My Kinda Clothes: Tasteful With A Dash Of Fun

My kinda clothes are just that, my kind. I draw heavy influences from both traditional Ivy and ’80s prep, but try to maintain a unique look. Adding my personal taste into an outfit means adding a dash of fun but always keeping it tasteful. I’m definitely a glass-half-full kinda guy, which can sometimes be tough in a genre of clothing outlined by ridgid rules. But I try to add my own flair into my outfits within those parameters, and if it means (respectfully) breaking some rules, so be it. 

Some of the Ivy rules matter greatly to me while others don’t. My philosophy is that you have to know what you like and know what looks good on you. I’m a measly 5’5”, so vertical stripes are good for me, as are pants that cuff right at the ankle, so I incorporate these by necessity, so to speak. On the other hand, I like embroidered pants and polo shirts so these items make frequent appearances by choice. 

The six items I wear most frequently are bengal-striped OCBDs, cashmere v-neck sweaters, corduroys, boat shoes, GTH pants/shorts, and polo shirts. These items allow for a lot of versatility as they’re all (minus the embroidered bottoms) practical. Additionally, they are canvases on which, paired with other items, let me add my own personality into the outfit. Above all, I think being comfortable and well dressed are not distinct notions. 

The item I most wear in the winter months would be a sweater. I have many wool and even cotton sweaters, but my favorite is the cashmere v-neck. I often pair them with corduroys or chinos and either loafers or boat shoes. The shirt underneath varies between bengal stripe and turtleneck. A tweed sportcoat is a nice way to keep things a little more sophisticated while still being comfortable. When wearing one to class, usually I don’t wear a tie unless it’s the day of a tennis match. I typically pair it with corduroys or chinos, an OCBD, and loafers. When I do wear a jacket and tie, as a rule I try wear a full suit as little as possible and mismatch the jacket and pants. This is an example from the summer months when I can get away with seersucker. Staying true to my go-to-hell streak, I like to incorporate one bright or fun-patterned item into an outfit during the warm weather, contrasted by a solid item on the other end. My favorite way to do this is through pants.

Layers, I think, are the ultimate preppy device. One way I like to add a little more complexity to an otherwise one-dimensional outfit is by adding either a rugby over an OCBD or an OCBD over a polo, always worn with chinos and either boat shoes or sneakers. It creates a casual but put-together outfit, perfect for the weekend. — TREVOR JONES

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  1. Like the mid-’60s look with the green v-neck over a turtle. Quite original!

  2. Socklessness indicates a definite lack of gravitas.

  3. Images are not showing, I’m getting the following error code: We cannot complete this request, remote server returned an unexpected status code (400).

  4. Sorry, but the ‘boat shoes’ give you away. You’re basically using a Granny Knot which will come loose. A properly tied lace resembles a Square Knot. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.

  5. I’m not big on the whole sockless thing, in Winter. Not into it for affectation during the Summer either, though it does have its moments, but as I am not the one wearing it, I don’t honestly care.

    It does however seem strange to go sockless while wearing not one, but two sweaters in the midst of Winter though…..Just saying. For reference; in the San Fernando Valley today, it was in the high 30s by my house this morning and will reach a day-time high of a brisk and breezy 65 degrees with a colder wind-chill factor, with intermittent Sunshine.

    The article itself is an interesting expository little piece, though it would have been more so if the young gentleman had told us more about his background and the region from which he hails, to give everything a bit more context, and perhaps some insight into what contributed to the formation of his own kind of clothes within the over-arching style.

    I am curious as to when Trevor began to wear the style, or if he has always worn it, or if it began to ossify as something more substantial within his personal style canon at some point, having previously been present but perhaps less prevalent.

    Do any of Trevor’s hobbies or the influences of his local cultural and social milieu contribute to his adoption of, or persistence in wearing the style, and in particular, his own interpretation of the style?

  6. Thanks for sharing, Trevor! 🙂

  7. Unfortunately images keep on not showing for me – a pity considering the piece reads so interesting!

  8. “Being comfortable and well dressed are not distinct notions.” Agreed! One definitely need not give up one to be the other. In direct opposition to what the masses seem to think, comfort and dressing in a relatively pulled together way are not mutually exclusive. . . even when at home with the door shut and curtains drawn. Why in the world would anyone want to resemble a burlap sack of potatoes?

    Best Regards,

  9. “…tweed sportcoat is a nice way to keep things a little more sophisticated.”


    And the world needs a lot more of it. Keep it up.

  10. Sorry about image problem. We’re trying to figure it out. It seemed to be an outside North America problem, but if you are in US and also having images not load, please let me know and with any helpful details.

  11. Those of us who live in the Chesapeake Bay area tend to go sockless half the year because we’re in, on or around the water much of the time. Hence the annual sock-burning tradition. During the winter months, instances of socklessness are largely due to sheer laziness, at least in my case.

  12. More evidence that this site has become useless. No info, no history, instead a mundane fatty mewling cliches about dreary outfits as if it matters to anybody. Sad. And you want money for this?

  13. Well I’ll be! It’s a good thing you pointed out my body’s fat, my personality mundane, and my outfits dreary. I suppose I have some serious lifestyle changes ahead. All I can say is thank you for your bravery in bringing such pressing issues to the forefront!

  14. I’m afraid I have to agree with Otto here — who is this clown? The only thing worse than those outfits is his writing, to say nothing of the idea of taking style advice from someone who is 5’5”. What’s the over/under on this his number friends and/or the number of people who think he’s normal? 1.5? LESS? Yikes.

  15. PersonFromPorlock | February 26, 2019 at 3:34 am | Reply

    It is comical how flustered people get by khakis, a button down, and a tweed jacket these days. And don’t even think about wearing something as inefficient and impractical as a necktie in our modern day technopoly! You can walk around almost naked, cross dress, or have tattoos all over your face and no one will care. But when clothing with a bit of aspirational connotation is worn by someone under the age of 50 people become uneasy. I’m being somewhat sarcastic, but it can almost be a form of subversion to dress conservatively these days. Trevor, you look great. Thanks for posting. Otto and RBM: you are boring, go away.

  16. Otto, to take the time to leave a comment like that sounds like YOU don’t matter to anybody.

  17. I especially like the seersucker suit in the last photo.

  18. Images loading again after several weeks of outage.

    Malcolm Thomson
    Munich, Germany

  19. Not sure why there are a few negative comments on his personal style. It’s personal and not for everyone. Rules can be broken well or interpreted differently to achieve a unique effect. I recall doing something similar during primary school where my uniform was the same every day. Socks were my outlet for creativity so i wore crazy ones to highlight my personality.

    It’s good that Mr. Jones knows what he likes and what works for him. There’s a practicality to his look that works well. We know it won’t work for everyone but nor should it. Instead of saying what’s what’s wrong, I’d suggest the comments offer other personal interpretations of style such that one can perhaps incorporate that into their look. The result is a net positive instead of a net negative for everyone.

    Thank you, Mr. Jones, for sharing! I may just try to incorporate the V-sweater turtleneck into my rotation!

  20. pictures shown correctly
    from china mainland

  21. Thanks for sharing, Trevor. I can’t say that I’m sold on the turtleneck + tee and I feel that boat shoes still need to be reclaimed from the collective Chads of the world before they can be redeemed, but I think your first and last photos are great. I’ve got a rust-colored tweed jacket, a ren uni stripe, khaki chinos and tassel loafers myself; I may flagrantly copy you in the coming week. Those top and bottom photos, particularly the seersucker look, also have me rethinking my opposition to black footwear.

    Anyhow, thanks again for taking the time to write this, take photos and start a discussion, which is a much greater contribution to this community than nasty comments written by anon weirdos.

  22. Old School Tie | February 26, 2019 at 9:50 am | Reply

    For me, in Europe, the image problem has resolved. I can now see images without recourse to a VPN. Whatever you did, Christian, it worked!

  23. A quick Google search (sorry) reveals Mr. Jones to be a (former?) college student. Information on what college, and what major, may help readers better picture Mr. Jones in his surroundings. Otherwise, I feel some of the hostile comments may be based on superficialities like the setting or his facial expressions. Comments on his height I feel are uncalled for.

  24. He looks much cleaner than so many college students today!

  25. Trevor: I hope you are as entertained as I am by those who say your post ‘matters’ so little that they felt compelled to log on and tell you what they think of it.

    Having said that, I agree that a little more background on geography, lifestyle, etc., and how those things are reflected in your clothing, might make the post more interesting to the reader.

  26. Thank you for sharing your look, Trevor. I’m just glad to see your enthusiasm for traditional clothing. In a spirit, not of critique, but rather of constructive input (or perhaps just curiosity for others’ opinions), I think cuffs look “better” when sewn-in properly by a tailor or alteration shop. I’ve seen a lot of younger “trads” especially with the rolled-up cuff look and just don’t get it. It looks like hand-be-down pants that were too long for the wearer. —cheers!

  27. Two points:

    The young man says he likes having fun and GTH clothes. I suspect that GTH is his answer to the conformist critics. He appears confident and comfortable in each photo, and isn’t that the real goal with any style?

    I grew up around serious yacht captains and offshore bill fishermen who wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing socks with their “deck shoes.” To them, socks signaled poser. As a result, seeing deck shoes worn with socks looks as wrong to me as darts on a jacket to an Ivy purist. As I type this, I’m wearing them sans socks and feel that at least one thing is right in this world. Sometimes rules and traditions collide.

  28. My point is there are reddit subgroups for poorly lit photos of awkward try-hard outfits from obvious poseurs; this post seemed beneath the site. Of course, if the purpose of the site is to suspend critical judgement and rally around any young ‘lad’ making an effort, like we’re members of some kind of beleaguered support group, then perhaps I was out of line. *Thumbs up!* Trevor!

  29. Images can now be seen in Anatolia as well.

  30. @RBM: in what circumstances are name-calling and teasing someone for their physical stature “in line”?

  31. Young Jones looks perfectly fine to me and gave us the recent interview with John Simons, and has a forthcoming piece on a Japanese tailor.

    Thanks, Trevor, for your contributions. I”m afraid the Golden Rule has been smelted down and made into bling.

  32. VEA, Otto and RBM, I think, are weasels, but they make some valid points.



  33. Scratch Otto,

    He’s just a weasel.

    Here’s how.


  34. No, you’re right, my first post was over the top and mean spirited, I apologize. I stand by my second, however.

  35. He looks just fine! I have never cared for turtlenecks and V-necks but that is just me. He looks better than 99% of the population his age. Is that a copper bracelet? Every serious golfer I have ever known wore one as well as a couple of WW1 uncles. All said it helped their arthritis. I have wanted one but am fearful of hooking it on something.

  36. Trevor, thoughtful piece. It takes conviction to write, but courage to write about oneself. So sorry some folks took this as an opportunity to get ad hominem, needlessly.

    Regarding stature, two of the giants of style – the Duke of Windsor and Louis XIV, were 5’5″ and more slight, respectively. The Andover Shop’s legendary Charlie Davidson was perhaps 5’5″ as well. Style is about making the most of one what has, a strong point of view. One doesn’t need to look like a model or to be built like a statue to carry off style properly.

    Keep up the good work. Keep writing and thinking and evolving.

  37. Thank you for sharing, Trevor. I enjoyed reading about how you think about putting together outfits and your approach to pairing items with one another.

  38. I was ENTIRELY waiting for VEA to appear! It was hammering at my sub-conscious, but I thought “Nope, he only trolls young Mr. Castleberry”, how wrong I was! Some of the mean-spiritedness and incivility of the comments is appalling, and dare I say it, positively (negatively) Catty.

    I gave my opinion of the clothing where I thought and felt it was pertinent (without being rude or condescending), others gave their own, I do defer to the consensus on Boat shoes without socks (I dislike boat shoes and never wear them, so I have no familiarity with the things), but this young fellow is wearing his own clothes, not foisting his own tastes on anyone else, and just sharing his personal style. I find it baffling that anything which he wore could inspire such ire and controversy amongst so many middle aged men, especially the petty mean comments regarding his physique. It’s not as if he were wearing a nose ring, studded belt, and Uggs or Crocs.

    The rudeness of the few is probably a major contributor to a paucity of posts by individuals other than CC on here as I’m sure anyone else would tire of the inanity and insanity of some of the things posted for no other purpose than to snipe. Unprovoked venomous comments say more about the person making them, than they do about the subject of those comments.

    I’m not defending the young fellow’s style, or taste, or anything else, merely his right to them; they are his own. There’s no excuse for rudeness.

    Trevor; thanks for the interview with John Simons! I enjoyed it.

  39. @Vern Trotter: Ditto on the copper bracelets! I’ve got mine, and it does help some with my miserable hand and finger pain, though not enough. I found one that had a cast copper bracelet with magnets set in. The cheaper braided ones turned my wrist green though!

  40. @Christian: I am outside of the US (Sweden) and I occasionally get the problem where images do not load. What is causing it is that the URL to the images are changed to another domain,

    For example:

    This gives an HTTP error response 400.

    If I then just remove the domain from the URL:

    The image loads fine.

  41. @ VEA: Calvary is a Hill, Cavalry are mounted militants.

    Regarding the main “substance” of yr comment; I don’t care about critiques, but I do find incivility and unprovoked rudeness highly distasteful, and you’ve spewed those out in spades. Maybe go back to stalking Castleberry from under the internet bridge?

  42. Thanks for sharing, Trevor. I always enjoy seeing this series, especially those styles that differ from my own. Some of the critiques are amusing, as is the purple prose in the comments.

    Most amusing though is CC’s invocation of the Golden Rule. I wonder how good ol’ Muffy and Richard (WASP 101) feel about your interpretation, Christian?

  43. @VEA: Weak attempted save. you were referring to white knight Cavalry, white knight Calvary makes even less sense, so either A.) You don’t know the difference between the two words, B.) You have appalling grammar, or C.) Yr up the proverbial river without a paddle and didn’t like yr error being caught mid-snipe and sought to extricate yrself and failed miserably.

    If yr arguing that yr comment about knights and white “calvary” was a reference to the Calvary Hill, then yr comment is both argumentatively cumbersome and grammatically obtuse and incomprehensible to the point of borderline illiteracy, or you absolutely are linguistically ham-fisted.

    I didn’t insult you personally, I discussed yr usual fixation on Castleberry (who usually deserves to be lampooned, I agree), and stated that I find yr picking on the author of the above article to be in poor taste (yr method of critique was uncivil, arguably), and I have poked holes in yr flimsy retorts and their bad grammar, bad grammar should always be addressed as it distorts meaning and purpose in communication (communication is the essence of society and civilization).

    You are throwing about ad hominems via yr “dick” comment, which leads me to believe that you don’t actually have any valid position to defend, or the linguistic and/or intellectual ability to defend them, one or the other – I don’t really care, just pointing out the fact, since you got nasty and childish with name calling.

    On my mentioning F.E.C. twice, and yr not doing so until this last comment, I am truly amazed at yr restraint, upon that particular point! Yr typical imp of the perverse is apparently in absentia. Bravo!


  44. René Lebenthal | February 28, 2019 at 4:13 am | Reply

    Thanks for sharing Trevor.
    It is always interesting to see how fellow ivy friends put together their wardrobe
    @Christian: Today the pic Problem for abroad US seems to be resolved

  45. @ VEA: You just showed exactly how ignorant and illiterate you are. Cavalry are mounted combatants, not Calvary. Look it up sometime.

    Yr grammatical construct and weak attempt at saving yr mocker’s face are still weak, and cumbersome, if anyone is to believe yr contortion of what you said is true, proving once again that yr ignorant, and illiterate.

    Obviously you have no interest in anything from the Bible, or you would recognize what I mean when I state that “Calvary”, is a hill. It is not a generic term for any hill, it is a specific name of a specific hill, also known as Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified on the cross.

    Yr comment calling me a “dick”, in place of actually addressing or refuting anything that I have said during our argument is the very definition of an ad hominem attack, you are attacking the opposition personally, instead of refuting anything which I have said. Once again, try a dictionary, or an encyclopedia for more information on ad hominem attacks, or Calvary hill, for instance.

    Yr final petty name is yet another ad hominem, because once again, you are possessed of neither the intelligence nor the logic or rationality to win an argument, and I doubt that yr inability in this field applies only to me.

    You are a troll (and you are the one who hides behind initials- vea/aev, I proudly use my own, real name).

    I’ll even throw in a language lesson for free; the word “troll” is a word from Old Norse, and used throughout Scandinavia, it means literally an evil thing, for instance, a sorcerer would be called a “trollcarl”, meaning that object of that appellation was a free man who had chosen to pursue evil. You are a Troll. I’d refer to you as a trollcarl, but that’s honestly too archaic, and I don’t believe that you are free of yr own fixations and insecurities and dissatisfaction with yrself, and yr life, and yr choices that have lead you to where you are in yr life, or else you would not spend so very much time trying to tear other people down with nothing positive to be gained or given.

    Go back under whatever bridge, or rock you usually hide under, and fling yr weak minded intellectual feces someplace else.

  46. @ VEA: Troll-Thrall. An evil slave, or a man enslaved to evil (malice, perniciousness, spite, etc.)

    Perhaps if you spent some of the time on yr Troll Budget/Schedule on reading books you might enlighten yrself or ennoble yr mind and spirit. I’m sure anyone on here could recommend some edifying texts for you. Rehabilitation is key to a happy and functional life for the misanthrope.

  47. @ VEA: You still have nothing worthwhile to bring to the table, and still don’t know how to spell cavalry, and still didn’t even know that you were ignorant of that fact, maybe you should go to the “Libarry”, and read up on that, along with maybe some “nucular” physics.

    Whatever floats yr boat. After the humiliation you’ve suffered at my hands over the past few comments, if you like thinking about me being hard, you have a whole different host of problems and I still suggest reading some good books. Yr a vulgar and crude philistine. That is a direct and personal insult, though arguably not a libel as evidenced by yr continued and initially unprovoked nastiness.

    You are utterly ignorant, apparently of any cultural or literary references or tropes. Yr uncultured, and willfully ignorant, rude, and crude character are what is wrong with the world today.

    If you don’t like Oxford commas, I don’t care.

    Yr calling me a dick, was the ad hominem. Apparently yr too mentally feeble to grasp that fact, amongst so many others.

    If you have posted yr “credentials” before, bully for you. I’m sure all were suitably entertained. You wouldn’t want yr entire resume up, someone might let yr employer know what a pill you are, and how you obsess over 30 somethings who don’t wear socks.

    The advice is assuredly unsolicited, but definitely needed. I’m sure that you made up that entry just for this. Petty Little Troll.

    You’re a nasty, rude, uncultured, vulgar, and ignorant “man” who has nothing better to do than to troll people on the internet. Yr probably unemployed, or soon will be with yr attitude.

    You are used to indiscriminately insulting people with no one to say much in reply. Your rank cowardice and spite are contemptible. Shame on you. Go spew the intellectual abortions which pass for thoughts from yr “mind” somewhere else. Yr nothing but vitriolic. If you don’t know what that means, look it up. It may take you a while to look up all of those words, but with all of yr free time, I’m sure you can handle it.

  48. @VEA: One final comment, as I will not bandy any more words with a witling who has failed to refute or disprove one single thing which I have said in this debate or argument or whatever you want to call it, and has only offered low insults, groundless smears, and unintentional proofs of my own comments; keep screaming into the abyss, people with nothing positive to contribute to the world lead meaningless, worthless, and lonely lives. If all that you have to offer is venom. I pity you, but I also find you contemptible, because you have chosen that. Grow up.

  49. Tough crowd! It’s just clothing.

  50. @Fred,
    “It’s just clothing”

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