There are plenty of embroidered shorts out there, but little tennis rackets or crossed golf clubs are a bit mundane.

But yesterday I finally found the perfect pair that seems like it was made just for me. After all, how many other surfing Weejun-wearers could there be?

If you can’t quite figure out the motif, here it is on a t-shirt:


That’s right, it’s a dude surfing on a pair of penny loafers. Unfortunately my stoke was ruined by the price tag.

These clever shorts are part of an exclusive collection for Mr. Porter by Japanese Americana brand Beams Plus. The label even says “The Surf Ivy.”

Unfortunately the shorts are $215, which is more than I sold my longboard for when I left LA.

For more on Beams Plus and its place in the Japanese Ivy world, check out this accompanying story at Mr. — CC