Ivy-Style. The Podcast.

I am really excited about this opportunity. I have worked out the kinks on my other show, so the production, format, is all ready. There is so much to talk about. Members of the FB group and readers of the site – you can come on, say what you like, and no one sees your face. Also, if you are interested in participating in a roundtable on the show once a month or so, let me know. You have to be a little funny, very knowledgeable, and not a jackass.


Richard Press has agreed to be our first guest.  Eric Twardzik has agreed to be a guest.  I am pitching G. Bruce Boyer a whole other thing, but worst case scenario I will beg him to be a guest.

Who would you like to hear?  The format is going to be an hour interview, hopefully over lunch but sometimes over the phone, where we talk about Ivy Style and the people and stories surrounding it.  It will be available on the site here, also everywhere you listen to podcasts (Spotify, iTunes, blah blah blah)

…  if you don’t listen to podcasts, this should be your first.  There will be remote segments, a Why In God’s Name Are You Wearing That man on the street segment,  WOMEN’S PERSPECTIVE, and more.  We will cover a ton of areas of the trad life in addition to just the fashion – from sailboat photography to tobacco to parenting to cars to…

We will launch in September, 40 episodes a year.

For all of you kind people who wanted to know about my other radio show,  if you email me I will hook you up.

Back to grammatically questionable Ivy-centered articles tomorrow.


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  1. Would love to hear from Michael Bastian as well as Christian Chensvold.

    Question 1: Why, for the love of God, is Brooks Brothers selling camouflage, floral cargo pants?

    • whiskeydent | July 12, 2022 at 1:42 pm |

      Pardon me, I’m gonna butt in with something that might stir up trouble. My apologies in advance.

      Camouflage was created to help one hide from the humans or animals one intends to kill. Wearing camo away from the battlefield or the hunt is like wearing your favorite player’s jersey to a sports bar. It makes you look like a wannabe dork who will never be.

      And before someone barks, I first hunted in camo at age 10. I’m a Texan for gawdsake.

  2. Kyle Souleyrette | July 12, 2022 at 9:52 am |

    Can’t wait for the podcast! I’d love to hear from:

    Sid Mashburn. Not that he needs an introduction, but I jump at the chance to get to listen to him speak about clothes or how he thinks about taking care of people.

    Matt Hranek. I don’t know if he’s stereotypically “Ivy” but is nevertheless a fascinating character. His magazine the W.M. Brown Project and several books are wonderful. If you want to talk cars, watches, or drinks (among other things) he is certainly qualified.

  3. -Robert Squillaro of J. Press
    -The new owner(s) of the Andover Shop.
    -Any of the Hubers from O’Connells
    -Glenn Au of Juniors
    -Bob Prenner of Ben Silver
    -Gary Drinkwater of Drinkwater’s Cambridge
    -Brian Davis of Wooden Sleepers

  4. Funny, I headed to the comment section to name the same names that Kyle gave above. Would love to hear from Sid & Matt. There’s a stable of guys in that same circle, like Michael Williams and David Coggins, that I would suggest too.

    While I tend not to enjoy interviews with people behind a given brand (they tend to be lengthy advertisements), I would be intrigued to hear from David, Maggie, or any other member of the Mercer & Sons team.

    Like most people here, I’ve been at best underwhelmed by Brooks’ recent offerings. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to hear from Michael Bastian, though.

    Looking forward to the podcast!

    (Aside: I have a couple days remaining at a resort. Just finished one novel; later today while poolside I will crack open The Gold Coast!)

    • Hardbopper | July 12, 2022 at 4:46 pm |

      In addition to all of the above, How about James Sheed, Fox Bros. & Co. Ltd., Stephen Granovsky, Joe Blair, Norman L. MacDonald, etc. Also C. and C. Stockton. Also a good tailor if you can find one. Martin Greenfield, et al. Definitely the Hubers. Whomever is da man at LS men’s in NY. (I forgot his name, but he was mentioned here awhile back). And Robert Jeffrey Diduch, the shoulder guy.

      I did not intend this to be a reply to Eric, but to you. Can you move it. Btw, the new reply button on a small screen can be tricky.

  5. I would like to hear from Billax.

  6. I also vote for David Mercer. I bet he’d do it, too.

  7. All male candidates above. How about some Ivy women? Ivy historian Rebecca Tuite and Zoe Burnett come to mind.

  8. Looking very forward to this!

    Kind Regards,


  9. Why are people still following Brooks Brothers? They are out of the loop or should be.

  10. whiskeydent | July 12, 2022 at 2:04 pm |

    Everybody who advertises here certainly deserves a shot. Let me add Alden, Allen Edmonds and Sperry. Chipp should be on the list too.

    Maybe talk to some makers of Shetland sweaters, Harris tweed, single malt scotch, or London dry gin. The accents would be half the fun. Oh, and Haspel for seersucker and the New Orleans accent.

    Add in The Trad and the Put This On guys to Coggins et al. None are Ivy purists but they espouse classic looks. The outside perspective would be good.


  12. Darren Johnston | July 12, 2022 at 3:11 pm |

    John Huber from O’Connell’s Clothing is an absolute must! Just sayin’….

  13. “I am pitching G. Bruce Boyer a whole other thing, but worst case scenario I will beg him to be a guest.”

    How dignified.

    • John Burton | July 13, 2022 at 8:11 am |

      Do you save money? Everyone should. Take a fixed percentage. I don’t know. 10? 10 percent. Maybe you do already. Do that for a few years, you will be surprised at how much you have accumulated. Then, withdraw it. All of it. And buy a sense of humor.

  14. Anonymous | July 12, 2022 at 9:09 pm |

    1) The best classic Ivy poster the internet has ever seen: Heavy Tweed Jacket. He has gone underground lately. 2) The Trad, John Tinseth. These gentleman would be great additions.

    • John Burton | July 13, 2022 at 8:12 am |

      You want me to interview someone with a fake name who subsequently went underground?

      • NaturalShoulder | July 13, 2022 at 2:31 pm |

        He now has an instagram account and posts pictures from time-to-time but his blog had fantastic content and discussion of the look with plenty of pictures from old BB and JPress catalogs. No idea who he is an doubtful he would consider doing so, but he is the first person who came to mind after David Mercer.

  15. Greg Morrison | July 13, 2022 at 3:43 am |

    Chase Winfrey
    Trevor Jones
    Zach DeLuca

  16. Greg Morrison | July 13, 2022 at 3:50 am |

    I forgot Giuseppe Timore aka Joe Ferraro

  17. John Tinseth
    Some of the Paul Stuart crew
    Someone from Alden

  18. I’d love to hear Tinseth, but he’d never do it in a million years.

  19. Peter René Lebenthal | July 13, 2022 at 9:11 am |

    Michael Hill from Drakes; Someone from Tricker’s shoes, Gauthier Borsarello from Paris/France

  20. Peter René Lebenthal | July 13, 2022 at 9:17 am |

    Oh yes and Sean Crowley PLEASE !!!

  21. “You have to be a little funny, very knowledgeable, and not a jackass.”

    Do you need a host?

  22. This is the first I’ve heard of it, but looking forward to tuning in to hear Ricard Press. You could NOT have started with a more perfect guest.

  23. Michael Bastianwould make a perfect guest. Sid Mashburn too.

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