The Chipp Crest Tie

Recently we revisited the topic of crest ties. Well leave it to Chipp to have the last laugh.

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  1. Finally… a lacrosse player’s tie! This I like. Good thing you explained it, or the chess club alums would still be leafing through their Adler Guide to Family Crests trying to look it up.

  2. Does it come in a wedgie version?

  3. Manhattan Trad | November 1, 2011 at 7:27 am |

    In one word: Vulgar.

  4. Paul once explained to me that the difference in low humor versus wit is the context and who’s making the joke. Such a tie purchased by a novelty company and worn by a used-car salesman certainly must be different from a bank vice president and former Yale jock who bought it at Chipp to wear at his country club.

  5. I have seen similar ties at his place, not impressed. But I guess there are people out there…

  6. So…..crests are for dicks?

  7. If you folks do not like the tie I would hate to think of what you thought of the real item

  8. I love it and believe it would be less offensive if worn to work on a day I have no client meetings.

  9. better than a paperweight as far as conversation-starting gifts go

  10. Mar'keyse Hicks | November 23, 2011 at 12:48 pm |

    this is the perfect gift for my brother, he collects funny; yet stylish ties. Where can I purchase this???

  11. ‘ve been reading older posts, posts before I found Ivy Style. I must admit, without apology, that I owned this Chipp’s tie. I wore it to very boring “wine tasting” parties my wife dragged me to, filled with boring academics. This Chipp’s tie was a Godsend, it was like shark repellent.

  12. Paul Winston calls such ties with such motifs “club figure” ties, which is exactly what we called them back when, whether or not they had any connection with a particular club.
    We also knew what foulard ties, wool challis ties, and paisley ties were, though today some salespersons at mens’ shops will give you a blank stare if you use such terminology.

  13. aside/addendum but I hope allowable. For years Paul Winston (Chipp) used a particular flannel for the Chipp (custom) blazers. The Hardy/Minnis 12/13 oz. The book is no more (R.I.P). The two solid navy’s were go-to’s for him–year after year, for decades. He made a blazer for me a several years ago–using some of the last remaining cloth of/from that (“English Flannels”) book. Haven’t seen or felt anything like it since. Bygone days.

    He once pointed out that most of the casual/walk-in traffic went for the off-the-rack goods (of course; make sense), but his favorite part of the job was custom. Also makes sense. Cy Vance, JFK, Watson (IBM) and so on.

  14. Being in the tie business today, now that most men don’t wear ties most of the time, is very different from when I started the tie company.
    I now have 82 years in the rear view mirror. I still get phone calls from customers who I met 60 years ago. Some time we chat about the glorious past for 1/2 an hour.

    Paul Winston

  15. Otis Brewster Hogbottom III | February 25, 2021 at 2:37 pm |

    This is why I need to check Ivy Style daily! I’m commenting three days later, so probably no one will see my post but… WOW! Paul Winston commented! Mr. Winston I still wear a roast turkey tie every other Thanksgiving which I bought from your shop in the ’80s. And a poplin suit from around that time as well. I also had a couple pairs of trousers for many years, which I honestly can’t remember what happened to. I moved away from NYC in 1988 and never went back to Chipp, sadly.

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