10 Comments on "Yale Style"

  1. is this from “The Game”? I wonder if that is his original sweater from when he attended

  2. That is a nice game outfit. He looks like a pleasant man.

  3. Love the obviousness of the design, very ‘in your face’. A logo in itself.

  4. Bulldog, bulldog! bow wow wow . . .

  5. I think this fellow is the guy who barfed on my new Shaggy Dog years ago at Harvard Stadium.

  6. Wonderful photo and a nice way to welcome in the first day of fall!

  7. Leading me to this YouTube video and another paragon of Ivy Style (see the songleader)…. https://youtu.be/2UXZ1cR1Qo0

  8. The sweater indicates that he was a “letter man” i.e.
    that he was on a varsity team or played a varsity level sport,
    e.g tennis for example. As an athletic klutz I could never have
    achieved such a sweater. One of my roommates was a crew
    Coxwin who earned such a letter even though he didn’t row.

  9. We sell a similar sweater at my shop in State College, A big S for State.. Penn State. /Users/student/Desktop/Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 11.52.46 AM.png

  10. Is he celebrating the school or the notorious slaver, Eli Yale, who founded the school?

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