The Well Edited Wardrobe, Part Two

After the recent closet-purging post, some of you no doubt wondered what was left.

Well, after you get rid of the stuff you don’t love and keep only what you do, you end up with a wardrobe that looks something like this:

• Herringbone sportcoats, far and above my favorite pattern.

• Lots of grey flannel trousers.

• Oxford-cloth buttondowns.

• Wool challis neckties.

• Alden full-strap loafers, Allen Edmonds beefrolls, and Crockett & Jones tassels.

• Shaggy Dog sweaters, dark argyle socks, Wayfarers, alligator and surcingle belts, a watch with Roman numerals, and a tartan scarf.

• And when it’s chilly enough, a polo coat.

These are, without a doubt, my favorite things. — CC

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  1. And for a more formal wear when Herringbone sportcoats is not enough?

  2. White tie and tails.

  3. Well done Christian. I too am enjoying simplicity in my wardrobe. Out of curiosity, do you wear the wool challis ties all year? It appears that with the inclusion of the Polo coat and shaggy dogs, that this is referencing an edited fall/winter wardrobe. But, I do love the dark muted look of challis ties, so I was wondering if maybe you wear them year round.

  4. Thank you for posting this follow-up. That is a great herringbone jacket. Is it by J.Press? Brooks?

  5. Wool challis ties are a new favorite for the same dark and muted reason. I don’t they’re logical to wear in the spring and summer, alas.

    The jacket is by Ralph Lauren. I have four now and am always on the lookout for more. They have small variations, but most are French-faced, natural shoulder, patch pockets, lapped seams, 3/2 roll, and most important for me, a three-inch lapel.

  6. You comment on the jacket answered my next question. Really nice jacket too. I think 3″ lapels are the sweet spot. That’s why I like the BB Fitzgerald line. Trim but not too slim, with a 3″ lapel.

  7. California boy comes back east and discovers wool challis ties, now get a nice shoe brush. Just teasing, thumbs up on what you kept.

  8. Since you have such an army of flannels, I am imagining you have different weights. How heavy do yours go? I found a pair of polo flannels the other day and the weight was astounding. It felt like it could stop a bullet. It was so heavy and had so many color variations, I am curious if it is vintage Fox flannel and the practicality thereof

  9. Excellent choices.
    I particularly like the idea of four herringbone jackets.
    No navy blazer?

  10. Really love that live recording of Coltrane’s quartet. So great to see that band stretch out.

  11. I have two grey flannels from Polo and both are very heavy. The colors are gorgeous as is the nap on the fabric.

    Not all four RL “updated sack” jackets are herringbones, but three of them are. Then I have my charcoal herringbone MTM from H. Freeman, and I have an olive one on order.

    I don’t currently own a navy blazer, but noticed a gorgeous navy cashmere herringbone last time I was going through the swatches!

  12. Oscar Charleston | November 12, 2012 at 11:45 am |

    Where did you get the great-looking grey herringbone sport coat? I’ve been searching for one like it but keep coming up empty.

  13. Yeah, that one’s pretty much perfect and just arrived the other day. Haven’t even taken up the sleeves yet.

    Be patient and ye shall find. RL does something pretty similar every season.

  14. Do you have only three pairs of shoes? I personally find the obsession with shoes to be among the most destructive habits I’ve picked up after prolonged exposure to menswear. Luckily, I’ve eradicated it just before this phase when you cut out nutritious food and try to sell your flat to afford the newest Carmina dub monks.

    And this well-edited wardrobe of yours feels like a dream idea. Could you write a follow-up someday, about your warm season closet?


  15. This is just a sampling, more an example of the kind of formula I like.

    I have quite a few more shoes, including all the black ones. I know some trade don’t wear black shoes, but I’m quite fine with them, as is obvious from my recent post in praise of black, the forbidden color.

    Remind me next spring and I’ll show you my favorite warm weather gear.

  16. I like your edited sample of fall/winter attire as well. Particularly flannel trousers, as I’ve mostly been a wearer of chinos, but recently have found myself with a new interest in flannel trousers.

  17. I like the watch. Who makes it?

  18. Another example of my spending more on the band than the watch itself.

    Inexpensive Peugeot on gator band.

  19. And, by the way, out of curiosity: Is your jacket accommodating enough for a rather thick sweater to be worn along with it?

  20. Nice display! Common Christian, add a nice doeskin navy blazer to your collection. It is the backbone of a Trads wardrobe. You won’t be disappointed!

  21. Black loafers immediately turn a tweed jacket & grey flannels combo into something more formal and more adult.

  22. Do you know a good source for gator or exotic watch bands that your could recommend?

  23. I get mine from Central Watch. They do ecommerce so check out their site.

  24. Orgastic future | November 14, 2012 at 2:42 am |

    Those ties say “no imagination,” but to each his own I guess.

  25. I’ve worn simple ties my whole life and always had a reliable imagination.

  26. Whole lotta brown and tan going on….

    Those pointy, low vamp, full strap Aldens never look right…..and I don’t think of the style as traditional at all.

    Buy a quality watch with your eBay revenue….nothing sinks an ensemble like a junky timepiece.

  27. Your esteem for fine timepieces has been previously noted.

  28. Minimalist Trad | November 14, 2012 at 8:37 am |

    Your choice in timepieces and neckties certainly meets with the full approval of this reader.

  29. I like your fall “keepers.”

    Don’t forget to apply edging to your shoes!

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