Ivy Notes (Updated cause it took you all less than an hour).

Got some suggestions for topics, some anonymous some attributed. In no particular order…

K, you can learn more about the Sid Mashburn Western Work Shirt in Blue/White University Stripe here.

K I know what I think, but what do you think?

Second, Mike Nardi had a great idea that I am modifying just a little. We are on a little bit of a wristwatch roll, so send me (JohnBurton@Ivy-StyleMediaGroup.com) a picture of your “most Ivy” watch and we will post it. As an aside, the Timex Weekender is excluded because that is probably everybody’s favorite most Ivy watch. Scroll down to the bottom for our first three.

I will go first. That is a Citizen Eco-Drive. It came with a nasty black perforated leather back, I swapped it out with a brown crocodile band and now, it’s Ivy. Eco Drive means the sun powers it, so I never have to do anything except wear it.

William Tinch is a perennial favorite over at the FB Group, and he has started a video series. This one will teach you everything you need to know about shoe trees. You can watch it here.

This is a still of William “Matt” teaching.
Jack D’s watch, bought new in 1979.
Attached is my Gubelin Swiss quartz moon phase, given to me as a high school student ca. 1989. I’ve worn it every day since. The dail has slipped around (again) so it’s due for some repair work. Currently sporting a “pro-Ukraine” grosgrain band from Grand Central Watch in NYC. Jeff

Craig S’s daily driver.

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  1. Charlottesville | February 27, 2024 at 12:00 pm |

    I note that the J. Press Pennant Label spring “lookbook” is up: https://jpressonline.com/pages/pennant-label-ss24-lookbook?utm_source=Campaign%20List%20%28Newsletter%20%2B%20Newsletter%203.0%29&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2.27%20Pennant%20Label%20SS24%20%2801HQK1HHRWBC7CBW5Z6FPMA038%29&bxid=LFm7UW&_kx=yuF28jgLhLTkql5tebXZasFJAxiB5OHle6RyFvnPuGM.Mhfb34 . It has some nice looking thinks for the younger Ivy Style crowd, and some I wouldn’t mind wearing myself, depending on the fit. I am looking forward to the receiving the regular J. Press Spring Brochure in the mail at some point over the next month or so.

  2. The Sid OC Snap: I love the whole concept.
    Is it Ivy? or Western or some kind of cultural mis-appropriation?

    Regardless; its a great looking shirt that even works well with a tie under a blazer.

    • Texan and western shirt wearer reporting for duty:

      Western shirts are not Ivy, just like OCBD’s are not western. Both are iconic and need no cross pollination to remain relevant.

      Sid’s western shirt is great except for the collar. It’s too spread and too small. It looks like his standard dress shirt collar. Sid has some Ivy influences, but he leans toward Italy. A lot of his stuff is gorgeous.

  3. Favorite Ivy watch…1967 Rolex Oyster with striped nylon straps.
    Suggested topic: Finding the most comfortable clothing for casual wear in a hot climate. Today in Austin it was Andover khaki shorts, an untucked white Orvis linen with the sleeves rolled up, and sockless Quoddy Maliseets. When it tops ninety I may shift to flip flops from Eliza B/Leather Man. Throughout the summer I’ll rotate other shorts like patch Madras and Nanny reds. Shirts will be mainly Madras from the Original Madras Trading Company, gingham button downs from O’Connell’s, and more linen. I have concluded that a light, loose, woven shirt is cooler than a polo.

  4. Good post. Pics in the mail. Some better vintage shoe trees have a marked size, sometimes in code, i.e., 9D might be marked 9 4, etc.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Amazon trees, William Tinch, “Matt”. I’ll definitely look into CONSDAN.

  5. Here’s something — an important something, I’ll submit — about Matt. His style is INTERESTING. Yes, interesting.

    Most people are boring. Well, a lot of people. This erring-toward-caution(y) desire to “fit in” and “blend in” and “not stick out” — ugh. Bourgeois dull.

    Matt’s style — Yes. The checks and prints and stripes and twills and plaids and so on: interesting. The opposite of boring. What a circa late 60s Ralph had in mind as observed the sad, steady decline at Brooks, where pedestrian fabrics and humdrum styling were most welcome. As a friend recalls (unfairly, I’ll admit), “…it was a very low church Methodist vibe.”

    Ivy/Preppy/Trad became so plodding and banal during the Carter-and-Reagan eras. (Both are partly to blame; yep-I-went-there). Matt’s style is a salute to best of the Heyday —
    when the better men’s stores were borrowing directly from J. Press brochures (they did) … and insisting their sales reps aim for the unique, the exclusive (to that store — Bill King, Ham Stockton, and Matthew McClellan excelled at this), and even the tastefully quirky. Sui generis.

    Apologies to all who’ve willingly ossified this style by deeming it a uniform (blazer, gray trou, red-and-navy striped tie, penny loafers, sky blue oxford … siesta time, wake me up), but wasn’t the best of the Heyday, all the color and texture and designs), inspired?

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