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  1. James Borkowski | September 4, 2022 at 10:32 am |

    I think he’s even wearing a Shaggy Dog sweater!

  2. That honestly looks like some mind-bending AI mashup. Springsteen’s usually wearing denim and black like the elder-statesman-of-rock that he is, but he’s clearly got some great Ivy in his closet. (As well as a much more decent and wholesome reputation than Mr. Allen has at this point.)

  3. Off topic, JB. The Andover icon does not go to the Andover site, but to an image of the Andover letterhead.

  4. Woody contributed joy to our lives, Bruce just noise.

  5. Jesse Livermore | September 5, 2022 at 1:46 pm |

    Springsteen is a bore, and an old one at that.

  6. The Boss is pure America at its best.

  7. I was going to suggest that no one believed in the “working class hero from small town NJ” myth/mythology for than “The Boss” himself. But I think I know better: he didn’t believe in it so much as he created and nurtured it– with the coordinated assistance of marketers and album cover artists and PR people and so on. Now that he lives in a world of mansions and fancy horse shows and hanging out with some of the better educated elites in the world, it turns out to be (just) more folklore. He, along with Johnny Cash and a few others, is a brilliant example of persona-as-fable.

    So, in this sense, he is “pure America.” Money, alas, changes everything. The acquisition of it, that is.

    • With great respect for your Ivy expertise and with my own admitted ignorance about a lot of Springsteen’s biography, I had it that he grew up the son of a bus driver and a secretary who bought his first guitar as a teenager for less than twenty bucks. He’s been plenty wealthy for a long time thanks to his talent and dedication, but his roots are decidedly *not* country club. Should he only write songs about horse shows and rare automobiles because he’s in a high tax bracket?

      • “I think I know better” could be the title of your memoirs, S.E.

        I don’t begrudge Bruce Springsteen his hard-won success or wealth. Can’t imagine why anyone would. Nebraska sounds the same now as it did when Bruce had a few hundred million less.

        That said, I’ve run across Bruce at several of the fancy horse shows, as mentioned above. He usually looks like he does in the picture above. Solid color t-shirt in the summer months.

  8. Sometimes, and it’s just some of the time, I think JB puts out this type of post to update and validate his Troll Database.

    He’s throwing out a net of potential, and seeing who will swim into the mix.

    Then there are the other deep-dark times, when I am convinced JB is actually part of a larger cabal that puts out stuff to update the global Troll Database for the great corral event to come.

  9. I’ll take cash and Springsteen’s standing up for the downtrodden, even if they themselves have moved into a different strata. Better than those who forget where they came from… or pretend to forget.

  10. That’s Woody Allen.

  11. So it is.

  12. Lol he looks like woody for sure

  13. Stephen Gordon | September 21, 2022 at 11:54 am |

    any shetland wool sweater will become a shaggy dog given enough outings.

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