Classic Specs’ P3-Styled Beaumont Sunglasses

Brooklyn-based Classic Specs makes a cool pair of preppy shades for anyone looking for the classic P3 shape at the more affordable price point of $89.

The Beaumont model (shown above in maple) comes in several color choices for frames as well as lenses, including prescription. — CC

4 Comments on "Classic Specs’ P3-Styled Beaumont Sunglasses"

  1. Jim Kelleth | August 9, 2011 at 12:51 pm |

    I certainly like the price on the ‘Beaumont’, but wonder if it’s worth the extra money for the U.K. made Anglo-American 406:

  2. Similar ones from Warby Parker–$95 with polarized lenses–

  3. Yeah I saw this, I’m considering a pair. My problem is, I have such a small face that often times men’s frames either fall off or look ridiculously huge.

  4. where can i buy this glasses? $89??

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