Start The Presses: The Chens Column At Huffington Post

I’d like to announce that today I’ve relaunched my blog on The Huffington Post. I’d used it a few times before to recycle material, but now I’ve decided to start posting fresh material regularly.

The column will take a loose approach to the world of style and contain a hodge-podge of news and musings. I’ll be looking beyond the bounds of Tradsville, exploring things that wouldn’t necessarily be apropos here.

The first column is up, and combines reminiscences of a gin-soaked summer — thanks to the brand Broker’s — with some anecdotes about the bowler hat, the former headwear king of metropolitan boulevards and Wild West alike.

You’ll find my bio page here, where you sign up for email alerts when a new column posts, Facebook like me, and, thanks to a heart symbol, apparently really like me.

There’s no button, unfortunately, to throw rotten vegetables. You’ll have to leave a comment to do that. — CC

4 Comments on "Start The Presses: The Chens Column At Huffington Post"

  1. Good news.
    Now there’ll be one more thing on the Web that’s worth reading.

  2. Chelsea Drug Store | September 23, 2012 at 12:13 pm |

    Look forward to it Christian. A Huffington post stamp of approval is not easily won.

  3. Captain America | September 26, 2012 at 7:36 am |

    Not a fan of black. It reminds me of death and feminists.

  4. Well good. Huffpost needs SOMETHING worth reading. Their typical anti-American anti-capitalist pro-marxist drivel is unappetizing to the logical mind.

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