Jay Butler Has Taken Away Your Last Excuse

The recent reviews of Jay Butler shoes in the comments on the site have been great to read. You have to start with this. Jay Butler shoes look like loafers and wear like moccasins. That is because they are constructed differently. They are crazy durable (been two years, wear mine at least 4 times a week, and they are just looking broken in).

And readers have weighed in, both here and in the FB group.

What I do hear still is (paraphrased): They do look great, and who doesn’t want to buy shoes that wear like moccasins and last probably longer than me, but I just can’t wear anything without socks because (a) odor (b)heat/sweat (c) comfort.

Let me introduce you.

The perforated loafer.

Perforation can be tricky, and I never thought I would wear a perforated shoe (and this is the guy who makes the case for flip flops). But now I can’t take them off, and this is why.

Jay Butler got the perforation right. When you look down, the perforation isn’t a style element, it isn’t even something you necessarily notice. I don’t know if it is the size of the hole or the spacing, but I showed these to my sister and she was like, “Wait, those are perforated?”

These shoes breathe. And they are stupid comfortable. They feel almost like your favorite sneaker, and they are the tipping point for an outfit.

Cannot recommend highly enough. You can check them out here. No more excuses.

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  1. All loafers “wear like moccasins.” Moccasin-style construction is inherently part of the style, whether it’s this brand or any brand.

    Pedantry aside, I am thoroughly on Team No Socks so I appreciate the effort here but I can’t get past the aesthetics here at all. The perforated look is a hard pass for me unfortunately.

  2. Years ago, (like, decades), when I wore loafers without socks, the olfactory results were often rather embarrassing. So I went a long time only wearing socks, then eventually tried the little footie no-show socks (which can be incredibly tedious). But over the past few years, I’ve been wearing my loafers sockless again and nothing terrible has happened, no “foghorn” cartoon sound effects can be heard when I remove my shoes. Even on the hottest hot days.
    To all the sockless-skeptics out there, I guess my point is this: If your loafers are comfy, give going sockless another try. Just make sure your feet are clean going in.

  3. No.
    Just, well, no.

  4. White Pinpoint | May 21, 2023 at 3:59 am |

    S.E., Rake, and NaturalShoulder were
    dipomaticallly moderate in their criticism.

  5. White Pinpoint | May 21, 2023 at 4:01 am |

    dlpomaticallly = diplomatically


  6. MacMcConnell | May 22, 2023 at 2:42 pm |

    These loafers in black would match my perforated leather motorcycle jacket, except I don’t wear loafers while riding my bikes. Plus I doubt the loafers come with armor inserts.

    These might be better if only the vamp was perforated with the strap and rest of the shoe solid.

  7. Could not disagree more with the good people who do not like the shoes. I too own several pair and they are the best in class. Versatile and comfortable and smart. One thing JB did not touch on is the quality of the leather and how it moves. Could not be a bigger fan. Goes with everything.

    • @ReppTie: Best in class? Does Alden still exist? Edward Green? C&J? Anyway, you get it.

      My particular criticism was not directed at the brand, but rather the styling of the perforated shoe. The above brands satisfy my loafer needs, so I’m not a J Butler customer but do appreciate the counterpoint.

      Surely you understand that the perforated shoes are heinous, yes?

    • Okay ReppTie, I’ll bite – Please tell us more about “the quality of the leather and how it moves.”

  8. G. Ellery Cobbold | May 24, 2023 at 9:31 am |

    Hoo boy.

  9. They do look great, and who doesn’t want to buy shoes that wear like moccasins and last probably longer than me.

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