A Second Chance Ivy Style.

Second Chances Are Ivy.

A good impression can be the start of a changed  life. 100’s of charities in the US provide second hand clothes for people starting over who have job interviews but no clothes to wear to them.

Let’s help.

Every year thousands of people try to start their lives over.  I am not going to waste your time with paragraphs about the dignity of work, about work ethic being an Ivy fundamental, and/or about the debilitation of societal rush to judgement.  I’m not even going to ask you to donate anything.

I recently became aware of a brand of charity that collects and distributes clothing to people who are rehabiliting their lives and who have job interviews but no clothes to wear to them.  I dig a little.  There are 100’s of these organizations.

Here’s how this works, if you are into it.

  • From now through December 1, 2021, go to local thrift stores or buy second hand online. Pick out the elements of an interview outfit (IT HAS TO BE PURE IVY, PURE IVY) in your size. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ANY OF IT. Just pick it out, and photograph the parts of the outfit, the size, and the price.
  • You have a budget of $250.
  • You can participate in the Men’s category, the Women’s, or both.
  • Underwear not included, but include socks and shoes. Be comprehensive.
  • Email your outfit to John_Burton@Ivy-Style.com.

On December 1, Evan Everhart will select one winner from each category, based on the outfit being PURE IVY and on the impression it would create in an interview.   From there, the mojo begins.

We will donate $250 to one such charity in geographic proximity of each winner.  We will ask our sponsors to do the same.   If we get 3 sponsors, we will raise $1,000 ($250 from Ivy Style, and $250 from each of the three sponsors).  And so forth.

We will also award to each winner from each of our sponsors $250 worth of merchandise.

It’s our first contest like this, so if you have an idea or suggestion to make this better, absolutely let me know in the comments or via email.  We’ll post updates as we move along, too.

We will get sponsors, you get outfits.


5 Comments on "A Second Chance Ivy Style."

  1. Man, finding a Pure Ivy outfit in a So. Cal thrift store. That’s a heavy lift.
    Great idea though. I’ll try.

    Would it be cheating to donate from my closet a Pure Ivy “interview outfit” to a thrift store and then photograph what I donated? Probably, huh?

    IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ONE STORE – my fault, I should have been more clear. I dunno. It’s creative. And if it is for sale legitimately, why not? – JB

  2. You ought to create a file naming system that includes the entrant’s posting name. That might help you keep track of entries and preserve your sanity.

    And, should we present the outfit all together or break it out in its component parts? And should we also document labels as proof of purity?

    Hi! I have a system for organizing the emails here that I think will work, but if not, I will call for help 🙂 Please do both, the outfit in its entirety and its component parts. THANKS SO MUCH. – JB

    You know, it really helps to read things twice. Now I see what you are saying, and YES. THANK YOU. I will absolutely do that. You have saved me several migraines. THANKS – JB

  3. I’m shopping online, so I don’t have a way to show my outfit in its entirety, however much I would like to. So I’m going to include the component parts. Also, not possible to photograph the price tags. But I will list the prices posted on eBay, and also indicate where I have been offered a discount.

  4. Great idea. It makes me question my plans to post on eBay various clothing items that seem somehow to have shrunk a little, particularly in the waist area, over the past couple of years. I might have to donate them instead. …And then head over to the men’s section to sift through the racks for ivy items for this little contest.

    Please do. We have some submissions from the FB group already – and the more I dig the more I uncover what a difference this makes. THANKS – JB

  5. I just need to go into my own closet for these items – I’m going to find a local organization just like the one that you describe in this article.

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