Update: Using an online random-number generator, the winning comment belongs to that of Wasser. Congratulations, and thanks once again to Southern Tide.

* * *

Attention starving college students, someday soon you’ll be a young captain of industry with your own private jet, but right now you’re just racking up student loans and wearing cheap and threadbare clothes. Southern Tide is here to “tide” you over until your brilliant career begins by generously offering to clothe one lucky student head to toe in well made basics you’ll get plenty of mileage from.

Southern Tide will set you up with $500 worth of gear, including a skipjack polo:

V-neck sweater:

Some plain-front vintage chinos:

And whatever accessories you may need.

Here’s how it will work: The contest is open to full-time college and grad-school students only. To enter, simply leave a comment with a valid email address. Your task is to answer the following question:

Aside from your academic studies, what do you most want to accomplish during your college years?

This could be student politics, athletic achievement, raising the standards of dress on campus, or something corny, like growing into a model young man. Try to be inspiring, or at least selfish but honest. And let’s keep the cheerleader hook-up comments to a minimum; they’ll get old real fast.

The winning comment will be chosen at random. Contest closes Friday at 5 PM Friday, Pacific Time.