Trade Show Roundup, Winter 2017

A couple weeks ago it was menswear market week here in NYC. The Millennial Fogey tagged along and enjoyed inspecting everything. Here he is in the Alan Paine booth:

Yes, Bills Khakis is still alive and still using the same US factories, according to a spokesperson.

Zip-up Norwegian sweater with Nantucket red trim from Castaway. Plus Black Watch blazer:

Rep-stripe wallet in needlepoint and luggage tag from Smathers & Branson:

Patchwork ties and scarf from Bentley Cravat, manufacturer for Ralph Lauren:

Fine scarves and pocket squares from Trumbull Rhodes of New England:

Prince Of Wales overcoat by Southwick:

Fine ties from Drake’s:

… plus an outfit…

… and candy-stripd oxford ready for a collar pin:


Wool tartan ties from Michael Kaye:

Paisley ties from Amanda Christensen:


Colorful motif ties from Peter Blair:

And finally, Vinyard Vines surfboards. Capable of riding any trend. — CC

17 Comments on "Trade Show Roundup, Winter 2017"

  1. The Trumbell Rhodes scarves peak my interest since the silk polkadot patchwork one I have from Press always garners comments about a character who wore it on a teen-melodrama a few years back.

  2. So refreshing to see the occasional bit of menswear on here.

  3. A Trad Confused | February 13, 2017 at 1:51 pm |

    The Alden Tassel Mocs are interesting… are they brown or burgundy chromexcel? They look softer than the traditional calfskin. Any additional information? Thank you.

  4. Alden is very hard to report on. Every time I ask what’s new they always say not much. They go to the show just to meet with current accounts. I honestly can’t remember about that shoe; as I recall it may be a new color but for availability you’d have to contact the company or your Alden dealer.

  5. The Prince of Wales top-coat is, in a crowded field, my favourite item of clothing to appear on Ivy Style. I want one. Badly. T.

  6. DCG liked that, too, and despite my love for PoW, it didn’t grab me. I prefer the RL herringbone polo coat we featured recently.

  7. Love the Glenn plaid overcoat from Southwick. If I remember, they make Brooks Brothers made to measure suits in Massachusetts. Also in Massachusetts is the Joseph Abboud factory in New Bedford. So proud to be a Bay Stater!

  8. Alan Paine moving production to low cost Eastern Europe I hear.

  9. “Capable of riding any trend.” Hiyo! (in my best Ed McMahon voice)

    I’ve never heard of “Tricker’s”, but I like the look of those gunboats.

  10. Vern Trotter | February 13, 2017 at 4:14 pm |

    I received one of those partial zip up sweaters for Christmas. I wear it but cannot decide if I like it or not.

  11. Paul, Tricker’s is a favorite of Prince Charles, I believe.

  12. Some good items featured but mostly too colorful and bright for my taste, particularly the tie offering.

  13. @Vern not a fan, but replace zipper with buttons, now you’ve my attention…

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show, from what I was told superior to last year’s.

  14. The candy-blue striped shirt paired with the earth tones prevalent in the rest of “the outfit” is a bit cross-seasonal no?

  15. Charlottesville | February 14, 2017 at 11:44 am |

    “Bills Khakis is still alive and still using the same US factories.” I certainly hope that is true. Any chance of a revival of the Ivy Pants Project?

  16. If I were to win the lottery, I’d have to set aside a month-long tour to visit NYC and England to build up a compact dream wardrobe. Alas, until then I must rely on mail-order, serendipity and acceptable compromise.

    The paisley ties by Amanda Christensen are quite nice and muted. I’m also a fan of DCG’s sport coat.

  17. think the Southwick outerwear is more topcoat than overcoat, just sayin’…

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