Popcorn And A Movie


Ivy Style’s associate editor Chris Sharp has an uncanny photographic memory for trad images. He seems to remember every photo he’s ever seen, and, even more amazing, can actually go find them. But I’d like to lay claim to a similar skill: namely, that of letting the gears of the subconscious connect two dots in order to contrive a silly blog post.

Today is National Popcorn Day, and upon noticing it with the other morning headlines, I suddenly remembered the porn-watching scene in the 1984 prepsploitation flick “Making The Grade.” Sure enough, there’s a bowl of popcorn in the scene. You can see the main sidekick character Rand stuffing some in his face in the screen shot above.

Oddly enough, “Making The Grade” is available in its entirety on YouTube. Does that mean nobody cares about the copyright of this important piece of cinematic history? Very well, Ivy Style is proud to present the full-length feature:

Now for a popcorn suggestion. My family visited New York around Christmas, and for the second year running we had dinner at 2E, the lounge in the Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue. As we enjoyed our cocktails, the waiter brought over a table snack, which was popcorn covered with Indian spices the chef had blended himself. It was so delicious that when the third cup was gone, I took all the spices at the bottom and wrapped them up in a napkin. It lasted a week across many bowls of popcorn.

So find a shaker of Indian spices at your local market and give it a try. You can watch “Making The Grade” and munch out while wearing a colorblock sweater like the guy on the left. Kind of like this one from Brooks. — CC


3 Comments on "Popcorn And A Movie"

  1. A madras shirt would be more apropos.

  2. Chewco L.P. (Cayman) | January 22, 2016 at 8:53 pm |

    21:00 into the movie –

    “Preppy come lately (Polo RL), Preppy come never (Lacoste alligator riding a polo horse), Preppy forever (Lacoste)!”

    Is Lacoste still considered “preppy?” Doubt.

  3. The color block sweater might pass the Ivy-Prep litmus test, but it’s hideously juvenal.

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