Like A Monkey.

    Crash is a Top 40 hit, it’s suggestive lyrics are both literal and cryptic
    Dreaming Tree is a Jam. Those who love horns, ipso facto jazz, will be enthralled with any live version
    Shake Me Like a Monkey is what it sounds like, what is presents itself to be, is straight forward without avant-garde nuances, therefore Trad

    Hi! Dave Matthews is one of the most underrated guitar players of our time. Buries Clapton. Crash is up in your honor. – JB

  17. JB. Dave Matthew’s buries Clapton?

    I’m sorry but that’s crazy talk.


    Hey Will – I know, I know. I get handed my posterior when I talk like this. Do you play? – JB

  18. Love that playlist! Although as a former member of a “competing” a capella group way back in the day, I say “harrumph” to the inclusion of the Whiffenpoofs. Not because they’re not talented– it’s more because they know it AND are so darned successful.

  19. And others may beg to differ, especially since this is a website that is sartorially focused, but as an Ivy alum, I couldn’t walk past a dorm room (usually smoke filled) without a Grateful Dead tune being played– most often Sugar Magnolia or Friend of the Devil.

  20. JB

    I don’t play but I know what I like. I like Dave Matthews. I love Clapton (live version of Train Kept a Rollin’ on the British radio show Top of the Pops) Of course SRV, Hendrix, ZZ Top. One of my favorite tunes is Barney Kessel’s If You Dig Me from his album Jazz for Bizet’s Carmen. (Great for wooing the ladies when I was in my twenties)



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