Chez Cheever For Sale


A few weeks ago, on a short jaunt to Westchester County, I passed a sign for Ossining and immediately thought of John Cheever.

Now it turns out the former house of the author nicknamed “Ovid in Ossining” is for sale. Newsweek has a great story on both the author and the property. — CC

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  1. I bet he’s got some saucy love letters in there.

  2. Yeah, from your Mother!

  3. Vern Trotter | July 31, 2014 at 11:42 pm |

    I always think of Sing Sing whenever I see the name Ossining. Cheever volunteered as a teacher there for a while and used some of the experience for his novel Falconer.

    He always claimed this house was haunted. When he bought it he stated he would have to write a short story a week for the next 20 years to pay for it. Originally, he was going to buy a house in Saratoga but his wife refused to live that far from the city. The taxes have to be fierce in Westchester now!

  4. Thank you for the article. John Cheever is my favorite writer.

  5. The Susan Cheever memoir mentioned in the article, “Home Before Dark,” is terrific.

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