I’ve always kept my wardrobe tightly edited as I’m pretty sensitive to things that just don’t feel “me.” Alas, what feels me is always in a state of flux (I prefer to think of it as refinement), and even with a close eye on superfluity I’m always catching myself with stuff I don’t wear.

So now that cold weather is here, I went through my closet and found all sorts of things I can’t believe I was holding on to.

Perhaps we’re all victims of variety, or at least the idea of it. This latest purge was motivated by the realization that I just have pretty strict tastes, almost a formula, and why fool myself that I don’t.

For example:

• I just don’t like shoes with laces. Or buckles. The purge: Longwings and monk-straps.

• I like gray pants. Not navy, not brown, not patterned. Solid gray. The purge: Brown flannels.

• I like white and blue solid shirts, plus the occasional pink shirt or blue stripe. I tried yellow and it didn’t take. Never been tempted by tattersalls or burgundy stripes. And I like them to fit well. The purge: Tent-sized regular-fit shirts.

• I always reach for the same half dozen pairs of socks that work with my pants and shoes. The purge: Colorful argyles.

• I like dark ties, not light ones, and almost always blue. The purge: Ties I don’t wear.

• I like dark pocket squares. The purge: Red and yellow ones.

• I like dark sweaters. On probation: Pink and burgundy sweaters.

• I like recent clothes, not 50-year-old ones, which make me feel like a mannequin in a museum. The purge: Vintage Andover Shop sportcoat.

Most things — a piece of writing, a set of photos, your diet — benefit from judicious editing.— CC