Trad In Unexpected Places: Bloomie’s x Harris Tweed


In New York, when you pop in somewhere to use the restroom you never know what serendipity awaits. I don’t mean in the restroom itself, but the establishment you’re in. You might run into an old acquaintance, or make a new one.

In my case recently, I’d popped into Bloomingdale’s and while exiting the men’s room saw a strangely compelling sportcoat on a mannequin. First thing that caught my eye were the patch pockets (three of them no less, or rather three of them = too much). Then I noticed the three-button stance set off by an especially handsome lapel roll. Of course there were darts, but when I looked at the back expecting to see double vents, I actually found only one.


Was it a mannequin that had strayed far from the Ralph Lauren section? No, it was a Harris Tweed for the Bloomingdales house brand, priced at $750 and made in Canada, as I recall.

I sought them out in the store and was further surprised at what I found: a collection of half a dozen that may very well appeal to the trad dresser who takes his inspiration from before the heyday. The heavy, fantastic tweeds came in three fabrics in the above-mentioned version, plus three more in a belted-back version reminiscent of the ’30s.


Fit was a bit of a challenge for me. A 40 was too tapered and restricted movement. A 42 was too big in the shoulders, but provided a relaxed silhouette I liked. With the structured and slightly squared though not excessively padded shoulders, I got a circa 1949 Joe College vibe from the jacket.


The Harris Tweeds are not available on the Bloomingdale’s website, alas, so you’ll have to check your local store. — CC

6 Comments on "Trad In Unexpected Places: Bloomie’s x Harris Tweed"

  1. Thanks, great catch, I will be checking out those Harris Tweeds for sure!

  2. Is that a lavender? It looks similar to the Norman Hilton lavender they had a few years back.

  3. A little lavender can go a long way, a lot is fail. It’s something one buys after all the other bases are covered and bought sparingly.

  4. Sincerly,the undarted feature is really important?
    Sssssth…Just between you and me,add darts is not better?

  5. Darts/no darts very low on my list of priorities. For others it’s high.

  6. I’d rather shop vintage.

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