Ivy Notes S2 E8

First, this is a great article with a gazillion great Black Ivy pictures in one place.

Second, a poll question for here and for the FB group. What piece that you would include in the Ivy canon was introduced to the style after the year 1960?

Third, is Brooks coming back to center a little? Here is the lead photo from their site, and I can’t find a thing out of joint here (I know, you want to say the pink t-shirt but it is SO covered).

I know, right?

Fourth, a little bit of self promotion. Friday on Home From Here the great G. Bruce Boyer is on the show, talking music and his book RIFFS. The best book from a men’s fashion writer this year is about music.

Fifth, over at the FB group there is a discussion about Andy Warhol’s use of Ivy. To me, he used the style perfectly. But I am in the minority.

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  1. whiskeydent | July 12, 2023 at 2:02 pm |

    Most of this looks fine, but the fit of the blue, short-sleeved (presumably) Oxford is too snug and creates a decidedly non-Ivy silhouette in my not so humble opinion. It’s probably the Milano fit, which is cut for skinny Gen Z’s who like their clothes tight. Meanwhile, the fit of your shirt is Ivy.

  2. Charlottesville | July 12, 2023 at 3:36 pm |

    Good question about post-1960 additions to the canon. I struggle to come up with anything that was introduced after 1960, although I would venture that a few items may not have been standard to the Ivy look until the mid 60s or later. Possibly patchwork madras, although I am not sure when that was introduced. Wheat jeans perhaps? I think they probably came along in in the early-to-mid 60s, and were pictured in Take Ivy in 1965. To the extent that North Face and similar down vests are Ivy, they probably qualify.

    Surely I must be missing some obvious candidates for the Ivy-come-lately list. Hopefully some of the commenters who were on campus in the era can enlighten us. Or maybe someone has a few late 50s and early 60s Brooks or Press catalogs lying around.

  3. A few items are Barbour jackets, rugby shirts, norwegian sweaters, BB fun shirts, but these are the reasons why I consider Ivy Style to cover a specific time period. Many of these items existed in this period but were not part of the look as I know it. These later variations on the style imho change from Ivy Style to preppy to what we called trad to whatever the next variation will be called. I say this because it is the context of the time that created the style. Perhaps we could call today third-wave Ivy.

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