The latest issue of h(y)r collective includes a photo shoot recreating the legendary Japanese book “Take Ivy,” which chronicles American college students in the late ’60s.

For the shoot the magazine used contemporary clothing not sourced from manufacturers of traditional American apparel. They also had the audacity to recreate the contents of a tome some consider a breviary. Most odious, they shot it in Canada. Your point of view will determine whether you see the photos as a clever contemporary homage to collegiate style, or the equivalent of painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.

Note: h(y)r collective is a Flash site. To find the photo spread, start here, click Features, and then click the bottom link: “Take Ivy Revisited.”

We asked founder and creative director Ryan Willms how the shoot came about. Here’s what he said:

I suppose the idea was mine. Although I don’t consider myself a trad specialist or anything that serious, I fell in love with the composition of the “Take Ivy” photos — the outfits and white tube socks. I really loved how natural everything feels when looking at the images. So I thought it would be fun to try to recreate a similar feeling and looks with products that are for sale today, since it felt like things have been quite influenced by this aesthetic lately.

It was my idea to shoot it, but Simon Roe really helped a lot with the details and styling, Matt Savage shoot it and we rented a beautiful Hasselblad camera for the weekend to give the film a nice older feeling.

The clothes were from Roden Gray and Jonathan+Olivia in Vancouver. The brands that showed up most were Engineered Garments, Our Legacy, Band of Outsiders, Comme des Garcons and our Gitman for h(y)r oxford shirts. The rest of the clothing was either vintage finds like the football shirt, or from my own closet like the Allen Edmonds, Sperry and Visvim.

We shot the feature in Victoria, BC, Canada, which is where I grew up and went to school. The city is one of the oldest on the West Coast and there are some beautiful old buildings at my old high school, the oldest in the city. While the original was of course shot in the US, we felt it was an interesting touch re-shooting in Canada, and in our home town.

The goal was really to have fun. We never try to take fashion or clothing too seriously, and we just wanted to produce something as a bit of a tribute and see what we could come up with ourselves. We basically put the shoot together in two and a half days with our friends and family. It turned into a one of the most fun weekends I’ve had, and I think the result sort of shows the positive feeling and approach to the concept.