The $800 Lacoste x Brooks Brothers Collaboration

Yesterday an interesting auction ended on eBay: a polo shirt made by Lacoste for Brooks Brothers, putatively from the 1950s.

The shirt’s four-inch tails and artifact status, however, were not enough to motivate anyone to place a bid at the opening price of $499, and at the close of the week-long auction the shirt went unsold.

Lesson for the apparel industry: No matter how compelling your collaboration, price point trumps all. — CC

Update: The shirt was just relisted at $799. Hey, if an item fails to sell, you can always raise the price.

Update: The shirt sold.

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  1. I’ll just say that the only other selling point is value – if you can’t sell someone on how much of a bargain they are getting, you must convince them of the value they are getting regardless of price point. Selling based on value is difficult considering American culture, which is immersed in the idea of the “bargain”.

  2. Thanks. Update posted and headline revised.

  3. Black Fleece x Barney’s – Did you notice the Black Fleece items on Barney’s website? All reference to Brooks Brothers has been removed. Just the Black Fleece Logo and name.

  4. Quite amusing auction but anyways: Who spends 400$+ on a used polo? Only a madman I guess.

  5. damn. could have had a $800 shirt for $500. another lost bargain…

  6. Next time I wear a Lacoste shirt, I will TELL people that it was a Brooks Brothers collaboration. And what a collaboration it was! Look at the unique features… wait… none? Nevermind.

  7. can't believe it | August 4, 2011 at 2:37 pm |

    looks like it sold for the $800…i have no words

    wonder what the j. press x cremieux stuff will go for in 50 years…LOL

  8. Maybe the Met’s Costume Institute bought it.

  9. Wow. If that thing really sold for $800, I don’t know what to say. Except that this shirt reminds me of the 5 vintage Fred Perrys my mother got me on a lark for free off of Craig’s List.

  10. Strange.

    …your minimum wouldn’t let me leave it that.

  11. Christian, you may have to change the title from “fail” to “win.”

    Who ever bought this has way too much money and time on their hands.

  12. Do we know that someone bought it by the line “the auction has ended”? Could the seller simply have delisted it, or in that case would it say “the item is no longer for sale”?

  13. It does say “Sold For: US $799.99” so I would think that someone must have bought it.

  14. Ah, you’re right. I probably deserve a commission.

  15. I sell on ebay. Auctions can be ended by the seller. They don’t have to be purchased.

    ..I also wonder how much my vintage Lacoste polo (from France, made in France) would net me. Not that I’d sell it…

  16. Let’s put this in perspective. True value is that which one person is willing to pay for an item and another is willing to accept. This appears an isolated case on one delusional seller and one highly motivated buyer. I suspect much like Gant is combing online auctions these days in an attempt to rebuild their archives that someone with a corporate credit card from Brooks or Lacoste is doing the same. The bigger tragedy, in my mind, is that nothing currently put out by either company would generate this kind of buzz.

  17. I think the phrase we’re looking for is “There’s one born every minute.”

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