partyUptown met Downtown Tuesday night at the grand opening party for J. Press’ York Street store in the West Village, where Yalie and Madison Avenue J. Press stalwart David Wilder joined this Dartmouth man and Ivy Style cheerleader in a chorus of “The Whiffenpoof Song.” Sadly no one commented on “the magic of their singing.”

The store reminds me of the treasured Squeeze location on Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge. I joined the celebration of York Street On Bleecker Street with my wife Vida, who was transported identifying the many pictures on view from earlier times, back when the family made J. Press its home away from home. I suspect that at the time of the sale of the business in 1986, my father Paul accidentally left the pictures in his desk in the New Haven store. Regardless, I’m delighted to have them displayed at the new enterprise.

I was also delighted to have engaged in jolly conversation with the very charming Ovadia brothers, Ariel and Shimon, the designers behind York Street. I told them of the back and forth with my father and uncle during the heyday, when I introduced wide ties and two-button suits in the New York store, a change considered revolutionary at the time but which has continued to be au courant to this day.

I must say I love the store. It’s the essence of change but with respect for J. Press’ archival past. For a full selection of party pix, head over to this flickr page. — RICHARD PRESS