The 2014 Ivy Style Seersucker Fest


Next Wednesday marks the return of National Seersucker Day, when the US Congress temporarily resembles a gathering of Kentucky Derby spectators. In celebration, Ivy Style will present a truly epic presentation of seersucker coverage — all spearheaded by associate editor Christopher Sharp — including multiple galleries depicting campus advertising through the decades.

By the time it’s finally over, you’ll be calling the fabric “seersicker.”

We start off with this 1942 cartoon from the Yale Daily News. — CC

3 Comments on "The 2014 Ivy Style Seersucker Fest"

  1. Tom Conroy | June 5, 2014 at 8:17 pm |

    Haspel just knocked it out of the park with inexpensive seersucker suits in recent years. Made in Indonesia I think. But the tradition was these were inexpensive May to September summer suits in New England. What are the resources now?

  2. Got married in a Haspel three piece blue seeksucker suit in the early 70s. My bride’s mother put a stop to the white bucks though, yes she is still a bitch.

  3. I’m pretty sure Haspel is made in America now that they’ve returned from their hiatus, fabrics may be from overseas though.

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