What A Difference A Week Makes

Since then I’ve trimmed my beard down, but the supercilious smirk remains. Check out the event in question here. — CC

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  1. From the pics you are by far one of the better dressed attendees.
    Even an event like this , hosted by a Savile Row stalwart seems to attract
    a high percentage of the tieless and the sockless and those who
    channell Pitti Uomo year round. Another sign of decline that a menswear
    style conference attracts so many who are poorly dressed.

  2. @Roger Sack – Agreed. Too many people just trying to be cooler than the next guy. I think they’re missing the point.

  3. Speaking very generally, with so many now striving for ‘cool’ in virtually every aspect of their lives, I suggest that cool is no longer cool and has not been so for quite some time. Here’s to convention (at least in our choice of attire).

  4. Let’s just call it a knowing smile.
    And long may you keep it.
    As a fellow beard wearer, have you any grooming or product tips to pass on?
    I like the pinned contrast “Golf” or rounded collar very much. A welcome change from the yawn of the entry level button-downs-with-everything mindset.
    The tab collar is my current passion. Perfectly ivy if you know your ivy.
    And if not then just slap on a button-down and waltz around the internet pretending that you know it all.
    Why not?
    You’ll only kid yourself and where’s the harm in that?
    Never mind if others might find you slightly ridiculous.

  5. Button-downs really are entry level.

  6. Along with loafers with everything.

  7. Excellent blazer, CC. Care to share where you picked it up?

  8. Thanks, Jim.

    Eric, blazer is MTM from Jay Walter at J. Press.

    Below the waist: charcoal flannels, black tassels, Black Watch socks.

  9. “seems to attract
    a high percentage of the tieless and the sockless and those who
    channell Pitti Uomo year round.”

    Yes. Modern Italian Dandyism prevails these days, doesn’t it? Note the influence on Ivy. Sid Mashburn-ish.

  10. Poison Ivy Leaguer | October 26, 2018 at 1:18 pm |

    The Commander Whitehead look. Makes me thirsty for a G&T!

  11. Charlottesville | October 26, 2018 at 1:45 pm |

    Thumbs up for the outfit, Christian. As you know, I am, also a fan of the pinned club/golf collar, and have a similar version from Ratio in my own closet. Perfect with the blazer.

  12. Hi Christian!
    I’m yet another who isn’t “Jim”.
    I just work for him now to fill in.
    Other recent Non-“Jims” so far have been “Lawton” & “Pablo” – Employees also, off & on.
    Then there are the trolls who post as “JFM” & “Russell St.”, the JFM troll twitter account & the RS troll blog.
    “Jim” really doesn’t have to post anymore himself.
    P.S. – Re: JFM: He’s in Paris.

  13. @ Mr. “A. Tailor” (Micky) –
    Same story with me. I got called “Jim” and banned from Talk Ivy for saying that LL Bean weren’t all that and that there were Ivy shoes before the loafer (1936).
    Moderators piled on and said that Ivy didn’t exist before the 1950s, etc.
    Then a guy posted a 1926 image of almost perfect Ivy style.
    The moderators then went quiet & I remain banned.
    Wouldn’t go back anyway.
    I’m no “Jim” but I used to taxi his suits around town. Talking to him taught me that Ivy did NOT begin in the 1950s and that the style is wider and more diverse than their tiny minds can cope with. Ivy Style can deal with these truths.
    Over and out.

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