Students Only: Southern Tide Back-To-School Giveaway

Update: Using an online random-number generator, the winning comment belongs to that of Wasser. Congratulations, and thanks once again to Southern Tide.

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Attention starving college students, someday soon you’ll be a young captain of industry with your own private jet, but right now you’re just racking up student loans and wearing cheap and threadbare clothes. Southern Tide is here to “tide” you over until your brilliant career begins by generously offering to clothe one lucky student head to toe in well made basics you’ll get plenty of mileage from.

Southern Tide will set you up with $500 worth of gear, including a skipjack polo:

V-neck sweater:

Some plain-front vintage chinos:

And whatever accessories you may need.

Here’s how it will work: The contest is open to full-time college and grad-school students only. To enter, simply leave a comment with a valid email address. Your task is to answer the following question:

Aside from your academic studies, what do you most want to accomplish during your college years?

This could be student politics, athletic achievement, raising the standards of dress on campus, or something corny, like growing into a model young man. Try to be inspiring, or at least selfish but honest. And let’s keep the cheerleader hook-up comments to a minimum; they’ll get old real fast.

The winning comment will be chosen at random. Contest closes Friday at 5 PM Friday, Pacific Time.

151 Comments on "Students Only: Southern Tide Back-To-School Giveaway"

  1. I want to make myself better. I have spent most of my life making other people happy. A noble goal, but one day I looked in the mirror and the 130 lbs kid staring out at me wearing size large hoodies and running shoes wasn’t what I wanted to be.

    I have been the person that everyone else has wanted and needed me to be, but never myself. I am no longer content being the smart kid. I want to be a physicist with an h-index larger than Feynman’s. I want to be the guy that people look up to, admire, and occasionally think is hot.

    That is why I started lifting, running, wearing clothes that actually fit me. That is why I started mentoring, tutoring, and teaching. That is why I’m writing this now. Because if I win this contest and fail to achieve any of those things then I am nothing but a failure.

    So I don’t have a cool goal. I’m not setting out to be the next president or flashy entrepreneur. At least not yet. First I just want to be me.

  2. I’m trying to not let college get in the way of my education . . . meeting as many different and diverse people as I can and creating as many lasting friendships as possible . . . study hard, play hard, and make the most of the short amount of time.

  3. The thing I want to accomplish most during my college years is networking. I want to get out there and meet as many people possible, and have many connections. This has already given me a great advantage in school because whenever I need help with a class or organizing an event, I have several different people I can contact. I can also look forward to this after I graduate, as I hope networking will help me find a job in my field.

  4. Use the platform that my parents provided me to be more than they had the opportunity to be based on the platform their parents provided them.

  5. I want to come away with a large network of friends and colleagues that I can rely on at any point. This not only goes for friendships, but business connections as well, because in this day and age it’s important “who you know”. I want to develop leadership skills and come away prepared to step out into the world on a good foot, where I can make an imprint on the world.

    I also want to come away believing I made a difference. In my relationships and within the organizations I’m involved with, I want people to look back and say that I was a key part of their lives. The more lasting of a positive impression I leave, the more I’ll feel I came away from school a better person.

  6. Considering I’m heading into my 5th and final year, I’m hoping to graduate with a well paying job in the music industry. It’s stressful enough as is knowing that this is the last year I’ll be in college but exciting at the same time. I’m just looking to finish up my final year in stride, and enjoy it to the fullest. Go Dukes!

  7. I want to push myself outside of the classroom to become a successful businessman later in life that can support his family. I want to meet as many people as possible, join organizations and hold positions, and develop my personal skills in order to sell myself in interviews and other situations in my career.

  8. Besides academics, I want to be able to build long-lasting friendships that will last me my lifetime. I want to accomplish networking by meeting a lot of people from different backgrounds. I want to make memories with my friends that can be something we can look back to and have a laugh about.

  9. During my time in college I want to grow into the best man I possibly can through my experiences. Part of this process has been stepping out of my comfort zone to experience everything college has to offer. In my freshman year I rushed a fraternity not knowing what to expect and it changed everything.

    One year later and both my academic and social life has changed for the better. I’ve learned how important it is to become involved in a community and to give back to that community. My goal is to leave a legacy at the University of Denver that provides motivation for students to try new things and strive for success. I also want to give back to my brothers and community by being the best man I can be.

  10. Bradley Saindon | September 18, 2012 at 1:06 pm |

    One of my personal goals for college besides academics would have to be to not only to better myself through professional relationships that could be beneficial in landing a good job, but also to learn that there is time to enjoy life besides studying. Ive seen those kids that are in class and when there not they are at the library or constantly studying. In a way, I personally feel sorry for them because I have come to find out that college is not ALL about academics. You also learn how to better yourself as a man from things you look back on and say ” Man what was I thinking?” Without these experience, you would be put into a professional world were you could make these same mistakes and be humiliated and possibly lose your job. In no way am i knocking off these super achievers but instead I think that you could benefit way more if you do more than study all the time. Therefore, I believe that my personal goal in college is not only to relax and enjoy it when im not studying, but to also to better myself in a professional way.

  11. After spending the last four years as a student-athlete, I want to focus on being a better Christian. Many of the times I could not attend church because we would have games on Sundays. I did, however, attended Campus Outreach and Bible Studies before our games. I am now attending a school close to home and and I have the opportunity to attend church on Sundays. So yeah I want to do well in school, but I also want to be a better person spiritually.

  12. The one thing I am trying to accomplish is building a reputation that I can look back on in the future and say I wouldn’t have done anything different. I want to be able to say that I lived my life to the fullest in an actual way and not in the fake way you see so many kids saying “YOLO” as the run through the street drunk. I want to build a reputation that I can show to my kids and have stories to tell without worrying about censoring things that they shouldn’t hear. I want to be proud of what I did in college.

  13. My goal is to become a gentleman. I started my transformation to become a man of integrity and character when I started college. I began to understand the importance of both academic success as well as a lively social life. I will continue to strive for my goal over the next few years, and even though I may not be perfect, but I always will try to uphold myself to the standards of a gentleman. Like Robert E. Lee said, we should “[strive] for that nobleness of self and mildness of character”.

  14. I want to figure out the person I’d like to become and make strides toward achieving that goal. Often times I never quite know if what I’m thinking is what I want to think or what people tell me to think. After experiencing my first year at college I am slowly realizing my potential and what I aspire to become. I was raised a respectable, conservative, and traditional gentleman. I intend on keeping those same morals and instilling them to people around me so everyone will have the respect that seems has been lost with our generation. When I can make strides and finally see where exactly I am going, I cannot wait to help those that were once in my footsteps. Those that are lost and wandering, looking for a hand to guide them.

  15. I would like to expand my knowledge beyond what I am studying in business. I want to know more about the world we live, and how we can change less than average living situations in an efficient way. Also help out those with alternatives to damaging lifestyles that don’t further burden the individual in another way. Ultimately, I want to feel the sense of accomplishment in that I am the best human being I could possibly be.

  16. My main goal before I graduate is a rather ambiguous one:

    I simply want to take full advantage of the opportunity to spend four years studying something that I am truly interested in. Instead of choosing my major based on what career path it will lead me down, I’ve chosen to pursue a degree that will satisfy my own interests and intellectual curiosities. At this point in my life, reading as many canonical works in western (and eastern for that matter) philosophical thought, history, and works of literature as I possibly can remains my main goal, and one that I will never even be able to fully accomplish. Nevertheless, I know that it will provide me with a sound foundation for the rest of my academic, professional, and personal life.

    After I have my undergraduate degree, I’ll have plenty of time to think about what kind of industry I would like to work in or what type of graduate studies I want to pursue. But for know, I just want to pursue an education for its intrinsic value and because it will be the only time in my life where my biggest responsibility will be to read great books and discuss the ideas of great men.

    That, to me, is the essence of “enjoying the ride” as they say.

  17. This is a tough question to ask a colege student. I thought of so many different answers from learning more about my self and what kind of man I can become in the future to becoming “Mr. Popular” at school. I could not come with just one answer though, but the more I thought about the more I understood what I wanted to accomplish out of my years in college. The answer is clear though what I want most to accomplish in my college years which is to look back after I graduated and say “DAMN, I LIVED IT UP IN COLLEGE.”

  18. My step dad gave me three points of advise upon entering college:

    1. Take personal accounting
    2. Think with your big head, not your little one
    3. Challenge every belief, take every opportunity to question the status quo

    The first two lessons seem to be more practical while the last one spiritual. But I’ve come to find out nu uh. Somewhere along freshman year I hit a point of depression, cynicism, and frustration. Nothing I’d thought to know about myself seemed to make sense. I felt hopeless. But no one knew it. After some time I was able to realize that at that time I was fighting a battle. The biggest battle I’ve ever had to fight, I was fighting my preconceived notions.

    A couple years later, now I realize how important that shedding process was. I shed my childish worries and dreams. I shed my deepest fears. Like a butterfly I emerged.

    Still I have yet to truly soar. Like a butterfly its taking me sometime to adjust to this change. Which is all good. I’m beautiful now. And in the last few years of college I hope to learn how to fly. At some points quickly, decidedly. At other points chill, content.

    I want to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  19. My goal through college is to become an officer in United States Air force. Im currently in the Air Force ROTC at my school and one day I hope to be a pilot, defending my country in the air. Other than performing my AFROTC duties I want to create relationships with people that can last forever. I want to be able to look back and say I made an impact on my campus. What would be even better is if I looked back and I had on a southern tide skip jack polo while making an impact!

  20. While in college I want to be able to learn and grow as a person. Learning in the classroom is why we are all in college, but also as a person in everyday life by associating with people and building networks that can later in life further the skills you learned through your education. I want to take advantage of the situation I am in knowing many won’t and never will have the shot to get an education. I’ve been through adversity in the first few years of college not being prepared for the dedication it takes to succeed. Now I just want to continue on the good work and study habits I have made for myself and enjoy the last few years because they will be the best of my life.

  21. Aside from your academic studies, what do you most want to accomplish during your college years?

    I want to successfully construct a diverse and expansive network of professors, fellow students, and alumni. In a world where academic excellence, even at the most top tier of schools, is not enough, networking is crucial. By attending events with alumni, joining clubs, and being otherwise socially active both with my peers and professors, I plan to build a network that is strong enough to, coupled with the strength of my academics, launch me into the real world on a successful trajectory. Data has shown that some 82% of jobs are attained through a connection of some sort, and this number can only rise as one’s list of contacts grows. Through conducting my self in a professional manner, creating intelligent conversation, and attending the appropriate events, I hope to set my self up for success.

  22. During my time in graduate school, I am trying to gain as much experience in the Venue and Event Management field as possible. This is why I work an un-Godly amount of hours per week for less than minimum wage all while juggling being a full-time grad student. Hopefully in the long run this will help me to land a great job out of school, instead of just an entry-level position.

  23. I want to be a pretty positive influence to everyone that comes into contact with me. I’m a dual-degree student, an RA, and a member of the Rowing team. While I’m at college I want to be an excellent student, and excellent friend, and an excellent Athlete. I’m finally pledging in the spring, so I want to be an excellent brother to the guys I join up with. I want to be successful in everything that lies ahead of me, but more importantly I want to succeed in being remembered at college as a friend and someone who was there when anyone might have needed him.

  24. During my time at Davidson College, I want to become half the man my father is.

    At age 15, his father passed away from complications from a quadruple bypass surgery. My dad had to work to provide for his family while staying focused on his grades, because his family didn’t have enough money to send him to college. Not only did he keep his family afloat, he graduated at the top of his class and was a finalist for the Morehead scholarship at UNC-CH, and won the Belk scholarship at Davidson College. But my father didn’t rest there: he used that full-ride scholarship to its fullest potential, joining a fraternity, doing community service, running cross country, earning an award for being the top pre-medical student at the college, and graduating in the top 1% of his class. He then went on to residency, where he was chief resident at UK. Within several years of joining a urology practice in Greenville, NC, he was already senior partner.

    Despite his many accomplishments and relentless work ethic, my dad has never sacrificed time with his family for work. He always made time to go to my sports games and presentations, and was the most compassionate and caring father I could have ever hoped for. He has worked hard for the past 20 years, through financial uncertainty, while battling with skin cancer, through the death of his mother, to save enough money for me to go to college anywhere I want.

    If I can graduate from Davidson with half of my dad’s work ethic, compassion, integrity, love, or patience, then I will have accomplished what I want to while I was at college. Love you dad.

  25. What I want to accomplish at school, is the ability to look back and not regret a single decision, action, or experiecne that I had. Although things may seem bad at the time, I so far have been able to learn and move on. Accomplishing this level of satisfaction will not only allow me to look back on the best 4 years of my life, but allow me to take the most away from my college experience. I will learn more from my time growing here than I will in any class. Looking back and not regretting a thing would leave me with a sense of self pride that would serve as a high point and motivation to pursue greater experiences for the rest of my life.

  26. Well, in College I want to be a pretty positive influence to everyone that comes into contact with me. I’m a dual-degree student, an RA, and a member of the Rowing team. While I’m at college I want to be an excellent student, and excellent friend, and an excellent Athlete. I’m finally pledging in the spring, so I want to be an excellent brother to the guys I join up with. I want to be successful in everything that lies ahead of me, but more importantly I want to succeed in being remembered at college as a friend and someone who was there when anyone might have needed him.

    (sorry if this shows up twice, it didn’t say that it sent)

  27. I would like to have fully explored all of the social and extracurricular experiences I regret not engaging as fully in during high school. I want to leave without being able to say, “Oh, I wish I’d done that,” because I did do that.

  28. My goal through the college is the simply be the best I can be at everything I care about. Here are just a couple.

    I’m part of a fraternity at Arizona State and one of my biggest goals is to become to best of the best of Greek life on campus. We already have some of the best Alumni Relations, Community Service work and for now have the 3’rd highest GPA out of the 26 fraternities on campus. I strive to be the best and be #1 on campus and push my brothers to do the same.

    I’m also a personal trainer at the moment, as it aligns with my major and the things I want to do in the future. I want to help people, firstly my close friends and family achieve their health and fitness goals. This is close to my heart as some family members suffer from obesity. So by the time I graduate i want to have helped them see significant results.

  29. I want to be able to come away from college with some true friends, to inspire and motivate those around me, and to be able to see the world in ways I’d never let myself see it before. I want try and become as open minded, and as accepting of others as I can. I want to be able to look back on these years and know I bettered myself, and surrounded myself with people I could learn, help, and be helped when needed.

  30. I want to make as many life long friends as possible. True friends will be there through thick and thin, and have your back always. They will be there to laugh and to party right along side with you. Even after college and education, those life long friends from college will continue to make your life complete and even more worth while. Making those friends is what I really want to accomplish.

  31. find a good wife

  32. I would like to make sure that students needs are met. I don’t want to hear issues around campus and know there is nothing that I can do. I plan to meet with administration and others to make sure that the college is as well tailored to the needs of the students as it can be. I am on the student government as well as have multiple jobs in the admissions office.I also want to have a good time while networking, learning, and bettering myself for the corporate world. Finally, I want to look as good as I can all the time.

  33. I currently attend the United States Coast Guard Academy. I put up with all the things that make a military academy so hard so that I can save lives, make my family proud, and most importantly to defend the greatest country in the world. The greatest accomplishment that I want to achieve is to be accepted to the United States Coast Guard’s Flight School in Pensacola, Florida. This isn’t just about being smart but being the best at everything, which is why this accomplishment is given to only roughly 10% of the people that apply. You have to be the smartest, the most fit, and show exemplary signs of a military officer to even be looked at.

    To some this accomplishment may seem not to hard, but to me and my family it means everything. My family, especially my father, taught me so much about being a man. The ultimate gift to him in return will be that day when I can tell him ” Hey Dad, I am going to Flight School and flying helicopters.” I don’t goal to school to make tons of money one day, find my dream wife, or to play sports. I go to school to give back to the United States of America.

  34. Since I’m a student at a southern school, it’s presumptuous to say I’m a product of the southern lifestyle. Not everyone in the South is truly of the south; and even though the institution I attend has historically been an enclave of all that is quintessentially southern, we’ve come a long way in ruining that tradition in South Carolina.

    It’s not my goal to presume that I know what is Southern. What I do know, though, is that as universities have become increasingly vocational and utilitarian, the tradition of the South has become largely forgotten. We think its football in autumn, or a good-time tailgating; we think its sweet tea, or a home-cooked meal; we think its hunting on Saturday and church on Sunday. That’s all good and well, but it’s too narrow; it’s too utilitarian.

    The South incorporates all of these experiences, but it is not the experiences themselves that make the South. Collectively, the South is a manner of living, a conduct of life, which gives birth to these experiences. Tailgating is about the enjoyment of community; a home-cooked meal is about sitting down with the family; church on Sunday is about deep-seeded beliefs. This manner of living is not practical, but it is traditional, and that is a beautiful thing. Even Southern Tide espouses an experience of the South that is much larger than the practicality of clothes; it’s a tradition in the South to dress well and with distinction because it serves as an analogy to being proper when in company, but comfortable as well.

    That’s why I’m crazy about football, that’s why I’m up at the butt crack of dawn to tailgate, that’s why I go home to enjoy my mom’s cooking when I can, that’s why I go to church on Sunday, that’s why I like Southern Tide. My greatest accomplishment when I finally graduate from the University of South Carolina will hopefully be that I lived the South and am evermore a product of it’s experiences.

  35. Jonathan Conover | September 18, 2012 at 1:49 pm |

    I have wanted to influence the next generation for good through the role of teaching. My degree in history ed is proficiently equipping me to to use teaching history as a tool to influence the next generation. They do not need to love history, or become historians, or even get good grades. My platform as a teacher though, can be used positively to effect change in kid’s lives. It is not disputed that the world has problems and while I cannot fix them all or even come close, I can be a part of positive change. I believe the next generation has so much potential due to our technological developments in communication and industry. I think a generation with so much potential, guided in a positive way can change the world- I want to be a part of that.

  36. My father always said “be yourself no matter what and do your best in whatever you do.” During my college years I simply want to find out who I really am. Whether it be just by what I’m best at in relation to my major or what kinds of friends I will get out of college. All I want is to experience a fun filled college career that I will remember for the rest of my life. Even if I get nothing but a degree, I will be satisfied if I can say that I had the best time possible in college.

  37. During my years at college, I hope to become the man my parents would want me to become. To be honest, caring, and successful. To lend my knowledge to those who need it, and leave everyone I meet with a better outlook on life then they had originally. I also hope to challenge myself, and push the limits of my character, while also pushing the limits on my comfort zone.

    Beyond anything else, I hope to be able to look back after school is through, and have absolutely no regrets.

  38. Brandon Bunol | September 18, 2012 at 2:06 pm |

    There are many things that i want to accomplish while I am in college. First, I want to become a leader in my college community by helping and volunteering my time to the community to help better myself. I want to grow in my education and gather as much knowledge as possible, without letting college fly past me. People always say that college memories will be some of the best memories of your life, and I have set goals to allow myself to have work time and have play time because I do not want those memories to pass me by. I want to create many personal relationships with diverse groups of people. I want to be pushed in my college endeavors and take myself to the next limit. I want grow into a man who knows what it takes to be successful in this world, but who also knows how to give back to the same community that made him the man that he is.

  39. What I want to accomplish most during my college years is to be more aware of my surroundings and be more appreciative. Everyone is different and whoever I am able to meet during my college years is such a pleasure. College is a lot different than high school, where college is less cliquey and more enjoyable to meet new people. Learning about different people, where they’re from, and their reason of pursuing an education in their desired field. Overall, being a better Christian and meeting new people and networking are some things I want to accomplish most for my final year at school.

  40. Just to make people smile. So, in years to come, when people look back on their time at university, they’d possibly think of me and maybe let out a little laugh – I will have spent my time well.

  41. I want to grow beyond myself. To look at my limits and betray them.

  42. During my college years, my goal is to develop myself into the leader that I know that I can be. These years are an excellent time to engage in a variety of activities, both fraternal and on campus, that can shape a boy into a man. I have not been afraid to fail, and doing so has taught me some of my greatest lessons. I believe that I must dive headfirst into my endeavors and live life to the fullest in order to get the greatest college experience. I also believe in striving to be as gentlemanly as possible, as it is my opinion that today’s world suffers from a shortage of such men. In keeping with that theme, it is a daily goal of mine to be a positive force to everyone that I come into contact with. All in all, I will hold nothing back, and give of myself in order to succeed.

  43. To grow into the role of a man past what I thought possible; one that pushes the limits of possible.

  44. To build connections and friendships that will last after I graduate, and to prepare adequately for graduate school.

  45. While still in college, I really want to try to try to spread music to as many kids as possible. As a music education major, I’m probably going to be doing this my whole life. During college, though, its so easy to lose track of your goals and get bogged down by all the classes, assignments and stress. Sometimes I forget why I’m here in the first place. I have a passion for music and a passion for teaching. I really enjoy getting to help younger kids learn about music. I’m lucky enough to be able to teach saxophone lessons every week to Jr. High Students, and it astounds me how much these kids’ abilities grow week to week. They look forward to lessons so much and are always so enthusiastic during them. It isn’t a hassle like getting tutored in math or science, this is something that they actually enjoy doing and they enjoy being there.

    It is so encouraging to me to get to work with these students every week and see their progress. Every day I’m reminded of why I picked my major in the first place. I believe it is especially important to help students in college because I’m still young and I can still relate to them. I can use examples and visuals that they know to help them grasp concepts, not to mention it helps me apply things I learn in my classes to real life situations.

  46. As I conclude my final years of college in the pursuit of academic excellence, I ultimately aspire to mold myself into the man that I truly want to be. While I can simply state a moot goal of engaging myself in the world of material wealth and possessions, I justly want to become the man that will ultimately define me.

    As I entered college only a few years ago as a mere boy, I have gradually developed the traits that will define me as a man. After I graduate, it is unlikely that I will hold in memory the academic subjects for which I studied or the scholarly thoughts for which I possessed, however, it is certain that I will retain what I learned about becoming an honorable man. I will possess the qualities of the noble man whom I wish to be to go into this world of uncertainty with a sound mind to do good in the most highest of regards.

    As I leave college, I will forge my way into an exciting career, and an undoubtedly new way of life, however the most important aspect of this stage in my life will the beginning of the life of the man who I looked most hopeful in becoming. I want to be the man who does good without recognition, who does the right thing in the darkness of night, who puts others before himself for the single purpose of helping others.

    When my children are told things about me, I will want them to be proud. I will want them to see what I have done for others and envision the type of person whom they would like to become after seeing what I have done. I wish to demonstrate a sense of fairness and responsibility to do the right thing regardless of how it may affect my own interests. I wish to show my integrity in always doing what I believe in my heart to be right, no matter what externalities may prevail or what others may think. I wish to have the honor and courage to stand up for what is right and defend against what is wrong.

    This, in spite of the texts for which we are currently engrossed in, is what I wish to accomplish during my college years. I want to become the man who I have been working to become these past few years. My strong desire to be this man is instilled in me and is what will mark the achievement of my higher education. I do believe that I can become this man, and under any circumstances will do what is a reflection of this man whom I wish to become.

  47. I would like to grow in my knowledge and learn to become the best CPA possible to serve my clients until my dying day. Hopefully that day will be soon, and as I look back over my college years, I realize that it’s character that counts. I hope to improve in this area and always do the right thing even if it isn’t convenient. And although I’m done with my 4 year degree and am looking forward to the possibility of grad school in the future and am still studying for the CPA exam, I hope that my learning continues for the rest of my life.

  48. I want to win an Ivy League Championship in baseball for Penn and meet great people and form even better friendships.

  49. When contemplating what I wanted to do “aside from my academic studies”, I realized that the vast majority of my goals for these four years have nothing to do with academics at all. (Consequently, these ‘four years’ may actually take closer to five). It has been said that if a college graduate went straight from walking across the stage when they receive their diploma to a desk where they would write everything they had learned in a classroom, that the graduate could only write for about three hours. If this really is true (and I do believe it is), so much more is accomplished outside the classroom setting.

    With all that being said, what I aspire to accomplish with these years is simply to make the most of them, for they only come around once in a lifetime. I want to not grow up too fast, but not get myself into too much trouble. I want to not burden myself with excess responsibility when I don’t have to, but to slowly take on the added responsibilities of coming into adulthood and independence. I want to do all the things I could do no other time in my life besides college as much as I possibly can, because I only have one chance to do so.

  50. Learn to be an outstanding teacher as well as researcher. (Life’s a little different in graduate school.)

  51. I would like to kick my coke habit and take it easy with the gin and tonics. This pride would allow me to be looked up to in style (not that I’m not already).

  52. Honestly I just want to figure out what I really want to do with my life

  53. I want to rock my upcoming classes – so I can learn a lot and therefore accomplish my goals – I would also like to have a lot of fun and make some really good friends

  54. I would like to continue to expand my knowledge of business law and also continue to excel in golf. Being a student-athlete is one of the toughest obstacles in college because its hard to have balance. My main goal is to be able to balance school, golf, and fun. That is the order of importance also. I have been able to maintain a 3.8 GPA over my first three years of college and would like to finish college on the same high note that I started. Last but not least I would like to gain lots of long lasting relationships with friends that I can communicate with regularly after college.

  55. I want to go and do everything that would be considered moderately irresponsible when I have a real job.

  56. I want to be able to grow as a man and come out of my shell. Want to make campus life better for future students at my school.

  57. To learn the things you can’t grasp by simply going to class and have to experience for yourself to truly understand. To train for a marathon. Lose a ton of money in the stock market. Make it all back. Spend a weekend in the poorest part of your state and buy a family dinner. Have lunch with a presidential candidate and pick up some wisdom from him. Forget what all your bros say and fall in head over heels love. Write an article stating your opinions in the newspaper. Those are the type of experiences that make you a better person and teach you a thing or two about life. Some of those I’ve done and others I plan to accomplish (and have a way to go with only 1.5 years left in college). Going from being sheltered and unaware of how the world works to actually experiencing life firsthand is what college is about, and that’s why the classroom is the smallest part of these years.

  58. I am a firm believer in traditional liberal arts education, but more than this, I believe that education should be greater than simply a utilitarian preparation for a technical or business career. These are fine things in themselves, but as C.S. Lewis once wrote, “If education is beaten by training, civilization dies.” During my time at university, I want to broaden my mind in the classical model, and to participate in serious historical scholarship, my particular passion. But if I must define one central goal for my education, and indeed, a vision for all higher learning, it would be to become a man of virtue, a man who will choose good over evil.

  59. Do my work, fulfill my obligations, maintain my self-respect, and bring about that happy life wherein I may more truly love my fellow men, serve my country, and obey my God.

  60. In my four to six years at college, I would like to take away an experience that will propel me to greatness. I believe that in order succeed you must do it on your own. For this work you must have dedication in the things that you care about. Hard work can come in the form of long nights of working on a project to present, or taking the time to network properly and put yourself in a position to succeed.

  61. I’m going to gain the knowledge and wisdom that can only be developed through years of pushing oneself towards academic achievement and worthwhile life experiences.

  62. I would like to simply better the lifestyles of others. While participating in my fraternity, academic realm, physician shadowing, tutoring mathematics, and the college lifestyle in general, I would like to leave a lasting impression on anyone that I come in contact with. I want people to understand that they can appreciate themselves for who they really are. I want them to realize that they can do anything that they apply themselves toward, and confidence that they can. They can overcome any obstacle that they may run into. It may be difficult, but I let them know that they are strong/smart enough to overcome their problems. Through instilling self-esteem into others, I can also thrive off of their achievements because I know that I provided them with the confidence to push forward. I simply want to better the man.

  63. I plan to become a better person and meet new people from different walks of life.

  64. As I begin my 2nd year of Law School my focus is firmly on finding a job for 2 reasons. 1, to pay off the massive amount of student loans I had to take out, and 2, to help people-whether it is the down trodden, the injured, the innocent victim, or the innocent person being accused. As long as I am able to use my skills and abilities to help others, I know Karma will help me in return. And for those of you still in undergrad AEKDB-if you understand that!

  65. My goal for college aside from academics is to make long lasting friendships. I am a senior now and I can say that I have already accomplished that because I have made a lot of friends that I will never forget and a lot of memories that I will always look back on.

  66. If I’m honest, my main goal is to grow as an artist — as an art student, that’s almost an academic goal, but it also stands alone. I could get great grades and disappoint myself on that front, or I could get bad grades and knock artistic growth out of the park. The second one isn’t much of an option, of course, since I literally cannot afford to lose even a cent of scholarship money. That’s why I’m so grateful to Southern Tide and Ivy Style for giving me a shot at getting some great clothes at a price even I can afford.

  67. During my college career, other than my studies, I would like to establish life-long connections that will potentially help me in the real world one day. I think it is important to have strong relationships with friends and family because people are important to me.

  68. During my college years, one of the things that I’ve been trying to accomplish the most is meeting as many people as possible. I want to grow my network as big as possible, because when I’ve learned that is not so much as what you know, than who you know. This phrase has helped get interviews and an internship that I would have otherwise never had, had a chance to obtain.

  69. Day after day I wake up and don my now slightly stained labcoat. It is a symbol; a symbol of education, of a curious mind, or maybe even of a mad scientist. But today I must shamefully admit it has become a symbol of something darker, that the white cotton polyblend symbol of science hides sciences greatest shortcoming. We as scientists are the worst dressed on most college campuses. The tattered tee shirts and baggy cargo pants pale in comparison to the uggs with the holes ductaped over (for safety!). Somehow some of us come to think of our white coats as armor, either against the carboxylic acid we mix for the sophomore organic chemistry labs or against the scrutiny of onlookers curious at what we are doing. Truth be told we can’t wear our white suits of armor everywhere, but it doesn’t stop us from dressing like we haven’t found new cloths since middle school. Please Southern Tide, help us out, take one of us under your wing (me) and raise me from the pits of sartorial purgatory. Every dollar I don’t spend on cloths is another spent on a really cool microscope objective  (or a new condenser!) I promise not to spill or burn anything!

  70. To expand my mine in one last glorious moment of freedom before it’s enlisted to oppressing the proletariat.

  71. These pleas are all very touching, but a comment will be chosen at random, right?

  72. Before I finish graduate school, I want to turn my wardrobe into a more mature and work-place ready collection.

  73. My goals are simple: study hard, sail fast, and have fun!

  74. During my years at college, I want to create a basis for the rest of my life in both my studies, career, and personal life. I would like to graduate with a greater knowledge for Biology, my area of study as well as a fond memory of everything I went through in college, both the good and the bad.

    With my Dad being a volunteer fireman, and my mom being a nurse, the medical field has been calling my name for a long time and I look forward to my continued studies after these four years. I’ve always wanted to help others and I hope to do that during these four years and beyond in my life.

    Along with my academic goals, I also have personal goals for my years in college. In my two years here already, I feel that I have met so many people that I will have a bond with for the rest of my life. I have many memories of my friends and I hope to continue making these memories for two more years and beyond.

    Between academics and personal goals, the next years are sure to be something to remember and I hope I can cherish these memories forever.

  75. I just want to become a more well rounded good person, who has made greek life at my school better than when I came here

  76. I want to be the man who reminds my school that men should be intelligent, fit, well dressed, well spoken, strong, and of good moral character.

  77. In college I would like to be:

    A Man of Good Character…
    A Student of Fair Ability..
    With Ambitious Purposes..
    A Congenial Disposition..
    Possessed of Good Morals
    Having a High Sense of Honor And
    A Deep Sense of Personal Responsibility.

  78. I came to college with a slightly different perspective. After high school, I joined the U.S. Army for five years of active service and then began college. I’ve always felt that those five years gave me an understanding of why I was in college that went beyond “it’s just the next thing to do after high school.” With this in mind, apart from securing a good education, my goal has been to help other students. The Army taught me how to be a man of honor and understand what that really means. I have tried to pass that understanding on through the concepts of integrity, honor, commitment, and a desire to always do the right thing. Finally, with only one semester remaining I am trying hard to establish a lasting scholarship for men who demonstrate those characteristics so I can leave my university a better place than when I began.

  79. I hope to build the foundation of a strong career through networking, growing as an individual, and focusing on my studies.

  80. I became the first person in my immediate family to attend college when I chose to due so 3 years ago. I knew that this is what I needed to change my family tree. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy and that I would rack up numerous student loans and other bills. All cons aside, I knew this decision would be my family for the future.

    Working every year in college has helped me develop time management skills and also money skills. Juggling school, work and fraternity life has helped me stay focused on obtaining my degree. I strive to be a good example and show other students from low income families that it is possible to go to college and earn a degree.

    Networking in college has become a huge benefit. Joining a fraternity and meeting prominent people at my job can only benefit me once I graduate. I hope that by deciding to attend college that I have helped better my current family and have put my future family in a better place than I would have if I would have chosen the other route. Receiving this clothing package would help in impressing future employers and help getting my foot in the door to what could change the rest of my life.

  81. Besides my academic studies, I would like to accomplish three major goals. First I would like to continue meeting new people and networking because it is all about the hands that you shake. Fortunately, networking is one of the many benefits of joining a fraternity. Second, I would like to gain real world experience in my chosen field by doing internships and traveling the world, all of which benefits me when I graduate. Lastly, I want to get in the best shape of my entire life, and I am already on the right track!

  82. I will be studying this year at a UK school, but am an American (with US address), so I hope I am still eligible.

    I am beginning a PhD dealing with the experiences of WWI veterans. As a vet myself, I hope to use this to help other vets who are readjusting to civilian society.

  83. I’m not going to lie, I’m a senior and at this point, I just want to be able to actually make it out with my friends one night instead of slowly dying under a stack of books. That, and finish the marathon I’m training for.

  84. I’d simply like to find my fraternity and school better than I found it. Improving any organization will improve me, giving me more confidence and experience.

  85. I want to see my university thrive and flourish as a growing institution. Not only that but I want to be at the forefront of student life. Enriching new students lives by getting them involved in something greater than themselves. I want every higher authority on campus to know me and know me and a young man who has what it takes to achieve succes, and is humble in his success. I want to establish a sound relationship with all my professors and fellow students. These are the things I want to accomplish during my time in college, and these are things I will accomplish.

  86. Striving to be a balanced man through the resources offered by my fraternity, keep on developing my resume and GPA for law school, and continue to uphold what myself and the US stand for when I take next semester off to attend Marine Corps basic training and continue on in the Marine reserves throughout my college career.

  87. I would like to find an amazing internship! I’ve been told that finding an internship with a company you like is an important way to move into the career portion of your life.

  88. As an artist, I hope to find a few more colleagues to start out on the right foot with a full functioning studio space to keep the dream moving in the right direction. As a husband, I hope to have a few teaching positions under my belt so that the misses doesn’t hit the road. I think dating the struggling artist is always appropriate, but no one wants to be married to a bum, especially a threadbare one. Thanks.

  89. This is so cheesy, I can’t believe my eyes. These “confessions” are bluntly effeminate and tossy. It’s the first time I got to observe the full extent of American fatuous, self-absorbed myopia, and it left me flabbergasted…

  90. As a competitive weightlifter for my university, my goal is to medal at Collegiate National Weightlifting nationals in the 105kg weight class.

  91. Aside from your academic studies, the thing I want to accomplish most is too be able to look back and say that I left everything on the table and that I have no regrets. What I mean by this is that I want to make as many connections as I can, become an outstanding leader and never regret a single thing I did while here at the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk!

  92. I hope to lead the men’s soccer team to a place in the NCAA tournament, while becoming fluent in Mandarin within the classroom. Go ‘Gheny baby.

  93. In the final stretch of my college career, my senior year, I am planning on accomplishing my goals of bolstering my portfolio of economic research (I am a Finance and Economics student), helping to elect Republican candidates to office through my efforts in the lobbying sector as well as volunteering in campaigns, and to propose to my longtime girlfriend. I am well on my way to achieving all three goals. I would also like to secure a career position with an economic think tank in Washington, almost solely to collect on a bet with my father for four new OCBDs once the BB Christmas sale comes around, but mainly to pursue research that demonstrates free market capitalism’s ability to uplift those in poverty to more reasonable means of living.

  94. As an engineering student and a fraternity man at a small Midwest University much of my time is dedicated to studying thermodynamics and calculus among other analytical subjects. Aside from these studies I wish to be a true student.At a University centered on engineering I wish to expand, not only those aspects of myself, but the creative and intellectual as well. I believe that a true academic has a wide breadth of knowledge that spans many subjects. He is cultured, well kempt, and gentlemanly. I want to achieve this by challenging myself to seek out culture and knowledge beyond my studies.

    In a place centered on one type of thinking, full of casual and lazy attitudes, my wish is to become the best and most encompassing version of myself. A true academic: the definition of a gentleman. By doing this I want to change the culture around me and reestablish what it means to be a student and a fraternity man.

  95. College life has taught me, above all else, that you will never stop earning the things that truly matter.

    My folks, teachers both, told me in high school that I had no college fund left, so I worked my tail off and earned academic scholarships that have paid for 80% of my undergrad. I wanted to write a book while in school, so last year I used some money earned from working nights and weekends to self-publish a small volume of poetry that I will submit for true publication later this year. I had an experimental class dealing with 3-Dimensional Modelling and Plastic Printing last semester that I wanted to do well in; I ended up spending 20-30 hours a week in the lab (that was after going to work) and being asked to present on the subject at the University Foundation dinner. The best opportunities you get are the ones you create for yourself and earn for yourself.

    What I boil down to is an engineering student who loves the challenge of solving problems with style and creativity: I’ve grown to resent how cut-and-dry engineering is presented to students and non-students alike. To set myself apart, I’ve begun work on a latent-solar car of my own design that fuses the style of Art Deco with the modern, edgy styling of our vehicles today. I intend to finish the concept and present my ideas at a conference or auto show to demonstrate what I can do. With my record of accomplishment so far, I know I will.

    We are the new. We won’t wait to use our talents, educations, styles, or opportunities to earn our success. Rather, we will earn them by using them relentlessly, every day.

  96. One of the most important skills I want to acquire through the course of my college career is the ability to view a variety of circumstances as learning opportunities. Whether in a classroom setting or in a conversation with a friend, I hope to develop the ability to extract whatever lesson I can from whatever situation I find myself in. Additionally, I hope leave a legacy of service at my University, and some kind of positive impact on the community my University is situated in.

  97. In addition to networking and learning as much as possible, I am striving to give back to the community as much as possible. I know once I graduate I will have far less time to volunteer, and so I am doing all I can to make these years count.

  98. Ian Dickinson | September 19, 2012 at 10:23 am |

    I want to do the best academically I possibly can. I’ve finally learned to apply myself and school provides and excellent indicator of the best one can achieve.

  99. Try not to die with the mountain of student debt…

  100. I’d like to be able to graduate and get a job. That’s a pretty big ask these days, it seems. Mum’s getting on in years, so as an only child it’d be nice to know I can take care of her.

    Maybe meet a girl with a nice smile and a nice book collection.

    Yeah, that sounds alright to me.

  101. I want to fluent in Spanish and spend a semester in Spain studying wine making.

  102. Just started college two weeks ago. The comments here offer some interesting takes on a question I am still wrestling with myself. What I do know, is that you never know who you’ll meet, so you might as well look your best. Thanks for the entry!

  103. Howard M. Hennessey | September 19, 2012 at 2:01 pm |

    Not very long ago I was admittedly lost. In hopes of bettering myself I re-enrolled into college. This time was different though. I was not going into school for personal gain; instead, I was going back for my mother, my father, my siblings, and my friends. Many of my closest friends were as lost as I had been and I wanted to set an appropriate example. My goals had been refocused away from selfish gains. Though I maintain the sense for my own success I now want to succeed for all of those who I hold dear in life. With a collegiate education I can hopefully help all of those who have lost their way just as I had. With this all being said it does help to look pretty damn good when you first put your foot in the door.

  104. GeorgetownJOE | September 19, 2012 at 2:59 pm |

    I would like to advance the establishment of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a new fraternity at Georgetown University. SAE became a colony at Georgetown in February of 2011. I pledged SAE in the Spring of 2012. Myself and 37 other gentlemen have just accepted a pledge class of 28 students, and we hope that these pledges will contribute to the fraternity in the hopes of attaining a charter in March of 2013. As the University does not formally recognize fraternities, we have an opportunity to be a very unique entity at Georgetown. This is not a normal fraternity that one may see at other Universities where a formal Greek Life exists. We are a group of men with a passion for camaraderie and excellence. It is my hope that I can contribute to the long-term establishment of this fraternity. Furthermore, I believe that this is a very unique opportunity that most college students do not have. I want to enhance my leadership skills and get invaluable life experience to move forward in my future endeavors.

  105. I want to continue in my progression as a musical composer. I do it recreationally; I find it very addictive. Currently, I’m writing a tone poem based on The Lord of the Flies. It’s the best thing I’ve written to this point, which is a great feeling.

    I want to figure out what to do with my life, as well. If anything. Who knows.

    I also want to add to my clothes collection. So, hellz yes.

  106. I want to continue in my progression as a musical composer. I do it recreationally; I find it very addictive. Currently, I’m writing a tone poem based on The Lord of the Flies. It’s the best thing I’ve written to this point, which is a great feeling.

    I want to figure out what to do with my life, as well. If anything. Who knows.

    I also want to add to my clothes collection. So, hellz yes.

    Double post, because my last email wasn’t my school email.

  107. Curtis Garner | September 19, 2012 at 5:00 pm |

    I would like to develop not only my character, but my leadership abilities as well. As a cadet at the United States Military Academy, I will be tasked to lead soldiers after graduation; in only two short years. I owe it to the men and women I will one day lead to be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible regarding every facet of my chosen profession.

  108. Become a man by learning to:

    Shine my own shoes (properly, with conditioner, wax, the whole nine yards)

    Launder my dress shirts (sounds easy, yet it’s been so hard to lose the Dry Cleaners)

    Tie a bowtie (fashionably, of course)

  109. I would answer the question with one word: moderation. More specifically, I would like to not only understand the meaning of moderation, but “practice what I preach.” As a first year graduate student, I feel like I have a unique perspective (and therefore answer) to the question at hand. Essentially, accomplish the task of doing everything in moderation. Doing something to an extreme limit may even make you successful. However, the missed opportunities can’t be bought back with any amount of money. Time is the most valuable asset.

  110. As I started college I opened up my own stock trading account and have made $1,000 so far. By the end of college I to hope to make this to $5,000 and pursue my career as a money manager.

  111. I’d like to affect some kind of change at my school before I leave. I go to one of the oldest schools in the country, and part of what makes it great is the heritage, but there are some areas in which a progressive view could greatly improve it.

  112. I want to have sex with as many women as possible

  113. To leave a lasting legacy within my fraternity, and to encourage and empower our younger members to become leaders on campus and throughout life.

  114. Clark Holzworth | September 19, 2012 at 8:21 pm |

    Besides studying, I want to learn what I want from life. This means that I want to grow, but also learn as much as I can. I am trying to have as many new experiences as possible, while developing my own style and way of life.

  115. Some of these statements are depressing evidence about the mentality of today’s college students.

  116. Aside from academics I just want to have the time of my life. I’m currently a senior and I have goals to go into nursing school and become a surgical nurse that works with Doctors Without Borders. God willing this is the path I follow. I want to travel the world and learn about different cultures. I have a grand desire to meet people and leave my mark on this world. I want to make an impact on people, even if those impacts are small I want to be remembered. So in this last year here in my home away from home I plan to have the time of my life, make wonderful memories, spend time with my best friends, travel to new places, and live life to the fullest!

  117. “What do I most want to accomplish during my college years?”
    Honestly that’s a loaded question but a goal I’ve been going at for a while now.
    I have things I can say I’m proud of that I’ve done at ECU.
    As well as some not to favorable.

    Ultimately I’ve made a Buried List of things I want to accomplish to
    better myself and have a few stories to tell on the way.

    #26 Compete in a Sailing Regatta.
    #55 Make Robin Williams Laugh.
    #31 Pay parents debt.
    #64 Pull a prank with Ellen Degeneres.

    Some funny, some more ambitious, but my top goal of all
    is to find my birth mom in Peru.

    In the past year and a half I have done the following to do just that.
    Call a number of different states
    Get kicked out of a hospital in VA
    Travel to Peru for a youth trip
    Learn about human trafficking
    Almost getting arrested
    Search for the nuns that took her in
    Talked to the former assistant director of NCIS
    E-mail churches in Spain and Peru

    Needless to say it’s a mouthful and all this with only a name to go on.
    My search is still ongoing, even in the face
    of adversity and school demands. Being an
    engineer I am naturally persistent but I never
    thought I’d have been able to do any of this a
    year and a half ago.

    I read in other comments about heart felt stories,
    making a legacy for themselves, becoming a person
    of character, all the previous accomplishments they
    have done and I think to some level, I am sorely
    outmatched in those areas of degree.

    Do I want to win this contest yes. I’ve greatly enjoyed
    Southern Tide wear for a number of years but if I don’t
    make the draw I know I’ve made an impression to
    someone reading this at most. I’d like to believe that
    my story has inspires others to go after their goals.

    Between under grad and Grad school I plan to
    volunteer at the YMCA down in Peru, learn Spanish,
    work with a number of different people and continue
    my search in the process.

    So go Southern Tide and Carpe Diem! That’s the way to live!

  118. Unlike most these people I don’t necessarily have an extravagant story. I want to get the most out of the relationships I make with my friends and fraternity brothers. Strengthen my relationships with people who I can work with, talk with, laugh with, cry with, and drink with for the rest of my life.

  119. I most want to successfully build a professional network, and strengthen friendships so they might last a lifetime.

  120. Joe Kwiatkowski | September 20, 2012 at 7:59 am |

    College for many is just a party that unfortunately ends. For others, it is an experience that will shape the rest of their life in ways they could have never imagined. For me, it is not about grades, parties, or cheerleaders. It is more important to learn the most about yourself, mainly those skills, talents and abilities that are unique to each individual.

    Through this self exploration I have revealed my true character, and the unlimited potential that I will fulfill. These moments and achievements that I have experienced are not to be looked upon forlornly, but to celebrate that I was there, and what I learned.

  121. College, to me, is a test of the character I built while at prep school. I have more freedom and more choices to make. My goal is to strengthen my character and become a responsible citizen. The American tradition of hard work, success, and self-sustainability is something I want to uphold. I want to give more to this country than I take from it.

  122. I would love get out and study abroad. I am forever thankful that New England is where I was born and raised; growing up here really has made me the young man I am today, but I want to see what the rest of the world has to offer. I want to meet people of other cultures, try new things that may scare me, and maybe even meet the love of my life somewhere along the way.

    I would then like to come home to my friends and family with a new, cultured outlook on life, earn my degree, and get out there and succeed in the real world.

  123. Besides keeping up with my studies, my other main goal in college is to grow spiritually. I have been searching for a way to become closer to God for a few years, and I believe I am at a campus with genuinely kind people now that can help me accomplish that. When this goal is reached, I aspire to help others just like myself.

  124. I want to become the best musician I can be at the moment and attain the artistic integrity that would guide me further into the life of professional music maker.

  125. As this is my final semester in college, I have to look back more so than I once did. I feel that I have accomplished much of what I want, as what I want is more of a marginal growth goal and less of a check mark.

    In college, I’ve wanted to (and I believe I have) grown in my ability to survive on my own and provide for myself and those I care about. Wish me luck in my job search.


  126. During college, I hope to develop into an honest, kind, intelligent, well-dressed man. I want to succeed…not for myself but for my family. I want to show my grandmother how far we’ve come.

  127. I’d like to spend everyday getting better.

  128. I want most out of my college years is to fulfill my plan of being an academic and athletic all-american at my college. I am the first of my family to participate in NCAA athletics and hope to set a lasting example for my younger brother. Almost exactly one year ago I suffered a ruptured achilles tendon during the first day of fall lacrosse. Following surgery I was in  four different leg casts, to properly stretch my repaired achilles tendon. The recovery and rehab time since that night in September has given me a much different perspective on life and how finite opportunites can be. Setting benchmarks for my progress to return to the field helped me focus on my academics, and I was rewarded by making the Deans List for the spring semester. Although I had not been cleared to return to full activity until April. I had been playing basketball and soccer since January just weeks after coming out of a walking boot to regain some of the footwork I had lost due to my injury. Now athletically, I have returned to almost 100% and will be on the starting midfield line for this season and will be playing in this weekends fall scrimmage against KSC alumni.

  129. Besides becoming a Power Systems Engineer my mission and entrepreneurial goal is assisting young men transition from the college world to the real world successfully. I have always felt that our generation of young men have been given the short end of the stick. The Cultured Frat Boy aims at finding solutions and fixing this problem. We want to offer young males the opportunity to reach their highest potential when it comes to their careers and lifestyle. We want to be an effective tool in a young man’s life when it comes to reaching his goals, objectives, and successes. We here at The Cultured Frat Boy are dedicated writers, journalists, graphic designers, web engineers and young college students like who are trying to find our way in this new society that many of us are ill prepared for. This site is devoted to bringing relevant news, career advice, style tips, and entertainment. Our News section educates students on the world of the 21st Century. We highlight stories of global events, influential people, international business, and stories simply that have an impact on a students life but they may have over looked. Our career section will features advice that has been proven to work in getting a job and getting that highly sought after promotion. There are many career tools online and we bring all the relevant ones to students on The Cultured Frat Boy. We hope that this online magazine, which we are working hard to build, will become part of a students life in a positive and enlightening way. Our hope is that this web magazine will help students help others who are trying to find careers, become trendsetters, or simply become what we call the 21st Century Man.

  130. My goal for college is to learn how to be the best me that I can be. I feel like a collegiate atmosphere is the best place to truly explore who you are as a person. I am studying business administration, and even though I have no clue where I will end up after college, I want to make sure that I leave a better and more knowledgeable person than I entered.

  131. Before I left for college, my father told me, “Above all else, don’t let your studies get in the way of your education.” This initially struck me as odd, because my father was a brilliant, academic man, but during my time at college I have come to understand the wisdom of his advice. College is indeed a place to study and earn a degree, but more than that it is the place to form one’s self into the adult they choose to be. I have found that there is perhaps no better tool for learning than the freedom given to college students. Having taken my father’s advice as my foremost goal, I have found college to be an endless opportunity to learn the right way to do things, from calculus to drinking to properly tying a tie. College is for me, the place to build myself in the rich traditions and values of the American man.

  132. My ultimate goal is to influence people to hold fast to the important traditions that form the foundation of western civilization. Love of God, family, and country – in that order – are the things that I aspire to.

  133. Michael Mattis | September 20, 2012 at 3:37 pm |

    Good Lord, the kids these days are a drearily earnest lot. Anyone know who’s got a keg this weekend? Where are the co-eds?

  134. I want to leave college with a well rounded individual. This means being able to walk into a room looking fine as hell in my new southern tide gear and be able to have an intelligent conversation with the most beautiful woman in the room. It means chatting up a business executives and politicians like it aint know thang. It means staying physically fit, mentally sharp, and retaining some sense of morality, or at least knowing right from wrong. If i can do this then I’ve had a successful college career.

  135. My goal is to expand my knowledge as much as possible to position myself for a job in my field. I’m also trying to slowly accumulate quality gear from working jobs while in graduate school to allow myself to present myself as a professional upon getting hired.

  136. I hope to be able to help bring my team to an Ivy League championship by the end of my time at school.

  137. Im Currently a student at the Johns Hopkins University, and while my studies in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science do take a large portion of my time, I’ve prided myself on being very involved on campus. My school has a….reputation, a reputation for being no fun at all. I strongly disagree with that stigma and I’ve been having an amazing time at college. However, there is still a large portion of the student body that doesn’t see eye to eye with me, always complaining about a lack of fun activities and school spirit (except lacrosse of course!) Its my goal, that by the end of my senior year, Hopkins will be a happier, more enthusiastic place. I am a varsity fencer, ambassador to the admissions department for the undergraduate student body, president of my fraternity, founder of 3 student organizations (my favourite is the Hopkins Hooligans, where a group of friends and I show up to poorly attended sports events and start a cheer section) Executive member of the largest student run fair in the country. I’ve been throwing myself head-first into my activities, making connections within the school’s organization, and slowly making my vision of my school a reality. GO HOP GO HOP

  138. I’m hoping to medal in the 400 and 200 IM at NCAAs and maybe set a school or ACC record.

  139. My goal is to develop relationships and friendships that will last throughout my life.

  140. M Mattis, “Good Lord, the kids these days are a drearily earnest lot. Anyone know who’s got a keg this weekend? Where are the co-eds?”

    Yes that’s what I was thinking, but I like Jack”s simple and direct approach,
    “My ultimate goal is to influence people to hold fast to the important traditions that form the foundation of western civilization. Love of God, family, and country – in that order – are the things that I aspire to.”

    A mix of Churchill and MacArthur, well done.

  141. Edward S Hintze | September 20, 2012 at 6:49 pm |

    I’ve just started my freshman year, and the desire to see things with my eyes, as well as through books has been somewhat fulfilled. I grew up in England and going to an American university was something I’ve always wanted to do – according to my mother my ten year old self thought San Diego U would be a good idea because I like the beach there. However, I’m presently spending my first year with the university in Shanghai. Going with the most alien experience possible, in part to see if i could, and in part to build a resume. However, at the end of my four years I’d like:
    A diploma
    Something worth bragging about to the guys back home who (mostly) are all doing three year courses.
    People and memories worth holding onto – especially the painful ones, seeing as how they are often better teachers than professors.
    Perhaps find the right girl, as it seems a lot of people do.
    Walk away having done this for the right reasons – for educations sake; unfortunately for my younger self i think i enjoy learning.

  142. Charlie Brown | September 20, 2012 at 7:44 pm |

    I want to come away from college with a great physique, a great wardrobe, and a trunkful of books that I didn’t have time to read during my four years here.

  143. What I want to accomplish most from my undergraduate education is to not only grow as a person, but also grow into a community leader a politically active citizen in my state and country. Through my studies so far I’ve come to the realization that my fellow students often have given up on a political system that they feel outlasted. This has been an interesting experience due to not only being a foreigner in this country but also part of a University department that allows undergraduates the opportunities to become TAs. By taking up that opportunity I have gained motivation to pursue a phd in my major. Essentially my accomplishments in education will and have been to try to get others motivated to pursue education as a means of becoming more political and socially aware citizens of this great country.

  144. My goal as a student is to learn how to network. That includes getting more involved in clubs and athletics, as well as gaining self confidence in social situations.

  145. In addition to the normal host of academic and moral improvements everyone imagines when they begin college: win a collegiate fencing tournament.

  146. College River Guide | September 21, 2012 at 12:09 am |

    During my tenure at college I hope to cultivate myself into a sophisticated conossieur of all things fine. Such things include: music, literature, Greek plays, cigars and fashion. I have been paddling through colllege as if it were an Alaskan tributary, enjoying the vistas and moderate pace of things. Switching from kayaking was well worth it – too many sharp rocks. Ouch!

  147. I want to attain excellence in all my endeavors. Plain and simple.

    Fun fact: the founder of Southern Tide is a brother of my fraternity, Kappa Alpha Order!

  148. What I learn academically isn’t terribly unique, the experiences outside of the classroom are what I feel makes a college experience. I look to find unique experiences through all my endeavors.

  149. Accomplish? I should like to write without redundancy or pomp or cliche.

  150. Contest closed. Winner announced tomorrow.

  151. Edward S Hintze | September 23, 2012 at 4:44 am |

    I’m kinda glad Wasser won, the comment was much cuter than mine.

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