The End Of Camelot


Yesterday the first teaser trailer was released for “Jackie,” a biopic chronicling the First Lady in the aftermath of the assassination of JFK. Natalie Portman stars as Jacqueline Kennedy and the film opens in December.

Anyone else have a crush on her? DCG prefers Anne Hathaway, to whom I have a violent allergic reaction. — CC

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  1. I liked Katie Holmes as Jackie but judging by the snippet of Natalie’s voice over in this trailer she seems to have gotten Jackie’s distinct accent correct.

  2. A beautiful and captivating trailer (and Natalie Portman, of course). The cinematography is like a dream.

  3. Chewco L.P. (Cayman) | October 6, 2016 at 11:09 pm |

    Looks like its gonna be a great movie. Surprised Sarah Vickers didn’t get the part.

  4. Dutch Uncle | October 7, 2016 at 12:00 am |

    For one brief shining moment, there really was Camelot, and those of us who lived through that time know that the decline and fall of style and grace began when our dreams were smashed by an assassin’s bullet.

  5. Natalie Portman is quite stunning. I am really looking forward to seeing this film.

  6. “Natalie Portman is quite stunning”, she was born stunning. Too stunning to play Jackie and about a half a foot too short. I’m not implying Jackie Kennedy wasn’t a beautiful woman.

  7. Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway are, in my opinion, a couple of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Christian, I don’t pretend to understand your allergy to Miss Hathaway but I have a similar reaction to Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts. Perhaps it is because they insist on telling us about their politics. I am as interested in their politics as I am interested in Kim Kardashian’s views on string field theory.

    Here is a thought, Natalie Portman in boat shoes, navy pullover and a white bikini bottom on a brisk day on the Chesapeake Bay on the deck of a teak decked schooner…



  8. Mark Jensen | October 7, 2016 at 12:02 pm |

    (((Natalie Portman))) playing a Bouvier? More PC pablum.

  9. @Mark Jensen Who Has A Twitter Account Full Of Racist Posts

    No, PC is when a white male is cast to play a trans person or something like that and the SJWs go beserk over the appropriation and exploitation of their marginalized narratives:

    Natalie Portman got the role obviously because she was best for the job.


    I almost added a quip about Julia Roberts, my number-one actress allergy.

    I think recently I finally figured out what it is: women with deep-set eyes that don’t show a lot of white. I must feel like I can’t trust such a person.

    I’m attracted to big lively eyes:×9/1200.jpg

  10. Vern Trotter | October 7, 2016 at 12:45 pm |

    The myth of Camelot of course was created by Jackie, at the elbow of TH White, a week after the assassination, for Life magazine. The editors at Life wanted the exaggerations toned down but Jackie would not allow it so as to deflect the reality that would hit when the public discovered what a rake JFK really was.

    JFK should be remembered instead for the wisdom of his tax cuts, his anti-communism and his Christian faith. He was our only president except Washington who went to church daily. Today he would most likely be a Republican.

  11. A Bridge Too Far | October 7, 2016 at 1:09 pm |

    I remember JFK for not igniting a nuclear exchange over Russian warheads in Cuba.

  12. True, but had the Kennedy not projected the impression of weakness to the Russians prior the warheads would not have been in Cuba.

  13. Mark Jensen | October 7, 2016 at 1:25 pm |


    If by “racist” you mean I believe race exists and isn’t just a social construct, then yes. If by racist you mean I read scientifically minded human biodiversity writers like Steve Sailer and JayMan (who is half black), then yes. If my racist you mean that I’m not embarassed of my European heritage, then yes. If by racist you mean I don’t want my tax dollars subsidizing some illegals who never paid taxes, then yes.

    To paraphrase Nixon, we’re all racists now.

  14. The problem with guys like you, Mark, is that whatever reasonable things you may have to say about Western Civilization is tainted by all the nasty things you say.

    You actually took the trouble to come on here and suggest that an Oscar-winning actress can’t play Jackie (except in capitulation to political correctness in casting) because she’s Jewish.

    Your Twitter account is bigoted and angry. You’re clearly all fucked-up inside.

    You’ve excercised your right to free speech on the Internet and proved yourself an asshole to anyone who’s not all fucked-up like you are.

    Stay out of here.

  15. I agree with Dutch Uncle.

  16. There’s an old southern phrase about beds and eating crackers that seems apropos to mention RE: this Portman vs. Hathaway dilemma…

  17. @Josh
    Yes sir!! Either may stir my chili.

  18. I was wondering what this Jensen person was getting at with his comment about “PC pablum.” Perhaps I’m the only one here who did not know that Miss Portman is Jewish. If she is, who cares? One thing I am pretty certain of is that this Jensen person is a dick of the first order and is probably writing while wearing pajamas in his mother’s basement.


  19. A Bridge Too Far | October 7, 2016 at 3:29 pm |

    You aren’t the only one who didn’t know or care that Portman is Jewish. I had to look up the “echo parentheses” — ((( ))) — as I thought it odd her name was surrounded by them. Apparently, it’s used by some as a sort of internet code to identify someone who is Jewish. Geesh!

  20. Chewco L.P. (Offshore) | October 7, 2016 at 3:34 pm |


    I think you don’t like either Julia Roberts or Anne Hathaway because they both have disproportionately large mouths for their heads. It’s strange, I know. But when I watched Les Mis’, I couldn’t distract myself from how large her mouth was. In spite of this, she’s obviously still very good looking.

  21. Yes, Chewco, that’s another thing as well.

    Christina Ricci has a small mouth and chin but large forhead, not to mention large, up-front eyes. Va-voom!

  22. Similar to Ricci’s and another huge cinematic crush: Maria de Medeiros in “Henry And June”:

  23. Charlottesville | October 7, 2016 at 3:56 pm |

    I also had no idea that Natalie Portman was Jewish or that the bizarre stuff with the parentheses was supposed to mean something. Good grief. I add my voice to those calling to have this anti-Semitic jerk blocked. As for trying to choose between Ms. Portman and Ms. Hathaway, that sounds like an especially pleasant task for you young guys. I think I will content myself with puzzling over the old Grace Kelly/Ingrid Bergman quandary.

  24. Christian
    Got good taste in women. Ricci has gotten better looking as she has aged. Hathaway and Roberts are pretty, not beautiful.

    Grace vs Ingrid, Grace is the winner, but not by much.

  25. Scarlett Johansson gentlemen, who, not that it matters in the least, is part Jewish. Woof!

    @Christian-This is your site of course and you may block this Jensen person, or me, if you wish. But I think five minutes in the octagon would do the trick. Wouldn’t solve anything but would be fun.

    @Charlottesville-Grace Kelly by far. To me, Miss Bergman’s features always seemed a bit hard. Beautiful woman of course.

    Not Jewish but


  26. Jewish doesn’t matter, but Scarlett Johansson without makeup is average beautiful. the package is HOT though, that and how she carries herself, her manner.

  27. Carmelo Pugliatti | October 7, 2016 at 4:54 pm |

    I not can see this movie.
    The murder of JFK is a too much sad moment in history for me.
    Not because he was a great President (was good,but not great) ,but because he had lived, the 60s would have been very differents.
    Is probable that things as American direct involvement in vietnam war and rise of counterculture would not have occurred.
    Imagine the American economy without Vietnam war great expense,with tax cuts for middle class and with a more reasonable social laws (nothing Lyndon Johnson’sgreat society).
    Now Kennedy years 1961-1969 will be remembered as a decade of style and prosperity.

  28. A Bridge Too Far | October 7, 2016 at 4:57 pm |

    I am sort of in between Grace/Ingrid and Natalie/Anne. So my pick: Michelle Pfeiffer. Makin’ Whoopee anyone?

  29. OK, my biggest cinematic crushes of all time are Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Age Of Innocence” and also Helena Bonham Carter in “A Room With A View,” which I just watched for the 20th time. She has the same kind of facial shape I think of small mouth and chin with big lively eyes and prominent forehead. Apparently this is my anima projection.

  30. Chewco L.P. (Cayman) | October 7, 2016 at 8:11 pm |


    I am starting to get worried about you. At first, I thought your (very) specific characterization of your definition of beauty (large forehead, large eyes, small mouth) was a fleeting generalization, but it appears to be somewhat of an *ahem* “other worldly” fetish.

    Besides, if aliens every visit us, they would agree that Audrey Hepburn (especially in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) was second to none.

    Her or Jodie “Give It A Good Tug” Foster.

  31. My god Chewco, years ago I wrote a sci-fi comedy short story with a retro feeling, and called it, instead of “Love With The Proper Stranger” (a Natlie Wood film, and another brunette actress with big lively eyes and gorgeous to me)….

    ‘Love With The Proper Martian” !!!!!!

  32. Chewco L.P. (Cayman) | October 7, 2016 at 9:29 pm |

    HA! I’d be worried about your queer confession around gentlemen like Mark “with a K” Jensen, if I were you. He’s over here burning crosses.

  33. Queer confession? Female Martian, obviously.

  34. Chewco L.P. (Cayman) | October 7, 2016 at 9:44 pm |

    Queer in the literal sense (meaning: strange/odd/weird). Although now you’ve put the image of copulating with aliens in my head, I must caution you against contracting preternatural diseases. But anyway, where were we? Oh right, Mrs. Onassis 😀

  35. “Helena Bonham Carter in “A Room With A View,”” Adorable and great movie.

  36. James Redhouse | October 8, 2016 at 12:06 am |

    As Jackie put it in the trailer, “there won’t be another Camelot”, and it’s our loss.

  37. @Mark Jensen if you want to see PC go watch the trailer for “Get Out”.

  38. Grey Flannels | October 8, 2016 at 2:25 pm |

    What a privilege it was to live through those years.

  39. goldrushapple | October 9, 2016 at 6:11 pm |

    Count me as the minority (read: probably a party of one) as someone who isn’t bewitched by Natalie Portman.

    Note: Mark Jensen is what one might call a “race realist”, having a home on the alt-right spectrum.

    @ GS: I just read the plot of “Get Out” on wiki. By the time I was finished I was laughing and saying to myself “These ‘creative’ types are delusional. And they say popular fare is in the tubes when compared to indies? Pshhh.”

  40. @goldrushapple ha, agreed! It’s just an exaggerative film that is meant to pander to the racial divide in this country.

  41. Nothing better than a good strawman. I express a few viewpoints that are backed up by respected scientists like Richard Hernstein, Arthur Jensen (no relation), William Shockley, Raymond Cattell and many others, and you are all ready to lynch me. So much for this place being a bastion of free speech.

  42. Saying you’re being “lynched” for being told you’re a bigoted jerk simply proves the point.

  43. Carmelo talks about how the 60’s would be better off without the civil rights movement (they would be) and nobody accuses him of burning crosses. Plenty of other users on here express similar opinions to mine. You’ve tolerated plenty of discussions on keeping Latinos out of the country.

    So all of the sudden, just because I think a European-American aristocrat would be best portrayed by someone from a similar heritage, I’m a bigoted jerk? I’m just pushing back against the cultural marxist agenda. If it’s wrong for Mickey Rooney to portray an asian, it’s wrong for a jew to portray a “goyim” as they say.

    When did you turn into such a sensitive little snowflake, Cucksvold?

  44. About a month ago when you, out of the blue, started tweeting random race stuff at me along with well known conservative personalities such as Milo Yianoppoulos and Gavin McInnes when you’re a young nobody with 2 Twitter followers. What was the point?

    I do give as much free rein as possible here, but you seem to be incapable of talking about the WASP aristocracy like a WASP aristocrat. You sound like the kind of downmarket redneck that they roll their eyes over. I think you’d find much better company on 4chan sharing photoshopped memes about the Obamas.

  45. It’s called social media. I was trying to be social. You and DCG follow all of those guys and you’ve linked Reason and Taki’s Magazine a bunch of times. You support American made goods. Excuse me for trying to engage in intellectual banter with someone I thought was like minded.

  46. It wasn’t intellectual, Mark, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. You can make valid arguments in favor of Western Civilization, or you can come across as a neo-Nazi skinhead. I’m guessing you’re young and maybe it’s not too late to encourage you to grow a bit as a person. It’s not good to harbor mean and nasty stuff inside you.

    If you’re a conservative or libertarian, there are plenty of black, Jewish, female, gay, and every other possible kind of person commentators out there, and maybe you should spend a month reading only their voices and come to identify more with ideas and principles rather than ethnic tribalism, which, if I recall correctly is what Brookhiser says in “The Way Of The Wasp” doomed the WASP ruling class.

  47. Right, I quote jewish Richard Hernstein and I’m anti-semitic. I quote mulatto JayMan and I’m racist against blacks. Hell, I think I even once tweeted a photo of LeRoy Jones at you complimenting his style of dress.

    I’m plenty open-minded. I think you just have a knee jerk reaction that’s been conditioned into you by years of cultural-marxist propaganda. You have no place to complain about the PC establishment. You’re part of it.

  48. But you said Natalie Portman, an artist, shouldn’t be cast to portray Jackie, because her ethnicity is more important than her artistry.

    I tried to extend an olive branch, but you seem to pefer insults.

  49. @Mark Jensen

    It’s supper time and your mom is calling. Your fish sticks are ready.


  50. Is nobody going to comment on the split infinitive in the “PS”? I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the phrase should be “to whom”. Would figure a site like this would lend more weight to its grammar.

  51. Crap, you’re right! Good catch.

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