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Ivy-Style is a celebration of all things Ivy.  That starts with the shirt on your back, but it reaches everywhere.   Ivy was and is a form of expression for independent thinking people who love to assert dignity through aesthetics.  Or people being good people looking good while they are doing it.  You pick.

If you love Trad, welcome home.  If you love Ivy, welcome home. If you love to surround yourself with the classics in all things and are not afraid of a little update now and again,  welcome home.  Fashion, of course.    Family.  Travel.  Career.  Books.  Cars.  Arts.  Cooking.  Spirits.  Leisure.  Education.  Home.   Pick it, it will be here, and be here soon.

Ivy-Style is also a portal for great brands.  Brands we love, that we hope to introduce you to so that you love them.  And brands you already know.  Classics, like we said.

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John Burton, Publisher, CEO


John Burton’s work is rooted in the tagline of his website:  The Classics Are For Everyone.  As CEO of Fortified Enterprises and Publisher of The Burton Group Of Online Communities, John Burton brings a new voice to a traditional aesthetic.  As “the preeminent digital Ivy influencer” Burton has successfully maintained the traditional Ivy coterie while explosively broadening the community.   In two years Burton has grown the Ivy Style Facebook Group into the largest, most interactive digital community of it’s kind.  Ivy-Style.com is the anchor of The Burton Group Of Online Communities, soon to be joined by Prep-Style.com.

John Burton lives in Bedford NY, and is a touring singer/songwriter during summers and vacations.  His blogs have been read and praised by hundreds of thousands, combining a sense of humor with a mandate of inclusivity.  Burton insists on maintaining the Ivy aesthetic in the strictest sense while encouraging self expression.   Burton is also well known for his work in the advocacy of understanding and appreciation of all aspects of  mental health, and his former career in corporate turnaround.

All original content is copyright Ivy-Style.com, a John Burton website.

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  1. Comment on Robert’s comment back in September. I was a Sigma Chi at GMI (now Kettering Univ) in Flint, MI, also in the late ’60’s, Class of ’69, and I too remember the”College Classics” guy coming by all the time. Bought lots of his stuff, stll have a few things as momentos. Am in a Belk’s store right now, got to thinking about that while in the “Polo” section; Googled on my iPhone, found this site, and had to comment that that College Classics “guy” became my arbiter of style. Drove my parents nuts.

  2. I reckon I’m sufficiently old enough to remember when Brooks would have a train to San Francisco and Los Angeles. “Prices Slightly West of The Rockies”. When I went to Berkeley, there was a wonderful tailor in SFO – Duncan MacAndrews. We used to go over the bridge and drink gin on Wednesday afternoons. If Thisbe did not like a tie on a customer, she would cut it while serving Martinis to the unfortunate.

  3. Marcus Wilberforce Prevette | June 1, 2012 at 3:30 pm |

    Dear Gents,
    Bravo on your splendid website! I find the articles both lively and informative, and the photographs are always a real treat. I was wondering if you’ve ever considered Williamsburg, Virginia, as representative of Ivy Style? I’ve always found it to be so, and there’s always a fine collection of W&M swells sporting their Brooks Brothers garb to the delight of visitors.

  4. Bravo! I’ve been searching for a site like this for weeks. Perfect style!

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