Three Cheers For The Red, White And Blue: JFK’s Socks, That Is

On this Fourth Of July 2017, Ivy Style proudly offers three cheers to the Red, White & Blue, as well as something for the hardcore JFK fan.

American Trench, a new company on the neo-trad radar, has developed a reproduction of the athletic socks sported by John F. Kennedy in photos of him watching the America’s Cup.

The socks are priced at $19.50 and also come in navy. Here’s the description:

The Kennedy lux athletic sock – inspired by a photo of JFK on a yacht watching America’s cup, it reads as both retro and modern. The 35th President of the United States was our most stylish, and the combo of trousers and these athletic socks stands the test of time. The Kennedy socks are knit in Pennsylvania from USA grown and spun Supima cotton, one of the finest extra-long staple cotton fibers in the world.  This crew length sock has both a vintage and a contemporary casual style that pairs well with boots, sneakers, mocs, or even wingtips. If you are stylish enough, you can rock them with wool trousers and derbies like JFK.

Check ’em out here, and enjoy the fireworks tonight. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

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9 Comments on "Three Cheers For The Red, White And Blue: JFK’s Socks, That Is"

  1. Happy Fourth, CC!

  2. Red. White & Blue bundle and Red singles already sold out.

  3. When I was a boy, in the early 1960’s, I wore the same type of socks, even with dress clothes. My mother had some weird notion about white socks being healthier than dark socks. One of my high school teachers only wore the same white socks with the red and blue trim, back in the day when a suit and tie was mandatory.

    Maybe, Mom and Teacher weren’t so weird after all.

  4. Vern Trotter | July 5, 2017 at 9:45 pm |

    These socks are nothing special. Very common back then. I am surprised he wore them; I didn’t and I don’t recall any of the better stores carrying them. The navy do look pretty nice now, though.

  5. Very common “back then,” but a rarity now. I’m flabbergasted at the prices one would pay these days for such a thing — $24 on a site I visited recently, for just one pair. They’ve somehow become something special, which I find repulsive. Until they’re nothing special again, I’ll stick to my nothing special plain white Hanes socks.

  6. This is what I am looking for my preppy outfit, just love it!!

  7. Arthur McLean | July 15, 2018 at 5:47 pm |

    Remember them well. Supposedly when on spring break in Bermuda in the ’60s they separated the East Coast ivy kids and the preppies from the Midwest wanabees.

  8. I know this thread is over two years old, but I found out a tidbit about my former teacher, the guy who wore the white athletic socks with the suit. My pal, 86 years old, went to college with the teacher, and stayed in touch with him over the years. Yesterday, my pal told me, that Otto supposedly had an allergy to wool, and was discharged from the service (Korean War.) due to it.

    I never heard anyone getting out for that.

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