After the recent closet-purging post, some of you no doubt wondered what was left.

Well, after you get rid of the stuff you don’t love and keep only what you do, you end up with a wardrobe that looks something like this:

• Herringbone sportcoats, far and above my favorite pattern.

• Lots of grey flannel trousers.

• Oxford-cloth buttondowns.

• Wool challis neckties.

• Alden full-strap loafers, Allen Edmonds beefrolls, and Crockett & Jones tassels.

• Shaggy Dog sweaters, dark argyle socks, Wayfarers, alligator and surcingle belts, a watch with Roman numerals, and a tartan scarf.

• And when it’s chilly enough, a polo coat.

These are, without a doubt, my favorite things. — CC