Update: Archived Posts Image Problem Fixed

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Last summer, when Ivy Style upgraded to a new magazine-style layout that is device-responsive, there were all sorts of glitches to work through. The subsequent jump in traffic also demanded a more frequent posting schedule.

We have some 1,300 posts in our archives, and while I was vaguely aware that some of them had layout problems, I’d shied away from investigating the extent of it.

Recently I realized that many posts that show up randomly in the From The Archives section near the top of the site on the front page, and the recommended posts that appear at the bottom of each individual post, all seemed to be missing images. Coincidentally a reader emailed me to complain that images weren’t appearing in any of the older posts, and that whoever’s in charge should be defenestrated.

Well I’ve climbed back into a browser window to apologize for this. My tech guy has labored for several hours to debug the issue and seems to have succeded. While images might be showing up not properly centered, at least they’re there. Many thanks to my right-hand man Ace Nasir, and here’s the perfect occasion to endorse him for any web maintenance needs you may have for your own site. Feel free to send him an email and tell him Ivy Style sent you.

So now you can use to search window and browse all the early posts, such as “Sex Education: A Playmate At Dartmouth” from 2009, from where the above image of a fresh-faced, pretty and ladylike female is taken. — CC

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  1. For the record: Dartmouth Freshman year I participated in the food fight in Thayer Hall Student Dining Room when Janet Pilgrim entered our horny den serving real life inspiration for Bluto’s Animal House rage.

  2. Chewco L.P. (Cayman) | April 20, 2016 at 11:15 pm |

    rvpress59, you’re my hero!

  3. “from where the above image of a fresh-faced, pretty and ladylike female is taken. — CC”

    You owe me a keyboard!

  4. “a fresh-faced, pretty and ladylike female”


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