The Polo Coat Gallery

Here’s a gallery of images of the so-called aristocrat of topcoats.

Perhaps because it’s called a polo coat, Polo Ralph Lauren has used them frequently in its advertising imagery, including the image above as well as the following:


Here’s Ralph himself, looking casually bundled up rather than stiff and formal. This is the feeling you want when wearing the coat:

Here are two from Apparel Arts:

The polo coat’s origins go back to British officers in India:

But it’s also actually associated with the sport of polo:

From the Vince Lombardi Broadway show:

A polo coat looks pretty good draped around your significant other:

This woman flat-out absconded her boyfriend’s coat, along with his scarf. At least she’s entering Brooks Brothers. Then again, she could be shopping for herself. — CC

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  1. Christian, I’m traveling to Hawaii on business for the next 6 months. Any advice on preppy/ivy fashion in Hawaii? I’m assuming I’ll stick out like a new englander, but I don’t want to give into untucked aloha shirts, khakis and brown shoes. Twenty years ago suits were worn in Hawaii, but not today.

  2. Go native, but with a nod to your roots.

    Wear Black Watch sarongs.

  3. prehaps this is due to geographic differences, but despite having a strong polo culture in my city these coats are always refered to as driving coats.
    is it an american thing?

  4. Another advertorial for Ralph Lauren. What did he bung you this time, Chens?

  5. I realize the polo coat might be meant to have an oversized fit, but does anyone have a reference for a place which makes one in a slimmer cut?

  6. I don’t think it’s a question of cut, as so few manufacturers make these anyway, but of size.

    I usually take a 40 — 42 in some makers — but this is actually a 38. Good fit around the shoulders and still plenty of room for sweater and sportcoat underneath without being tight when buttoned.

  7. camelcurious | December 30, 2010 at 3:21 pm |

    what are the measurements of that said 38? would you be so kind?

  8. Christian, You are a douche. Black Watch sarongs? It’s not even humorous. I won’t be reading your blog anymore.

  9. Best comment of 2011 so far.

  10. Ralph really does do an amazing job of making the polo coat look extra-awesome.

  11. This guy in my fraternity got one of those for Christmas. Normally he dresses pretty boring, but I was proud when I saw him at formal chapter wearing one of these.

  12. I have a polo camel hair sportscoat that I love but am trying to decide between getting a longer Polo coat or a toggle coat like Gloverall’s Orig Monty. What’s your take on toggles?

  13. A vintage navy Gloverall for Brooks Brothers duffel coat is my other coat. Pretty much got things covered between these two.

  14. I’m daydreaming of my upcoming winter coat purchase, probably a polo, and will take a stab at reopening this thread…Two questions Christian:
    1) Do you know the background of the tenth illustration, which appears to be of a British officer receiving a post-match prize in his wait coat? I see it in nearly every discussion of polos, but without attribution.
    2) Have you seen Brooks Brothers’ fall/winter 2011 single breasted “polo coat?” Is this something Brooks has done before without my knowing?

  15. That first shot of Buzzy is my favorite picture of a polo coat. RL really made the nicest one, those lapels are perfect. I finally bought a polo coat for myself, the lapels are not as pointy but they are still nice.

  16. Henry Contestwinner | January 19, 2017 at 2:40 pm |

    I must have missed this back when it first appeared, and Ross seems like a real gem anyway, but to answer his question, locals (i.e., people born & raised in Hawaii) don’t do PITA. True, there are enough shoe aficionados to support a high-end shoe store (Leather Soul Hawaii) that sells lots of Aldens, but beyond that, the traddest thing you’re likely to see is chinos worn with Aloha shirts. (Add leather shoes and you have dressy business attire).

    If one wanted to be tradly whilst sojourning in Hawaii, maybe one could wear short-sleeved OCBDs, chino shorts, and Weejuns—but such duds would definitely stand out.

  17. @nsk

    The Brooks Brothers version is much slimmer, shorter and made with a less abundant fabric. It is also $800 less at $1699.00, vs Polo’s at $2500.

  18. Can’t believe a pic of fashion designer F.E. Castleberry didn’t make the gallery! He loves the polo coat and will even make you one – if you can get an appointment – for around $4900.00!

  19. A polo coat over a Canadian tuxedo? Wouldn’t have expected that from Ralph Lauren.

  20. @Jim I agree, don’t care for that odd outfit but the polo coat still looks nice.

  21. In the second to last picture, it looks as though Louis Winthorpe III has given his coat to Penelope. What a guy!

  22. Henry Contestwinner | January 20, 2017 at 2:24 am |

    I wonder, “VEA,” if there’s a F.E. Castleberry Signature Edition Polo Coat, and if so, what it would feature. Would it be made of patch material? Would it be lined in shocking pink Bemberg? Would it be paint-splattered? Would it cost $1000 more than the regular version? He would be the model for it, of course, and wear it with the middle button buttoned to the bottom button hole for that casual, nonchalant, happy-go-lucky, completely unplanned sprezzatura look. Perhaps a sprig of wilted celery as a makeshift boutonniere would complete the ensemble.

    The ad copy:

    “Here at F.E. Castleberry, we think we’ve perfected the polo coat, the Anglo-American classic that’s equally at home on the field as it is in the boardroom. Made with the finest quality materials from the finest mills in England and Italy. Our custom overcoatings are perfect for every occasion, from throwing over your F.E. Castleberry pyjamas when running out to get half-and-half at the bodega down the street, to wearing on your shoulders over your F.E. Castleberry-made black tie rig when going to evening events (see our Tuxedo Shop for a full selection of our tuxedoings, and our new Sleepwear Shop for all our sleepwearings).

  23. Is this a polo coat with raglan sleeves? I’ve never seen one before (second guy from the right):

  24. Mr. Contestwinner, your version of Castleberry’s ad copy was not too far off. I’m assuming you read this:

  25. Henry Contestwinner | January 20, 2017 at 1:18 pm |

    GS, our dear friend Fred has an unmistakable style of his own, both in fashion and in syntax. I’m afraid that I have difficulty coming up with tortured purple prose to match his, but I hope I captured the spirit.

    While I haven’t seen his Instagram, I have looked at the train wreck that is his website. Not only does the estimable Mr. Castleberry sell “suitings,” he also sells “smoking trousers.” If he were to sell accessories and the like, I imagine he would offer “shirtings,” “cravatings,” and “spattings,” too.

    “The Castleberry Collection™: Spattings
    Our custom spattings are sized to fit your feet perfectly. Made of the highest quality fabric and mother of pearl buttons in white or smoke, with a complimentary genuine calf strap for durability and beauty. Braided leather buttons available, too. We like to wear casual spattings during the day, and formal ones at night or with suits. We offer a range to fit all aesthetics. Available in cream, bright white, dove grey, charcoal, heather, buttered toast, espresso, and ultramaroon. Our Limited Edition spattings are available in jungle camouflage, urban commando, and patch madras. Our F.E. Castleberry Limited Signature Edition™ spattings are custom-splattered by Fred himself on your choice of material. From $200.”

  26. Mr.Contestwinner, you certainly do a good job of copying his “unique” style of writing, or should I say “writings.”

  27. oh man, i just got a new pea coat. Now i guess i need to get one of these after looking through here.

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