Nick Waterhouse: Rockin’ The Madras At The Roxy


Today we keep the rock-n-roll theme going with a flash back to this post from five years ago, which is anything but fogeyish. 

And at the bottom of the post is Waterhouse’s latest video, which should get you in the mood for… water. 

* * *

Last week I saw Nick Waterhouse perform at the Roxy Hotel in TriBeCa, here in New York City. The gig was held in a room called The Django, a jazzy faux-French candlelit den with a small stage. I’ve been a fan of Waterhouse since his first album; his music is original and personal yet with clear influences from R&B, rock and roll, and jazz from the ’50s and ’60s.

Just don’t call it a revival, as Waterhouse likes to say. While he clearly has a deep love for good music from the past, his music lives in the present and aspires to timelessness. The same can be said for his taste in clothes, as has been noted on Ivy Style before. While his outfits would easily fit in an Ivy-heyday class photo or on an album cover, this is no stage costume. Drawing on the best of the past yet living in the present, Waterhouse’s look is sharp, clean-cut and tailored. That evening he was clad in a madras jacket with 3/2 roll and hook vent, rendered in olive, burgundy and brown, plus tapered charcoal trousers and split-toe Aldens.

After two great sets of songs from both his albums, some new material, and a couple fantastic covers of artists I hadn’t yet heard of, Nick hung at the bar with fans and friends alike. I introduced myself and we briefly chatted about what’s coming up for him, and he graciously signed his recent spread in the sadly now-defunct Japanese trad magazine Free & Easy.

Great guy, great music, great style. The crowd was disappointingly chatty, but the fans who were there for the music were a diverse bunch. Musical highlights for me were “Time’s All Gone” and “Some Place,” from his début record, as well as a cover of The Seeds’ “Pushin’ Too Hard.” Style highlights were the jacket — dark madras is damn cool.

Look out for a new album in September, and look for him in person if you can — you’ll be glad you did. — DCG

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  1. I love Waterhouse. He fulfills my needs of ‘something old, something new’ music. And it’s a great sound, too. Looking forward to hear more about this great musician.

  2. Your periodic musical themed posts are among the bests aspects of Ivy-Style, CC. Thanks.

  3. Roger C. Russell II | May 19, 2016 at 2:14 am |

    I have listened to several of Nick’s songs on YouTube since your post. I like him a lot. He is a pretty snazzy dresses as well.

  4. I met Nick two or three years ago when he played at Slim’s in San Francisco. He was standing near the bar watching the opening act and I introduced myself and offered to buy him a drink. He said he had a better idea and disappeared back stage for a moment and came back with two glasses of bourbon. We only spoke briefly over the drink, but I was able to chat with him about music and style. Moreover, he played a great show. It was a delightful experience for a quick after-work decision to head to the concert. I don’t think I’d be out of line to guess that there aren’t many musicians out there who are as gentlemanly as he was that evening.

  5. Two great trad-style guitars too: a Fender Tele and a Gibson ES-335.

  6. elder prep | April 7, 2021 at 2:58 pm |

    Nice rhythm, personable style. The accompanying color film adds an additional dimension to the music.

  7. He just had a new record drop yesterday, in fact—”Promenade Blue.” I’m considering picking it up.

    And his clothes—quite some style. I recommend a Google search to all.

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