Take Ivy Illustrated

The May issue of Japanese mag Free & Easy also features these illustrations based on photos from “Take Ivy.”

Despite the sedate outfit, the copy accompanying the image above is the same phrase on the cover of the magazine: “Bankara Ivy no susume,” or “In praise of roguish Ivy.”

Maybe Mr. Salaryman has a dirty little secret. Rorita kompurekusu, anyone? — CC

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  1. Love that last one. Spot on.

  2. I think the job made by Mr. Onozato, Editor of F&E magazine, and his skilled staff is wonderful.

    Thei re-interpretation of Ivy Style is, in my honest opinion, fresh, modern and actually more authentic that those “fashion” and “trendy” I see in European Dept. Store.

    To understand this style, you need to be prepared about the history and meaning behind the word “Rugged” that is the key of any interpretation made by Mr. Onozato, both in his magazine and shop (The Rugged Museum, Tokyo) he has explained the meaning that he have give to the word “Rugged” in his very nice book “My 211”.

    Personally, I love the “bankara” style with painted and worn out chino, with regular blue blazer, tie and oxford shirt… this is fresh, modern and even if I’m not so young, it was years that I was waiting of something so emotional for me.
    F&E for me is a must, and when I travel to Tokyo, a visit in the shop of Mr. Onozato, is an impressive trp in the knowledge, quality made garments and infinite inspiration.

    I don’t know so many shop in the world with this mood, maybe I can count in the fingers of one hand.

    By the way, sorry for my bad english… 😉

    Cris form Italy

    ps: what I don’t understand (probably due by my not very fine english) is: what do you think about F&E job? I read the previous post and I feel some sarcasm about the style introduced in the may issue… isn’t?

    Sorry in advance If I understand in a wrong way.

  3. I love the detail in that last picture. You can tell not only that it is Harvard, but where it is on campus just from that brief glimpse. Great illustrations!

  4. A very well-rendered early-1960’s VW Karmann Ghia in the bottom illustration behind what appears to be a pair of Royce-Union 3-speed ‘English Racer’ bicycles.

  5. Brilliant work from a great magazine!

  6. sweethearts what are the best ‘ivy style ‘movies, darlings?

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