International Women’s Day: Girls + Bikes + Penny Loafers

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, Ivy Style revisits one of our most popular posts: the much-shared, much-lauded, moutwatering girls + bikes + penny loafers post of 2011.

It may not be what the organizers of IWD had in mind, but it’s the best this old boys’ club can do.

* * *

The title pretty much says it all: Two-wheeled, beweejuned eye candy. Bookmark this post, because these images also act as antidepressants. It’s impossible to feel sad while looking at a pretty girl with a smile on her face peddling a bicycle.

Or just standing anywhere near a bicycle:

Don’t ogle this one too much: She’s your little sister:

So’s this one:

But you can stare at this one all you want. And God created woman:

Here’s a contemporary cutie found through a random Google search. Married, unfortunately:

Vassar girls from our story by Rebecca C. Tuite (who’ll be contributing tomorrow’s bike post):

Why restrict ourselves to just penny loafers? From our previous post on the first co-eds at Princeton:

Saddle shoes at Vassar, 1936:

Do they still make bicycles built for two? I’d like to do the entire Tour de France with this one:

Here’s a bike built for two, as in pennies and saddles:

This girl’s on the lacrosse team. You can also find her on page 127 of “The Official Preppy Handbook.” — CC

Images 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 11 copyright Time Inc. Image 3 Corbis. Image 7 Vogue.

18 Comments on "International Women’s Day: Girls + Bikes + Penny Loafers"

  1. Kudos, wonderful article.

  2. “Like” doesn’t even begin to describe it…

  3. Google: “Zooey Deschanel bike” No weejuns but gorgeous pics nonetheless.

  4. Where did you find the first picture of the legs and weejuns? I want to get a print of it framed for my study.

  5. That’s a LIFE image I believe, but I can’t remember the search terms. Try “girl” and “bicycle,” etc.

  6. hugoservatius | April 28, 2011 at 2:27 am |

    Marvellous pictures, especially the first one –
    I am always wondering why so many men think that High Heels are sexy, I always prefered a wonderful bare woman’s foot in a Penny Loafer to all these nouveau riche High Heels…

  7. Sex sells, even in Tradsville. This post brought the biggest spike in traffic ever — much more than the WSJ story a few months ago. Also garnered the biggest amount of spam comments ever thanks to “girls” in the title.

  8. Babe with bike #5 is… is… zowie. That’s feminine beauty.

  9. Look at those ankles and knees — hubba hubba!

  10. Aww, thanks for posting me as your contemporary cutie!

    So many inspirational photos for me and my bike, Millicent! I wish everyone still looked like this why cycling.


    Lulu Letty

  11. Well Done!!

  12. Girl on Bycycle is one of the sexiest subjects.
    A nice collection of pics 😉

  13. Glenda Brownlow | December 17, 2012 at 5:11 pm |

    The word is pedalling, or pedaling if you absolutely insist. To peddle is to sell.

  14. Brandon Frye | June 21, 2014 at 9:43 am |

    More retro college loafer shots please…I’m almost “there”!

  15. Thanks for reprising this for us newbies. There is nothing better than Ivy porn. Knee socks are the bomb!

  16. “Good legs are in good taste”-William F. Buckley

  17. Plaid pants, cardigan sweater and barefoot. Va va va voooom!

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