In The 1940s

Men’s fashion was in a staid place. Men were not incentivized to buy suits because the war took the money and the joy out of it. In fact, many men wore their uniforms on suit-occasions.

Jayne Shrimpton, in her book Fashion In The 40’s, writes:

“Men’s clothing was also subject to strict guidelines: single-breasted jackets replaced double-breasted styles, while lapel size and the number of pockets were restricted; similarly, less material was to be used in the tailoring of trousers, and turn-ups were eliminated. These austerity restrictions were applied to all clothes produced for the domestic market, not only to the Utility ranges.”

And yet, the zoot suit, born in the 30’s, caught fire in the 40’s. A clear illustration of our desire to celebrate self-expression and not just engage in it.

In 1948, as the influence of the war on fashion receded, the retail marriage between the celebration of self expression and trad men’s wear was born: The Andover Shop.

To celebrate those year, Andover is having a crazy sale for a week or two. Take a look starting tomorrow.

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  1. Chris Fernandez | July 15, 2023 at 9:24 am |

    They didn’t just opt to wear their uniforms. During WWII, in order to make desertion more difficult, enlisted men were actually prohibited from possessing civilian clothing.

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