In the history of the Ivy League Look, Brooks Brothers takes center stage. The brand has changed over the years, but so has society and the way men dress.

In the interest of research and to better understand this website’s readership, its perception of the Brooks Brothers brand, and its shopping habits at the retailer, kindly asks you to respond to the following questions.

Question 1
Compared to the past, the quality at Brooks Brothers:

Question 2
Compared to the past, the styling at Brooks Brothers:

Question 3
Regarding merchandise and brand identity:

Question 4
Regarding how much money you spend at Brooks Brothers:

Question 5
Brooks Brothers' items aimed at the traditional dresser:

Question 6
When building your wardrobe:

Question 7
In general, items at Brooks Brothers:

Question 8
With each new season:

Question 9
Brooks Brothers is:

Question 10
Your age is: