On this final day of the year, Ivy-Style.com is proud to present its first-ever Golden Weejun award to Richard Press for his outstanding contributions to the Ivy League Look.

In addition to being Ivy royalty by birth, Mr. Press has a record year in his service to the clothing genre. For starters, he moved to the Upper East Side from the wilds of Connecticut to be where the action is.

And the action was largely centered around the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Mr. Press earned the nickname King Richard for his singular contributions to the “Ivy Style” exhibit, which included not just donating items but styling the show, giving lectures, and leading tours.

On top of that, he continued to pen his “Golden Years” column for Ivy-Style.com, work on his memoirs, and even got his picture taken by Rose Callahan.

Congratulations, Richard, and we all look forward to seeing you in your gilded penny loafers. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD