The Last Of The Buttoned-Down Artists

The Heckscher Museum Of Art on Long Island is currently running an exhibit on the brilliantly whimsical work of Richard Gachot.

Gachot attended Yale in the 1950s, and, as you can see in the video above, never lost his taste for buttondown oxfords.

With so many artists eager to desecrate icons while sporting the physicial appearance usually associated with the homeless, it’s refreshing to see the 81-year-old looking dignfied and celebrating Americana in a quirky, and not pretentiously ironic, way. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

9 Comments on "The Last Of The Buttoned-Down Artists"

  1. Seems like a nice exhibit. Does anyone have an idea which glasses Mr. Gachot is wearing?

  2. Christian, You erroneously use “desicrate” rather than desecrate. Just wanted you to know. Feel free to remove this post upon correction.


  3. Thanks, Billax. “Desicrate” obviously means a large package from India.

  4. I like the large, firefighter style red braces he wears. I wonder where I can find those? A firefighter supply outlet maybe?

  5. The suspenders
    The shirt
    The eyeglass frames
    The hair
    That’s how I want to look when I’m Mr. Gachot’s age.

  6. Red braces (suspenders) have several political meanings. One is skinheads. The second one I prefer is Jack Kemp republicans, red braces and a federalist club tie. Wonder if Jack Kemp shopped at O’Connell’s? Of course some folks just like red braces. 😉

  7. @ Mistro,

    Thank you.

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