That’s A Wrap: Farewell To The Ivy Style Exhibit

Yesterday the MFIT’s “Ivy Style” exhibit closed its doors. It was a fantastic experience for all involved, especially Richard Press, who earned a pair of gilded loafers for his efforts.

The MFIT has a nifty site devoted to the exhibit that we never linked to until now. It, along with the records of the exhibit itself, should go a long way in preserving the history of this style for the future, something that had never really been undertaken until the MFIT’s Patricia Mears decided that the Ivy League Look was worthy of museum attention. — CC

4 Comments on "That’s A Wrap: Farewell To The Ivy Style Exhibit"

  1. Great site! I enjoyed opening every tab! Truth be told, I can not connect with the Thom Browne look. I laughed like hell at the photos on the site! WHO are the chaps that are buying such? I just envision an attorney making his way to the podium for opening arguments dressed as illustrated on the site. It would be hard to keep a straight face.

  2. Love it. Great job Christian!

  3. Sad the see the exhibit close, but glad that FIT decided to do the show in the first place! Hat tip to all involved.

  4. Great exhibit. Was able to catch it in early December while I was in NYC. Sure it was a touring exhibit as ther rest of the country could use a look.

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