J. Press & The Cultural Relevance Of Ivy Style and more…

Last week J. Press, at the forefront of reigniting the cultural relevance of Ivy, hosted a party to launch the Wooden Sleepers shop inside the J. Press Pennant Label store at 501 Madison Ave. This is just the latest in a number of steps by Press and others in the direction of evolving Ivy for a new generation. The Pennant Label, however, is the largest of them.

If I have to tell you who this is you have not been paying attention.

The Wooden Sleepers shop features vintage denim, military items, workwear and J Press items. The transition between these pieces and the classic Ivy Style pieces offered in the store is seamless (see what I did there?) – the Pennant Label is not a case of either/or as much as it is a case of mix and match. The shop also features styles curated by Brian Davis along with Wooden Sleepers logoed apparel and candles.

In addition to the Wooden Sleepers shop, Press has just introduced Made to Measure suiting and dress shirts to the Pennant Label assortment.

In other Ivy news, Dan Covell sent me this article detailing how madras became a Prep-Ivy staple.

Paywall alert BUT this is also a great article, sent to me by Chris M – which speaks to the psychology of buying enduring and quality clothes instead of “fast fashion.”

Malcolm sent me this video, in which one of the lead characters in the newly released The Burial spends much of the film in J. Press button downs.

An Amazing Tom compilation coming soon.

Finally, the Ivy-Style Podcast featuring Bruce Boyer reached #3 globally in #talk and #5 globally in #interview on Mix Cloud. The Ivy-Style Podcast is sponsored by The Andover Shop and Duck Head.

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  1. Say whatever you want about the evolution of clothing, but “evolve” still is not a transitive verb. Thanks!

  2. Well, ok, let’s pray it evolves or transitions at a much faster rate than in the past at other merchants. If this keeps Press in business long enough for me to schedule a visit for some classic pieces, then it’s fine by me. I think history would show that it usually doesn’t work that way, though. Things tend to devolve.

    Anywho, I received my A/W ‘23 catalogue this week, for which I am grateful. Perhaps Mr. Press could give us a rundown on the Shaggy Dog Sport Coat- the Tailgate model jacket. The catalogue states that this is new this year, but I saw it last year on a link from right here at I-S, and I remain intrigued. Perhaps the Tailgate model was once called a Stadium Jacket? With a long Ivy/east coast history? I had never heard of it before. Essentially an outdoor garment? Indoor/outdoor? Weight of cloth? To be worn over a sweater? Cut and sized accordingly? More color/cloth selections in the future?

    • Alternatively you could call the Press location nearest you and ask the above questions. I have no doubt they will be answered promptly and courteously.

  3. What is going on here?

  4. For any evolution to be truly seamless, there are core attributes that need to be carried on, made in USA (except for UK woolens), natural fibers, and truly comfortable cuts. Press has pushed and on occasion exceeded these norms. They need to reel themselves in or risk becoming another Brooks. (Yuck.)

    • John Burton | November 9, 2023 at 5:36 pm |

      K so this makes no sense to me. Core attributes need to be carried on “except.” You lost me. If you can vary from a core attribute, you can vary from a core attribute. One cannot say (dad of a teenager here) “You have to be home by midnight except when you aren’t.”

  5. Couldn’t/wouldn’t consider a lot of that stuff to be Ivy 🙁
    I haven’t evolved clothes-wise.

  6. Otto Pferschy | November 9, 2023 at 10:35 am |


  7. I remember Press going down the Thom Browne road..

  8. Aaron Klingensmith | November 10, 2023 at 4:23 pm |

    Commenting here simply to mention to you, John, that if you haven’t checked out The Holdovers, I highly recommend it for it’s ivy value.

    I wore my newly acquired J Press sport coat to it to better get in the mood!

  9. Checked out some of the Pennant stuff in person a couple weeks ago – looks fine but quality is lacking

  10. Ted Tsoucatos | November 14, 2023 at 4:42 am |

    Doesn’t anybody think that Ivy style has survived because it didn’t evolve?

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