Tales From The Twilight: Request For Reader Submissions


The past couple of days discussion in the comments section has turned to the decline of the Ivy heyday. The stance here at Ivy Style HQ is that 1967 was either the beginning of the end, or the end of the end.

The top photo is from the heyday, when college men sported jackets and ties and neat haircuts. The photo below, from Princeton, dates from the transition period of 1970. Note the combination of tailored clothing with new hairstyles and a casual attitude that is a harbinger of the sartorial anarchy to come.


If you were an eyewitness to this transition, please send an email to me at christian@ivy-style.com with any anecdotes and memories, and I’ll put them all together in a post. I would prefer that you share your thoughts with me privately rather than in the comments section here, so as not to spoil the story by unveiling material in advance of a proper post.

Here are some things to consider that would be of interest to our readership:

* Where were you and when did you first notice the change in style of dress?

* Did you go along with the spirit of the times, or did you stick with the Ivy look, thereby becoming a sartorial reactionary?

* If you stood in opposition to the changing winds, were there any social or professional repercussions?

Thanks in advance. This is the social history of the Ivy League Look that is most fascinating but most elusive. — CC